#397 : expired

    The 397th chapter: expired

    To help myself, Peter was cursed, Bruce's heart is irritated, he saw Ye Ning that face calmly look, the heart is some fear them.

    Just a knife, too fast, he even did not have time to react, with his strength, had to react, sufficient to show the strength of stronger ye ning!

    "Master Peter, run!"

    In spite of the other, Bruce is also an expert, can see ye Ning extraordinary strength, he immediately pulled the rope tied Peter, let him go.

    But Peter is standing up, did not want to escape.

    He looked at Ye Ning, shouted: "today is your day, Bruce, for I killed him!"

    Peter knows that Bruce is M's navy seals retired soldiers, powerful, now it is one of the best of his master Gambino, today he came to kill not ye ning.

    He knew where Bruce had smiled up at the moment.

    "Mr. Peter, he is very strong, you left!" Bruce did not dare to say oneself as well as ye Ning, can heart a little nervous.

    "I want to see him dead!" Peter howled, let Bruce never retreat.

    Ye Ning is a, stood up and jumped, directly rushed ten meters high drop jump!


    Landing on both feet, shaking the floor rumbling, Bruce face big change.

    "You mean he can kill me?" Ye Ning slowly walked over ten meters high jump down from the upstairs, did not have any effect.

    In his current constitution, tough people did not dare to imagine, Bruce stood up, with his hand over his thighs, heart more fear them.

    Ye Ninghao the terrible!

    "Master Peter, you go!" Bruce gave so much, Peter didn't run, no chance to escape.

    He could feel, ye Ning body gradually rising momentum, people are very shocked, horrible blood than I do not know how many times the rich.

    This hand contaminated many people's blood, in order to gather such terrible blood evil gas.

    He had to fight on the battlefield, but also understand the experience of the war, only with the blood, like this can be so amazing, he first encountered.

    See Peter still did not move, Bruce was so angry that he just want to kick him, his legs trembling, explained: "master Peter, I was hurt, he is not the opponent, you leave!"

    Bruce made an excuse, lest they fail, let the Gambino family dissatisfaction.

    He has been able to feel the deep Ye Ning terror, no fighting, no heart has defeat, rose cannot afford a leaf and the courage to fight ning.

    Peter was a shock, see Bruce's face had been showing the timid, dark scold sound, ready to run away.

    "Now want to escape? Late!"

    Suddenly, a gust of wind roaring, directly toward Peter chase in the past, Bruce see ye Ning hands, also dare not have the slightest hesitation, teeth, ye Ning Road block.

    "You can't hurt Peter master, ah!" Bruce uttered a cry, the man lost his balance, ye Ning did not use any moves, very hard to use the physical hard hit in the past.

    Bruce shoulder hammered out a rattle.

    Ye Ning over Bruce, a few steps to Peter, his hands grabbed his shoulder and sneered: "I have not let you go, you can go try!"

    Back Peter unconscious, picked up a fist toward the face hit ye ning.

    His move, let Bruce scared soul out, how dare attack ye ning!


    Without any doubt, ye Ning faster than him, a tear, it broke the hand of Peter.

    "Oh!" The screaming people numb.

    "Let the young master!" Bruce crustily skin of head, only to rush, his heart is fear, first feel so weak.


    Bajiquan trick play, just the soft, a hard split in Bruce's body, he will fly directly.

    "Mafia is no man? I sent the rubbish?" Ye Ning cold eyes glanced round, still clutching Peter's shoulder.

    Peter has been shaking up because of pain, tears can't help falling down.

    He at a glance, these people Bruce, at the moment all was beaten screams again and again, don't want to say to save their back, are all being taken off.

    "You -- what you are!" Bruce's shoulder bones, chest by Ye Ning Zhang, is the breath feel pain.

    M's absolutely no such a terrible person, he had never heard of, in Ye Ning's men, he seemed a defenseless child.

    What retired seals special forces, is simply a joke!

    He will know where, in front of what was once the Shura, is dedicated to deal with national special forces killed terrorist!

    Ye Ning ignored him, just a faint smile on one's face looked at Peter: "Wu Xiao pay out, you can have a complete body."

    Peter really afraid, even Bruce in all his Ye Ning, no resistance, what could he do?

    I am afraid that armed, also of no use.

    He gasped, panic Lane: "I, I wan to call my father...... Let him!"

    Ye Ning's hand a little effort, when Peter Stockton called shrill: "I immediately, immediately hit!"

    He knew his father, if not surrender, that his life is really no, for a Wu Xiao, a businessman, not worth losing his life.

    "All of them tied up, since we have to entertain the guests, natural." Ye Ning glanced round, frighten Bruce those who fear unceasingly.

    They have never seen such a horrible person.

    A son Han is somewhat at a loss, these are Mafia who don't dare ah, ye Ning imprisoned them?

    Look at the cat et al. No mercy, holding a rope, like channeling all gourd, will be tied up.

    "Call your father." The Second Artillery lost a mobile phone in the past, Peter remembered that his hands were interrupted, unable to dial the number.

    Peter looked pale and disheveled, busy to read dial number and let the second artillery.

    The phone is switched on, Reed's voice and a little hoarse: "Peter, you came back?"

    "Father! Father, save me!" Peter burst into tears, hear my father's voice, he felt a chance to live, "you get the Wu Xiaolai for me, I don't want to die, do not want to die ah......"

    Reed listens, suddenly turned cold down, Bruce is unable to deal with these guys?

    "Leader sir, I heard you have a son, you do not know, Xiao Wu is important, or your son, give you an hour to consider, expired, you can not see his son."

    Ye Ning took the phone, threatened to faint.
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