#421 : the peninsula

    The 421st chapter: the peninsula

    Zhang Ziqi leaned slightly trembling, she did not refuse, let Ye Ning wipe her tears, the man's eyes, has been completely into her heart.

    She knew Ye Ning is very powerful, so powerful that she could not imagine the past scenes echoed in her eyes.

    Because of their refuge to win the Red Square, ye Ning continue to provoke trouble, even Fang Junyang the Haibei province underground chiefs, Ye Ning in order to keep yourself, never quit half step!

    If I am afraid not ye Ning, died a long time ago!

    To a woman, what is the most important? A desire to protect her, love her man!

    Zhang Ziqi also know ye Ning does not love himself, he has a woman, each good people will make people jealous, shame, even a sense of inferiority.

    Whether it is the beautiful goddess for commercial Yingxue, or domineering and Mo dance, even Jamulan and the valiant and heroic in bearing the policewoman, gentle and virtuous nurse Xiao Liner, which is not an enviable woman.

    And you...... But just a singer, ye Ning can not help any busy, how will he love yourself.

    Think of this, Zhang Ziqi felt lost, looked up Ye Ning one eye, suddenly opening begged: "Ye Ning, I want to stay with you, OK?"

    Her eyes were full of begging, this is her only to beg, go ye Ning will no longer belong to her, but here, only her, only she accompany Ye Ning.

    Ye Ningyao shook his head, did not promise.

    Seoul will soon have an accident, is definitely not a place to stay, he told the cat body they also have a way out, if Zhang Ziqi in this, may be more trouble.

    He didn't want to see Zhang Ziqi.

    "It will be very dangerous......" Ye Ning said the opening, do not go, her eyes are filled with tears, long eyelashes, tears rolling, Ye Ning and Zhang Ziqi will soon burst into tears.

    Ye Ning had a wry smile, he could not open the mouth, afraid of chapter Ziqi too sad, my heart seemed to be in this moment, become soft up.

    "Then you must promise to behave, just follow me." Ye Ning deliberately with a reprimand expression, "if you do not listen, then I send you back, do you understand?"

    Zhang Ziqi pleasantly surprised, nodded vigorously, then rushed into the arms of Ye Ning, suddenly stood on tiptoe, ye Ning in face qinliaoyikou.

    She did not know why he is so happy, even unbearable......

    Zhang Ziqi's face suddenly become more red, such as heart pounds and dare to see where ye Ning, low head on and swiftly ran back to his room, slamming the door shut down.

    Ye Ning also shocked, did not think he would be attacked, he touched his face, helpless shook his head: "this is how I am."


    "Fast! The doctor, the doctor shouted to!" Li Mingyou with a swollen face, cried, he took Zheng Zaixi back, all the way no less beaten by Zheng Zaixi.

    It has high swollen face, even the words are ambiguous, but he did not dare to say what, if Zheng Zaixi had an accident, his life would not!

    "Ah...... My legs, my legs waste!" Zheng Zaixi crying, to where there is after this pain.

    Even the usually bump are unlikely to be abruptly interrupted, ye Ning leg is broken into three or four parts, the pain, let him have the pain fainted several times.

    I will be pain awake, he hopes to completely faint!

    All the people are panic up, where Zheng Zaixi will know such a thing, never dare to offend people in Seoul, Le Tian family.

    Soon, Le Tian family doctor hurried to, immediately check the condition for Zheng Zaixi, he repeatedly read several times, but shook his head and sighed: "master this leg, recovery is difficult......"

    He was afraid to look at Li Mingyou, be careful to say: "this requires immediate surgery, but the possibility of complete recovery is only about twenty percent."

    He had never seen such a condition, is conservative, it is traumatic, the bones are like knife cut, smooth incision, let a person look at a heart throb.

    But it was not a hint of evidence of trauma, in addition to bruising, even a wound can not see.

    "What nonsense, fast cure!" Li Mingyou where these, Zheng Zaixi's legs if the waste, that his life is certainly not, he grabbed the doctor's clothes, fiercely, "I no matter what method you use, if the master legs can not be restored, be careful of your life!"

    The doctor gingerly, the medical group of people who are called immediately, immediately for Zheng Jae Hee surgery.

    Le Tian family in Seoul, it is superior, no one dared to offend, they can only do everything together, will keep his legs.

    Zheng Zaixi again pain fainted, knowing his legs, there may be a waste, it will probably have to get mad.

    The operating room, Li Mingyou walked back and forth, the more anxious.

    The occurrence of such a serious thing, he did not know what to do, Le Tian family will know sooner or later, if you don't say I'm afraid myself now, the consequences will be more serious.

    But he did not dare to say, don't know what to say, don't say master is as a singer, but was interrupted a leg?

    This will give the family Le Tian face lost, the consequences will be more serious!

    Li Mingyou anxious, at a loss.

    He felt his head almost burst, never thought, a female singer, how can you draw this terrible guy, even Le Tian family master dare to hurt.

    Think ye Ning the grim expression, Li Mingyou himself now chattered!

    "If you do not tell the owner of the house, then I will certainly die even worse!" Li Mingyou teeth, also did not so much, anyway, because Zheng Zaixi wants to play a woman and cause, what is the relationship with yourself, you don't say now, such as the master of the house know that it's over.

    He immediately took out mobile phone, dialed number.

    At the moment, Seoul Le Tian family mansion.

    Here is the most upscale residential area of Seoul, to live in Seoul, the whole family is not more than five.

    There are a lot of people guarded, ordinary people even want to look at.

    In the Le Tian family parlour, aroma curl, room decoration is very upscale, beautiful decoration, looks dignified.

    Zheng Yunteng looked at Jamie, light way: "Mr. Jamie, what we have talked about cooperation, I hope we can cooperate happily, we will become a permanent friend."

    "The peninsula will be successful, then Le Tian family will become H's top family, I congratulate the Lord Zheng jia." Jamie blond, eyes shining.

    Two people are sectarianism, but since it is cooperation, mutual use of what.

    Outside the housekeeper came in, in Zheng Yunteng's ear whispered a few words, Zheng Yunteng's face suddenly changed.
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