#312 : Tokyo

    The 312nd chapter: Tokyo

    Tokyo, a city with a completely different Tianhai, here is an international metropolis, is the capital of the island, in the world famous.

    Just for ye Ning, just let him hate this place.

    "This leaves little hill family's headquarters in Tokyo, asked out of the mouth of the mountain Ye Ji, Qingtian built in the mountain building in the family, is a master figure, the position is not too high."

    The cat put the finishing it, including dancing from a male that Mo on the hill of the family, which help to Ye Ning their actions.

    "We are built directly into the mountain search or family?" The cat also know that such forces, not able to break into, if diving, also don't know what it is like to poison and antidote.

    Ye Ning is aware of this point, the mountain building in Qingtian as China to catch Shaw Shirleen, certainly is for what purpose, to know this, maybe you know where.

    He does not want to act rashly, if the mountain family noticed, but more difficult to do.

    "The first information straightened out, look at this mountain built family recently in the end what," Ye Ning said coldly, "know what they do, just to find an antidote, you first find a place to live, I'll go to see."

    The cat et al should voice, to arrange, and ye Ning alone, walking down the street at random.

    He came to the city, because of a fellow soldier died in a sumo master's hand, ye Ning be furious, directly rushed to the island, will the yokozuna master directly beheaded, caused a great sensation.

    If I forced him back to victory, only the leaf Ning Island turned upside down!

    Sumo is the island's martial arts, yokozuna level master has always been only four, but ye Ning once killed two, so that the entire island of martial arts are shaking, almost sent Hill family master siege leaf Ning, can be called a leaf rather seat back, otherwise the mountain in Qingtian fear if he died.

    "At that time, on these smashing all killed!" Ye Ning's murderous eyes, burning flame.

    He wanted to know what to do in the end in the hill family, they dare to go to China, certainly is what plot, the family itself is the island's minions, the forces behind the staggering.

    But they hurt Xiao Liner, is the emperor Lao Tzu, ye Ning will put his head off!

    Ye Ning walked around, go to the street, looking at is not far end set up a stone tablet, top write outsiders are not allowed inside.

    Go to the mountain, is built family house, outsiders are not allowed to enter, then a piece of land, all belong to the hill family privately owned in Tokyo, the high cost of land, to have such a large piece of land, built in the island's visible mountain family status.

    "Qingtian gang in catch a person, really terrible."

    "Hush, you must be alone, Qingtian knows, will be dead!"

    "Hurry up or not!"

    Ye Ning frowned, heard not far from a few people discussed a few words such as fear, dare not say shut up.

    Qingtian help?

    Ye Ning thought, the island is the island of many gangs, allowed to exist, and even many gangs is for those family service island, the Qingtian Gang, seems to be the mountain built in Qingtian founded.

    The gang actually secretly arrested? Also get jittery, what they want to do what?

    Ye Ning wants to ask someone, but these people seem to hear Qingtian or help the Shan Jian family, the face of fear, refused to say anything.

    They are just ordinary people, not to mention these things are just rumors, there was no real evidence, who did not dare to offend such forces found dead.

    Ye Ning is not a waste of time, follow directly to a Qingtian gang hunzai, under a threat from his mouth that some things.

    This should help Qingtian in secret arrests, but only to catch Yin Yin Yin month years born woman, is said to have a dozen of these missing girls, who also did not happen again in their tracks, just disappeared, and the police have no way.

    The liner is the Yin Yin Yin was born on the year month." Ye Ning know the nature, also want to give Xiao Lin birthday, know where this would happen.

    "Exactly what they want to do?" Ye Ning can not help but frown, this is beyond his expectation, the hill family obviously need more such a girl, not to catch the people in the country, went abroad to help this bastard, dare to beat the attention to Xiao Liner.

    Ye Ning also know that these guys have no good, to the island of these family evil thoughts, perhaps is what a terrible thing.

    "Ye Ning, get some news, not only in the city of China City Tianhai, other girls also have disappeared, their common feature is born as the Yin Yin Yin day month year, these people certainly not to be divulged the secret!"

    To hear this news, Mo is dancing and even be frightened and change color has attracted great attention, Yanjing, even laoqiang they were arranged to investigate Luo syndrome.

    The island once what special moves, Luo Zheng is sure to be taken seriously, they survey after the discovery of the problem, not dancing in the first time that, immediately notify Ye Ning.

    "I know."

    Ye Ning had a bad feeling.

    When the island was defeated, has refused to admit these years, but make no reply has been in development, especially in the cultivation of master this piece, was dead so many master in their own hands, is to make them aware of the gap, also behind the crazy train together.

    It seems that today is already emboldened, and want to do some trouble.

    Back at the hotel, the cat several people in accordance with the Ye Ning meaning to a lot of exploration results and, ye Ning discovered, these mountain built family name control gangs, are secretly caught.

    "The Qingtian group, said today it found one, is said to have been arrested." The teeth, can not help but angry, "help this bastard, this kind of activity do, that are all innocent people!"

    Xiao Qianghong's eyes, he is always silent, depressed the hearts of their murderous terror.

    "These forces work, never the innocent people, the hill family later took part in the two World War, and not what kind of good."

    Ye Ning looked at their eyes, hearts have decided: "from the Qingtian help, follow it, will be able to find the reason of this thing!"

    Since the Qingtian Gang arrested the man, is sure to be sent to the hill family, they took the opportunity to find out the truth, so as to find the antidote, go back and save Xiao shirleen.


    They also know the cat, things have become more complex, not only save Shirleen, more is to prevent the hill family to do some damage the interests of the Chinese nation!

    This background forces, no matter what you do, are worthy of their attention.

    A few people leave immediately, go out for Qingtian to help people deal with the island's ground forces, they are more familiar with what to do.
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