#393 : the exchange.

    The 393rd chapter: the exchange.

    A draw!

    Gao Qi looked at Deng Chuansheng's eyes became more sharp, he is careless, even he has to guess, the first Bureau Deng Chuansheng clearly is deliberately lost his!

    "Young man, with a hand, but you still have to lose!" Gao Qi was completely serious, playing the twelve spirit, his sharp eyes, so many years, don't know how long did this serious gambling once.

    He pinched his fist, finger slightly rotate, the whole person like to beast, eyes staring at him as if to Deng sound, see.

    Deng Chuansheng did not have the slightest response, is still clear, seems to never care about this game.

    He turned to the leaf Ning, smiled and said: "well, this thing I helped you, you give me the secret Lao Tzu lousy in the heart, not to say again."

    Ye Ning nodded, cunning eyes flashed a light: "That's settled then!"


    Felt there was a terrible explosion on the Second Artillery hold momentum, chair, like he did not stand as the last game, victory or defeat in this one.

    Everyone especially high Qi, deep concentration, is some serious face bengzhuo, even breathing control can not have too much volatility.

    He not only watch the cards, listening to shuffle voice, my heart silently staring at the calculation, is what Deng Chuansheng Deng sound, to prevent the escape action.

    Gao Qi never like this, he never felt this tension, on the opposite side of the sound more Deng is calm, no more action, let him have a puzzled feeling.

    Such a young man, how can there be such a gambling operation, it is surprising, since his debut, haven't lost, but today, he lost a bureau.

    The dealer slowly with cards, all eyes staring at the sound of two people even Deng, ye Ning have also seen the past.

    He knows that Deng Chuansheng is going to make!

    A card issued in the past, two people have become more and more sharp eyes, Gao Qi looked at his hand, heart calm down, this card, a chance to win big!

    "Young man, you are very good, can win a game from my hands, enough to yourself." Gao Qi faint smile, a shoo in.

    Hear his words, Peter is proud of it, it seems they won, Deng Chuansheng won a game and how, the final victory belongs to him.

    Peter see Jenna has one eye, eyes flashed a greedy eyes!

    Tonight he will occupy Jenna, she mercilessly torn!

    Even if she is the goddess of the superior and how? In Peter it seems, but also so that the thought of Jenna was so casually put his lost leaf Ning, his heart is very angry.

    Ningqi leaves the body, Jenna busy turned to look at him, don't know what the situation is.

    "We won." Ye Ning stared at the light open, then said Peter. "The people come out."

    "Well, you are too opinionated, cards are not open, he said he won?" Peter did not laugh, he looked at Gao Qi with Deng Chuansheng two cards, no doubt, is a high probability of Qi win, even accounted for 90%!

    "It leaves less said, I win." Deng Chuansheng also stood up, palm snaps, the table shook up, the anti locked cards flipped up, splattered on the desktop, the uniform of Shun Zi!

    "This...... How is it possible!"

    Gao Qi stare big eyes, can not believe all eyes, how likely is flush, according to his calculations, Deng Chuansheng cards is definitely not this one.

    He breathed deep breath, teeth look to Deng Chuansheng: "you cheat!"

    "Hey, I lost that cheat, so many people watching, you can not afford to lose?" Deng Chuansheng chuckle, a little finger on the desktop, you can take out the evidence, even if I lose."

    Gao Qi is cold to hum a, flushed with anger, he pointed to Deng Chuansheng, a face of anger: "you!"

    "You must be cheat, Mr. Gao Qi can not lose!" Peter is called up, a shrill voice, sounds like a madman.

    Gao Qi unexpectedly lost, how could this be!

    Ye Ning couldn't help shaking his head, looked at Janada: "the original Montezemolo casino is such that the losers don't admit?"

    He stared at the high Qi, face is dismissive: "it seems you are unbeaten, directly ignore these when you lose it, you lose that others cheat."

    "You...... Puff!" Gao Qi clutching his chest, be ye Ning words when the gas was spurting blood, he lost his lost!

    Are ye Ning so sarcastic!

    Gao Qi's face was red, on the table, feeling a mind roar, how could he lost it.

    Ye Ning's face was also cool down: "well, Yuandufushu, Xiao Wu to give us."

    To do the same, they said Wu Xiao lost freedom, then he will win back today.

    A son Han stood aside, some excitement, not only can save Wu Xiao, is able to experience such a century of war, Deng Chuansheng actually won the legendary Gao Qi, really amazing.

    "Well, what time I promised you, put people?" Peter was laughing, the ugly face, looks very ferocious.

    Ye Ning's face suddenly cold down, pulled out a mobile phone to shoot in the table above, it lay just Peter and Jenna promise.

    "You can not admit it, but I will let the world know, Montezemolo casino, can not afford to lose!"

    Jenna face big change, if so, the Mo Luo casino fame really suffered a tremendous blow!

    The original "Las Vegas Montezemolo casino is well-known, can not afford to lose early ah, Lao Tzu wasting so much time."

    Deng Chuansheng dissatisfaction at Jenna said: "your family has always been Montezemolo is the use of this method, set up the prestige?"

    Jenna's face was white green, an array, Peter suddenly snapped: "Peter, Mo Luo is the Mollo family's casino industry, please understand their identity!"

    She turned around and looked at the leaf on leaf Ning Ning, though he hated, but still have to admit that they lost.

    "I will make him to pay out, you win." Jenna's complexion is ugly, and Peter is irritated heart.

    "Mr. Wu Xiao staying in the VIP room, I will let him come." Jenna coldly glanced at Peter, immediately arranged his men to go to Xiao Wu to come.

    Jenna's eyes fell on the heart displeasure, ye Ning's body, all along gone away, this scene, Peter is the gas explosion, he grinned, roared.

    "Jenna, you changed, you this Bitch!" He screamed, where there is a gentleman, more like a madman, "the guy you want to go? Dream!"

    Peter smiled grimly: "you are too late, the guy would I transfer, to get people out of my hand, you are day dreaming!"

    Ye Ning's face suddenly changed, old men were also used with murderous!
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