#419 : the dog never see Master

    The 419th chapter: the dog never see Master

    The voice is that he remembers that his bones are trembling man!

    He slowly turned around, standing in the doorway watching Ye Ning, the eyes seem to be light, he was crucified in that moment.

    "You, what you want to do!" See ye Ning a step, Li Mingyou was really scared, he did not take the people, be ye Ning teach him to recognize, now bring their own master, or the result of defeat, he is now afraid!

    "I warn you, I am the master Zheng Zaixi, you touch me, you will die very ugly!" Li Mingyou screamed, he wanted to retreat, but found his feet did not move.

    As if the air has a strong momentum, has been firmly locked him, no matter what he back is useless.


    A loud slap sound.

    A scream Li Mingyou ah, clutching his face, the people have been posted on the wall, the swollen face burning pain, tears could not help but let him down.

    "I can never see the master." Ye Ning squinted his eyes looked at him coldly, "if I say, you don't understand, I need to say it again?"

    He warned Li Mingyou, but he didn't seem to listen, with so many people, it is really a stick with these cultural differences.

    Li Mingyou was trembling, looked fearfully at Ye Ning, bared his teeth but dare not speak.

    He took so many master, can not be ye Ning opponent, but his master Zheng Zaixi the man in front of the guy in the end what is backing, even Le Tian family master are not afraid.

    Never happened, who do not know in Seoul, Le Tian family is the soil emperor here, whether on the ground or underground circle, circle, is fully deserve the overlord!

    Even the senior people in country H, there is a lot of Le Tian family live on, even if he is just a dog, Li Mingyou Le Tian family, also dare not others kneading.

    But...... In the face of Ye Ning, he even than a dog.

    "How are you, you think, this is H, is not your site, do not!" See ye Ning Li Mingyou came, some fear, do not know how, ye Ning to his feeling, too scary.

    He had seen many heavyweights level, which is all in Seoul speak in very weighty people, can never have this feeling.

    It seems in the leaf rather in front, their lives are not within your control, if ye Ning is willing, he can always take away his life!

    "I have warned you, let you go, you have to now, is not my words you don't understand?" Ye Ning cold eyes, like the stars, staring at Li Mingyou, sound more gloomy down.

    "Don't be too aggressive, I am the master Zheng Zaixi, if you dare to hurt me, for I will master." Li Mingyou knew that ye Ning not afraid of their own, but he always afraid of family guy Le tian.

    He can't believe this is really in Seoul, some people dare not afraid of death, offend the master!

    "It is?" Ye Ning suddenly smiled, but the smile, let Li Mingyou look more horror. He clung to the wall, has been unable to back, afraid of a face.

    Li Mingyou stared at the leaf Ning, body trembling, eyes flashed a panic.

    "You really seem to be a dog, but I said, I can never see the master." Ye Ning is a step in the past, violent momentum instantly broke out, scared Li Mingyou couldn't help shouting up.

    "Well, good tone rampant!"

    Suddenly, from the elevator, came a figure, like stars in the eyes, staring at ye ning.

    He has heard Ye Ning said, the hearts of wrath, see Li Mingyou hit the corner dare not move, Zheng Zaixi's face is angry: "now I come, you try to move him!"

    The dog does not look at the master, the general tone, this is Seoul, his family is Tian Le site, how dare someone to say, is really ridiculous!

    Zheng Zaixi walked over, eyes flashed a disdain, he knew Ye Ning, but only Qiruanpaying waste only, Seoul, he say!

    Hear, ye Ning head, glanced at Zheng Zaixi, mouth suddenly raised a disdain smile.


    This slap Genghen directly Li Mingyou Choude faint in the past, the two roll rolling circle on the ground, to the foot of Zheng Zaixi.

    "I had that problem?" Ye Ning is a symbol of Zheng Zaixi, didn't put him in the eye, he turned light glanced at Zheng Zaixi, can not help but sneers, "since the Lord is coming, I will make it clear that Ziqi concert song, you give him to listen clearly."

    Zheng Zaixi was livid, eyes staring at Ye Ning, did not want to suddenly have such a person, dare to do to.

    He glanced at the foot of Li Mingyou, immediately sneer.

    "It seems that you are not afraid of death, I have not seen for a long time. People like you," Zheng Zaixi cold laugh, do not care about the threat of Ye Ning, "I can only tell you, here in Seoul, I say!"

    He laughs a little evil, even with a touch of madness, anger is not calm before, at the moment and be ye Ning has aroused more intense anger: "don't want to sing, let me take care of my chapter Ziqi, satisfied, can consider to pass her, otherwise, you don't want to leave Seoul!"

    He stared at the mighty leaf Ning, tone is full of threats.

    Once there are such people act recklessly and blindly dare to challenge his authority, the result? Now he has been thrown into the river to feed the fish.

    Because the house, Zheng Zaixi has been very annoyed and didn't think anyone would dare to touch their own bad luck, not hard lessons Ye Ning a meal, he will swallow this tone.

    Hear the words of Zheng Zaixi, ye Ning is not only a few people are old, laugh, do not let them leave Seoul?

    They don't want to leave them here to make a snafu, it is H's president for them to leave with nothing!

    "What are you laughing at?" Seem to feel insulted, Zheng Zaixi looked cold down, he glanced at the man lying on the ground, could not help but frowned, "what is dead on the ground, I gave up and kick them!"

    He shouted, but those guys on the ground, one screamed, but nobody dared to stand up.

    Just like the cat played them, let them have pain, now stand up again, but then hit it again.

    "They are not together, who dare to stand up, I will make him a lifetime up to." The words of Ye Ning is to let those guys casually, lying on the ground, could not help but felt a shiver.

    This is really a devil!

    Zheng Zaixi angry, gradually clenched his fist, eyes flashed cold meaning: "since they are useless, I'll do it yourself, kick your guy!"
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