#233 : a pile of rubbish

    The 233rd chapter: a pile of rubbish

    Bulldozer like a wild beast, screaming toward the Qin dragon, the sharp shovel that seemed to open mouth to hematic, Qin long living to swallow!

    Qin Long is like a fried hair cat, the face of panic, where dare to hide in the crazy, open garbage around and rushed out, as long as his slow step, Xiao Qiang will be cut off!


    The bulldozer rushed past, a pile of rubbish to overthrow the Qin, the dragon is also timely trip, avoid the fatal blow, he did not think of fear, so the opportunity to get to push the soil.

    He suddenly looked up, saw the bulldozer Xiao Qiang, suddenly more be frightened and change color!

    "They came!"

    Are ye Ning they come!


    "Your life stay!"

    The cat, from the side of the blaze, directly broke out the strongest moves, one of them who exudes a strong machine, not to kill Qin long, dogged!

    Qin Long lizuweiwen, the second artillery has raised a fist to kill, crazy boxing as avalanche, the second artillery was never put Qin long way out, the fist to hammer general fierce.

    "Kill my brother, just use your life to pay!"

    The Second Artillery growled, with ferocious fists.

    The cat also came up, little six, Liu Feng et al. All around to kill up, Qin dragon surrounded, did not give him the opportunity to escape.

    Fight on their faces triggered at any moment, the cat is not terrible murder, attack up.

    Fist, chewy Ba strong, Qin long moment almost no breath, these guys are too terrible, he was injured, Ye Ningzhen was off the arm, how can you resist so many people for a time.

    "You dare to kill me, you will not miss fang!"

    Qin Long a hand against all attacks, has been on the Second Artillery hit several punches, the injury has become more important to them like a madman, does not care about defense will kill herself.

    "From nothing!"

    The shouting, "have the ability to come at me!"

    He picked up a punch, while Qin long resistance is weak, it is a blow on the Qin long arm, the Second Artillery did not care about Qin dragon palm splitting in the back abruptly, carrying the attack, will hurt the Qin dragon.

    Some people also don't want the cat, the fist constantly hit in Qin dragon's body, they also had a few palm, but had not even uttered a sigh.

    Even his death, but also to the high Yi and Zhang Rui revenge!

    Qin long continue to back, do not know who has suffered a number of boxing, Brokeback department have blood overflow, his face pale, gasping, feeling his body has insisted on not for long.

    The cat they too fierce offensive!



    The screaming, roaring, that one is he observe Ye Ning stick by understanding the mountain boxing Italy, the whole body sink into the dragon's body before Qin, and then broke out immediately.

    He is the man, the strength is even more alarming, the legs stout, burst strength, abruptly hit Qin dragon flying out, sternum broken two, he still did not stop, swooped up is two feet, with fierce.

    Their anger, their grief, all turned into power, let the fist roar, continue to attack!

    Xiao Qiang also rushed past, red eyes to a madman, a few people around the Qin dragon, beat him defenseless.

    Even the Qin long strength again strong, a broken arm, and was seriously injured, was also difficult to resist the siege of this cat.

    Qin long more surprise, in this battle, few people seem to have a cat in the boxing to enhance the strength, understanding more deep, this is a terrible thing ah!

    He really regret, regret why provoke Ye Ning guy, he now regret their contact Fang, and when they come to the sea, what happens?

    "Ye ning......"

    Qin long battle and retreat, who was heavier, he saw Ye Ning stood nearby, heart suddenly despair, Ye Ning also did not sell, he is quick to withstand, have ye Ning in this, today I will die.

    Ye Ning was standing in the distance, he did not sell, the enemy, let the cat they had to report!


    Qin long mouth spews out a blood, the body constantly retreating, Xiao Qiang chases, roaring grabbed the Qin long arm, a fierce fist hit in his heart: "I kill you, kill you!"

    Where is the Qin long endure, continue to cough blood, he had no strength to resist: "you...... I am dead, also want to pull a sharedzilla!"

    Suddenly, Qin long eyes blooming two light vicious, he suddenly broke out, the hand suddenly leaned to the heart of Xiao Qiang!

    Ye Ning is too strong, these people under him is too terrible, but once they grow up, will be a huge threat, absolutely can not let them grow up, but they have no way to kill more, since his death, then kill a!

    Qin dragon roared, want to take advantage of their last time, again kill a man, he caught Xiao Qiang, with all the strength, want a fatal blow!





    But, the cat did not give him the opportunity to others, will not let him own a brother!

    A few fist broke out terrorist forces, one after another in the hit Qin long body, crunchy sound head exercise!

    "Oh!" Qin long screams, pale complexion, the man fell to the ground, the pupil also gradually dispersed, the punches, directly broken all his sternum, serious internal injuries!

    "Go to hell!"

    Xiao Qianghong eyes, once again!


    This one, shitailichen, directly to the Qin long hit into the rubbish heap, aroused waves of flies flying.

    "You are a waste!"

    A few people who have asthma, blood stains, the battle soon ended, has injured Qin long did this crazy old cat, unable to resist sustain the blows attack, say he was injured, was not injured, but also will die sooner or later on their hands.

    "How Haibei Province Fang, kill my brother, I will let you die without the burial ground!" The sky roared.

    Qin long lying in the garbage, the moment he was in despair, all his bones were broken, the body is light, as if they can fly, but he regretted, he was afraid, why provoke Ye Ning such enemies......

    Ye Ning quietly, to understand the minds of Qin long dead, the family certainly will not give up, but so what?

    Hum! Qin long kill yourself, you can say what fang!

    The cat several emotions slowly calmed down, they take revenge, revenge to Gao Yi and Zhang Rui!

    The circle is so cruel, people in this arena, will bear the risk, they have no regrets.

    They also know that their strength is not enough, not enough! As long as they are powerful enough, is another two Qin dragon and how?

    The cat they are calm, under the pressure of grief, did not say what they need to improve, need more strength, a clenched fist, return to the training field on the outskirts of.
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