The 380th chapter: someone here will miss me

    The 380th chapter: someone here will miss me

    The cat they stay in small bamboo garden, ye Ning a person to leave.

    Li Waner in Yanjing has been for a long time, don't go to see her, certainly this small woman will have grievances.

    With a sports car to Shen Feng, also bought a bunch of roses, ye Ning's drive directly to the group in the Yanjing branch, holding flowers straight on the floor.

    Well, a few Ye Group employees see ye Ning, the handsome face, still holding flowers, see a few woman suddenly burst with joy, like lightning, that ye Ning is give them flowers!

    "Little leaf!" A few female employees in his hands on his chest, his eyes with the stars, to see their idols, excited, "is a little leaf!"

    Ye Ning's fingers in the mouth, of them whispered, a few female employees busy nodded, is still a look of excitement.

    Watch ye Ning on the floor, then shouted, jumping up.

    The leaf is less! The leaf is less ah! I saw the reality!"

    "Is really handsome, hum! I forgot to take a picture with him!"

    Upstairs, Li Wan is to concentrate on finishing the data, she put a hand on the table, on the other hand quickly turned over the data.

    From behind, the back is a perfect arc, the white shirt was completely wrapped up.

    Under the black skirt, a pair of straight and slender legs, black stockings wrapped, more attractive.

    The delicate ankle is like God's most outstanding creation, on a bright high heels, showing the tall figure.

    Ye Ning gently opened the door and looked at the missing for a long time back, slowly walked past.

    "Aya, I just put it on the table data well, I'll see," Li Waner did not look back, still concentrate on finishing the data, these things she would as soon as possible a clear analysis, the Yanjing market thinking clear, "this project we must take down, ye can also open the first door in a restaurant the industry."

    Li Waner gently took the ear hair, feeling suddenly seemed quiet, she subconsciously turned a look, suddenly the whole person was in the.

    India into a bunch of red roses in her eyes, that faint fragrance through the nostrils, and a bouquet of flowers, is she so desperately to face.

    Suddenly, Lee Wan clutching his mouth, couldn't help crying, two lines of tears the moment slip.

    "We gave you." Ye Ning will be handed over to Li Waner, a catch is thrown on the table, and now she still care about where these flowers!

    "Ye Ning!" Li Wan swooped past drilling, ye Ning's arms, still stand, Fenquan kept hit in the chest Ye Ning, "how do you come, you bastard!"

    Li Waner cried, in the leaves of Ninghuai in tears, could not help but shake head body.

    Ye Ning smiled and stroked Li Waner's hair, the back light Zhan, ye Ning also let a distressed, guilty: "I'm sorry, really sorry, let you so hard."

    Ms Li shook his head, did not speak, just trying to put yourself into the arms of Ye Ning, hold Ye Ning waist, how are unwilling to let go.

    After a long time, Li Wan calmed down, only the eyes with a hint of blame, Ye Ning so late to see me, she can not do.

    She is to want as much as possible Yip, Yip's development, a firm foothold in the early Yingxue Yanjing, Mu has brought ye and Shen Feng now Yanjing, Yanjing help, must seize this opportunity, even if hard, it is worth for her.

    "Did you forget me?" Ms LEE complained, flushed by Ye Ning holding, are all hot up, looked at the messy sofa, heartbeat is fast, bastard, where they forget their own account for cheap!

    "Why, these days have been busy, I also miss you very much." Ye Ning gentle smile, he needless to say, this sentence let all grievances Li Wan son heart, instantly vanished.

    There are some beautiful office, Ms Li pursed her lips, graceful posture so good to hear or see.

    Ye Ning looked at her busy, occasionally two have a sentence, the feeling is very good.

    "You go to the country M how long?" Li Waner looked back at the eyes of Ye Ningyi, this guy is not in his side, until ye group completely rise, she quit home as a full-time wife, huh!

    She is very envious of Xiao Liner, ye Ning with children, enjoying a leaf under the care, she can also think about their children for Ye Ningsheng.

    Think of this, Li Waner's face turned red.

    "I don't know, but I'll be back as soon as possible," Ningqi leaves the body, from behind holding Li Waner, gently with her fragrance exudes long hair, "because I know someone here will miss me."

    Li Waner really no way, this bastard will always say these words to coax her, her body shuddered, huddled in Ye Ning's arms, enjoying the warmth.

    At the moment.

    Small bamboo garden, cat et al., wearing only pants, revealing the strong body.

    The guard looked around dozens of, see also the old face a red.

    "Brother, can you turn around." The embarrassed smile, so many men staring at him, my heart always have a strange feeling.

    If he is a kind of service personnel, are now being selected with many guests.

    Their duty is to protect here, back to the wall, how to find the risk, "Jia Zhixu laughing, watching the second one eye," you hold."

    "Ah, Jia Zhixu, not to make Lao Tzu singled out the next time you cry." The grinding his teeth, ferocious way.

    In the middle of the yard, put six barrels, a metre high, now braved the steaming heat, spread out fragrant medicine.

    Xiao Yang stood there, hand in a barrel up to jilt to jilt a hand: "the temperature is almost."

    Six people at the same time hands hold the barrel, a turn over all jumped in.

    Just jump in, six people also like falling into hot water in a swarm of locusts, turn over and jump out: "hot! Lao Tzu was burnt to death!"




    A series of six tones, didn't even see Yang Xiao figure, he flew out, palm down, six people again back pressure.

    "I have to stay!"

    Yang Xiao snorted: "I spent so much effort, who dares to waste, the next shot upon you may not hand!"

    Wood knife he pulls out his shaking, scared the cat, had to honestly hold down the burning sensation, let them have a kind of want to take off the impulse!

    "Hot...... Hot ah!" The face is red, feel like being boiling water boiled pig, chrysanthemum has gradually lost the feeling......

    Everyone laughed, looked at the six of them, red in the face, the skin was hot bubble potion red up.

    "This wine with a not easy, your heart sank to breathe, come with me," Xiao Yang holding the wood knife, see the few tiger body shock, busy follow up: "Qi long into the dense, water fire and earth, water, mountain of Kunlun......"
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