#274 : my name is Simon

    The 274th chapter: my name is Simon

    Where there is what Jamulan, stood there, like a piece of wood as a whole, people are shocked, that kiss, enough to make her fevered, there seems to be general.

    She can not move, do not know this is what kind of action, will let Ye Ning feel that their reaction is a reaction of some of the girls.

    Not talked about love, never even told the man that intimate contact, Jiang Mulan knew the man, in addition to colleagues is criminals.

    Colleagues of her temper at a distance, and the criminal is regarded Jamulan as great scourges, who dare to follow her?

    "How?" See Jamulan red face, ye Ning hand touched, "how so hot, ill?"

    "No, no." Jamulan did not escape Ye Ning's hand, but the sound is very light, she looked up Ye Ning a look, a bit nervous, "Ye Ning, you said in the wedding scene today, is serious?"

    Ye Ning paused, then laughed, he had seen Jamulan shy face where, suddenly laughed: "you shy?"

    Be ye Ning said, Jamulan's face is more red, in desperation, like instinct kicked down in general: "I have no!"


    If ye Ning amazing skill, this one may have to make ye Ning extinct.

    The wedding has been changed, Jiang Mulan hiding in his room, the moment did not dare to look at Ye Ning, she needs to adjust their mood.

    This day happened too much, she seemed in a short period of time has gone through decades of others may not be able to experience things, but also need to slow a slow, clear.

    Are still don't know what happened, how I became the woman Ye Ning? He but I hate people!

    Ye Ning and the cat in the living room, chatting, suddenly the doorbell rang.

    The hotel is to open the door, the waiter looked frightened, nervously at the second glance, whispered: "I'm sorry a few, there is a man downstairs who let you leave here, leave or yanjing......"

    The eyebrows stare, the waiter was more frightened, almost crying, Xiao Qiang walked past the second artillery, white eye, turned to the waiter: "you need not be afraid, what can be said to me."

    See the cat gently, the waiter apparently felt more like a good cat, paizhexiongfu said; "a few, really sorry, brother staring at you, you still go in this area, no one dare to provoke him, I advise you or not......"

    He saw the Second Artillery looked at his eyes, could not help but take a step back; "I, I just remind you that none of my business."

    "Third brother?" The cat turned a frown, ye Ning eye, see the head nod to the waiter told the three road; "what, roll."

    The cat said, shut the door.

    The waiter felt today is certainly not to look at the almanac, his early should resign!

    He went downstairs and saw that the brother and others also had to carefully over to the reception area, old words to them, stand aloof, afraid to provoke the scourge.

    "Roll? He let us go?" The third brother looks thin, high cheekbones, deep down, under the eyelid pouch is very deep, it looks like being the night life out of the body, the waiter heard it, could not help laughing, "brothers, do you hear not, the hillbilly let us go?"

    A group of people suddenly laughed, they are Yanjing underground circles, who did not point behind the background, a foreign hunzai, dare in Yanjing now?

    "Well, don't give lessons, the Yanjing as their that little place, really!" He snorts, a long hair, directly going upstairs, "to these yokels education, what is the rule!"

    They received the task, ye Ning these guys out of Yanjing, in their view, the field to hunzai, there is less to fear.

    Not to mention this is Yanjing, can this underground circle mix, which one behind no ground circle of power. It is not something to do on the circle of people, or not easy to do, you need these people to their underground circle.

    Unlike other local underground circle, Yanjing underground circles equivalent to those of the forces of thugs.

    He took a dozen combatively on the floor, the waiter scared and don't know what to do, but also the manager only shook his head, he knew these people, usually do not trouble here, but today is said to be a big person to open mouth, they did not dare to stop.

    "You go, don't be out of life." The manager thought, or said, let the waiter looked up several, immediately to the police in case of an accident.

    Ye Ning with the cat and others also chatting, the door rang the doorbell, but not, be like slamming.

    "Open the door!"

    "Open the door! Don't open the door and don't blame us!"

    Outside shouting up.

    "Who ah!" The violent temper up, also shouted, fuckball which bastard dare disturb them about things.

    "I am your brother! Open the door for me, huh!" It sounds cool, stay full of threats.

    "Second, let him in." Ye Ning spoke with Xiao Qiang, the Second Artillery immediately they went out.

    He opened the door and shut out, then a sound of screams sounded, and then is repeatedly for mercy.

    Outside, a dozen dronish lying on the ground, stand up, like watching monsters at Second Artillery few of them, this is what people, so how to play.

    They dozen individuals the blinking is beat, all this is not their killer, light is the momentum, let these warriors know where they are ordinary artillery hunzai, even more common, they can not compete.

    "Third brother?" The grinning, smiling at kneeling on the ground, crying.

    "My name is, I am not a brother...... You are ah." Hey brother shouted, where there is just the momentum, like a grandson like, Shan Shan laughed, "we are...... Is Out of blows friendship grows."

    He was not bitter, think this is a good job, which I know is this strong, this is not what he came!

    Not tell yourself, these are just outside hunzai, threatening to drive out as long as you can, the Butler Shen, is a big liar!

    The Second Artillery laughed, as touching the three head like touch a dog bared with a smile; "three, my brother shouted."

    Brother: "!" I just shouted, the second artillery is a slap in the face to beat in the past, "the voice is too small!"

    I want to cry but no tears cover the face can not help but want to escape, grumbled loudly shouted: "brother!"

    The eyebrow pick, and played a slap in the face, the other side of the face is swollen up: "what to do so loud, Lao Tzu scared ah!"

    I really want to cry, hate not pumping his two ears, his doing here!

    "Well, bring him in, leaves less." Xiao Qiang saw a circle lying on the ground hunzai, coldly.
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