#143 : I only abide by their own rules

    The 143rd chapter: I only abide by their own rules

    Ye Ning sneer, seized Pang Feihu collar, his eyes like a hawk with a general criteria, with the ultimate.

    "I said, who also don't make trouble in my red square, you don't know?"

    "I...... Ah!" Pang Feihu if not finished, ye Ning is a slap in the face, playing Pang Feihu bellowed in horror.

    He is the Sea City Chiefs, and ye Ning is the same grade, now should be ye Ning clutching face, Pang Feihu was angry and anger, but dare not say what.

    "The rules? Do you want to press my underground circle of Haidong province rules?" Ye Ning slightly narrowed eyes, his face is disdain, "I just keep my own rules!"

    Ye Ning, like thunder exploding, overbearing people couldn't help the body trembled, the Red Square, some men heard, the people all over the creeps, excited talk slurred.

    "Shaozhen leaves too domineering!"

    "I will take this life leaves less ah!"

    You are not even Mo body light shake, look at the complex Ye Ning, underground circle Haidong province rules, she would know, did not have time to remind the leaf Ning, but he has hit a slap in the face, say what is late.

    Listen Ye Ning said, she is shocked and worried, the shock is Ye Ning's overbearing, worse than she expected, and the worry is that the underground circle of Haidong province rules, is laid down that man!

    Ye Ning stared at Pang Feihu, open hand, gently push the Pang Feihu backwards out, at the foot of a reel, and sat down on the ground, clutching his face, full of shame and anger, he maliciously Ye Ning, but did not dare to say a word.

    "Roll!" Ye Ning's eyes like looking at a homeless, he laughed softly, with disdain, Pang Fei is so brave to tremble, "if you dare to step into the City Tianhai step, ready to go to hell see your brother."

    Pang Feihu hated, but only up to his left.

    At the moment of the hall, only lying on the ground without a fight and Zha Yong, trembling, seemed to see the demon general Lin xiao.

    Ye Ning's hand gently on the shoulders of Lin Xiao, Xiao Lin suddenly exclaimed.

    "Ah! Don't kill me, don't kill me!"

    He was trembling, terrified, stood still, even turned to.

    "Master, the last time I say, you still remember you." Ye Ning's voice is very light, but every word out, can frighten Lin Xiao tremble, ye Ning said last, if I go into the Red Square, he will own legs!

    "Leaves, Ye Ning......" Lin Xiao almost cried, Chen Xiaomeng was interrupted a leg, now sitting in a wheelchair, he does not want to have been interrupted, his lips trembled, "leaves you less, you, you can't break my leg, you can't......"

    Ye Ning did not speak, but the more he is silent, Lin Xiao more fear, the whole scalp, as if his body stood is a secluded from the nine demons, at any time will take away his life!

    He believed, he absolutely believe Ye Ning dare to do so, even a big pang Feihu this in front of him, like the general shape without soul.

    "Little leaf!" Suddenly, Peng Qiming shouted, he blushes, ye Ning move has been completely conquered, breathing becomes rapid up.

    What is the big brother, ye Ning, this is big ah!

    What is domineering, ye Ning, this is the real domineering!

    He gasped, eyes are red, but is not ye Ning, himself fled to the Red Square, I am afraid that he has been back to Pang Feihu, cut off the hands and feet!

    He stared at the back ups and downs, ye Ning, seemed to summon up great courage.

    Peng Qiming clenched his fists, excitedly: "little leaf, I want to stay, I want to follow you!"

    He took a deep breath, see ye Ning with means to look at myself, also a bit nervous, when ye Ning talk, think ye Ning once erupted, amiable and easy of approach, that is a ferocious beast, no one can stop!

    Peng Qiming heart up, the idea is more like a bomb exploded, in my mind, in addition to Ye Ning, no one can do!

    "I know I'm just a businessman, but I believe I have the ability to help to help small leaf, red leaf, Fang, please believe me!"

    Peng Qiming shouted: "I want to stay, even if it is only a sweep of the people, even the tea to send water, I also want to stay!"

    In addition to the Red Square, he can't go anywhere, do not want to go, in addition to the Red Square, he did not feel what better place for myself.

    Ye Ning stared at Peng Qiming, turned to look at the Mo dance one eye, light way: "do you want to stay? Ask you, she want you, I will, she will not, I do not want to."

    You looked at Mo Ye Ning, mouth with a smile, she walks leisurely, a red dress as the noble Queen, with a proud temperament, let Peng Qiming can not help but fear.

    "A woman, I want to stay!"

    "Want to stay, you have to prove your ability, also do not need no red fang." Wu Mo light openings, she knew that Peng Qiming was extraordinary, otherwise it would not have been eyeing Pang Feihu he, but can be used for leaf Ning, will have to see his performance.

    You hear Mo words, Peng Qiming also excited, he a fist, laughed loudly: "good! I will prove myself that I can do to help leaves!"

    He took a deep breath and gradually calmed down, see Lin Xiao eyes, said: "this little leaf, Lin Xiao, I will pay by disposal?"

    Ye Ning a, Wu Mo and mutually see one eye, two people to see Peng Qiming, Lin Xiao is a bit surprised, this is to save his Peng Qiming?

    "." Ye Ning opening.

    Peng Qiming bowed, thank Ye Ning to give him the chance to go, Lin Xiao before, put on a smile: "Lin Shaoye, you are welcome to visit the Red Square, there will be people that hurt you, ye will not less, please believe me."

    His words to say, few people have exquisite stay, this bastard, ye Ning has promised to give him a chance, he would be betrayed?

    Just before she had called up Peng Qiming, the next sentence, so she almost choked.

    "You're being hunted, we hid in the Red Square, this protection fee also asked you to pay Lin clearly, otherwise you can not leave the square half step!"

    Peng Qiming's eyes flashed a sly, broke it up finger: "according to your enemy's strength and the length of time to protect you, protect the fees I figured, between you is my first guest Red Square, I can take leaves less shots, give you a twenty percent off, a total of thirty million!"


    Lin Xiao almost had a mouth spray blood? What time they were hunted, how could hide in the Red Square, thirty million? Are you kidding?

    And ye Ning and Wu Mo laugh, look like Peng Qiming's eyes are also some admire, this guy is really a profiteer!

    They instantly understand the intention of Peng Qiming, had to secretly admire.
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