#97 : the bloody knife

    The ninety-seventh chapter: the bloody knife

    Yet since the age of six in the streets were removed from, who took a lot of gas, overbearing extremely, where can bear the threat of Ye Ning!

    His thick palm leaves to fight fiercely toward Ning's face, he is always polite to the Mo dancing last face, know where ye Ning wanted to back to red so not to know chalk from cheese, Fang people a way out, as long as they are 30% of the shares, and now he just want to put the red square all people away. They occupy the industry!

    This hack is a slap in the face, if hit, at least you have a concussion, ye Ning sitting too far away from him, Bu Qingyun has endured for a long time!


    But Ye Ning did not move, not dancing has been tense up, she could not speak, ye Ning has moved.

    He was hand picked up from the table with a pair of chopsticks, like lightning, a sweep, plunged out, only to hear a loud slap, then further screams!


    Blood spatter, yet the hand directly by Ye Ning pierced, and even nail on the table, the only wooden chopsticks, but like knife sharp, in general, directly ripped through the desktop, will further nail in the palm!

    Ye Ning is like a meishiren, still slowly sipping his tea, just slightly looked up has been sweating, grinning further said: "this is one step how?"

    The Dragon Pang have to get up, but is abruptly withered.

    He thought this ye Ning is just a toy boy, but just that moment skill, let Pang Feilong suddenly wake up, he did not even have to see what the situation is, yet the palm has been nailed.

    Yet is Qingyun floor of the big brother, is a leading figure in the underground city was the circle of Tianhai, leaves home to an unknown master nail on the table?

    And see ye Ning that expression, where there is a fluctuation, with no relationship with him. They always felt mixed ground forces enough isspicy, but ye Ning compared to them, not only weak, they are clear, without a certain confidence, ye Ning absolute dare to do so!

    "How to use chopsticks are not, I need to teach you?" Ye Ning is thin to smile, and dancing to the Mo and poured a cup of tea, "just as you try, step, boss tea here is really good."

    Two people really like in tea in general, did not care yet that face is blue purple, ferocious looking at them two.

    "Come, give me to kill them, kill them!" Yet shouting, but the pain body trembled.

    Hand to heart, but the palm nail on the table was abruptly pierced, the cracked wood, is pierced his skin, let him hurt like hell, want to pull out, but is not, for too many years, the Bu Qingyun has some to bear the pain.

    He screamed, people suddenly heard outside the inside of the action, all rushed in, and Ye Ningduan sat there, not the slightest tension and panic, look at the room soon filled, he smiled: "step boss, you are letting your hands down to see how you use the chopsticks?"

    Ye Ning mocks: "or they will not use, I need a hand to teach?"

    "Ye ning! Are you fucking dead today, you don't want to live with you out of the door!" Yet the complexion is ferocious, bite, struggling to put his hand out, the blood spatter, the pain of his body can't help trembling. "I take them!"

    "!" Qingyun floor hunzai, face change, see my boss was nailed hand, one filled with righteous indignation clamoring hacked, ye ning.

    Ye Ning glanced at the moment, exudes a chilling breath, he sat there, like a head of a dormant beast to wake up, at that moment, all the cold smell of.

    Behind Ye Ning, like countless bones fill blood, surging blood evil gas, let the son could not help but pale up.

    They said that they are brave enough, enough isspicy, enough cruel, in this moment, they all have a kind of feeling, with the eyes of the Ye Ning compared they simply slag!

    Ye Ning is like the hell out of the Shura, all are the spirit of fighting, is the true blood, is the kind of see blood, hard man!

    All hunzai see ye Ning's eyes, couldn't help stop, have further shouted: "ah, what also leng! A bunch of idiots!"

    "Boss, I suggest you call to ask your lover now where Shangguan ping." Ye Ning put away the terrible smell of the cup down, yet at a glance, "you ask her, what the Tibetan house windowsill."

    Yet the heart an earthquake, those warriors will not dare to start, even if ye Ning just sitting there, they also feel fear, once seemed to know ye Ning hands, they will die very ugly.

    "You do not bluff, today is your time!" Yet the hearts of a shock, but many of his lover, Shangguan Ping is a woman he's love, is hidden is very secretive, don't let anyone know, ye Ning even know her name, but now he doesn't want to so much, he just wanted to kill ye ning!

    "Still doing what to do and kill him!" Yet the brain is already furious anger of lost mind.

    See ye Ning without a confused look, Pang dragon busy pulling step Qingyun, drink back those dronish: "calm down, old step, you calm down, other people go out!"

    Ye Ning dare with Mo dance, two people entered the Qingyun floor, Pang Feilong did not believe that they have left FLAC, especially see ye Ning like that calm, his heart is uneasy.

    Wang was killed, the black wolf help were destroyed, which are important, but are not in a short time, quiet place, if Ye Ningmei Yu some cards, how could he do?

    The more they to the position, the more should be careful, yet always calm today is cunning, ye Ning forced to lose control.

    It is the Pang dragon to calm down, stop further: "you call and ask to see."

    He stared at the leaf Ning, warned: "leaf master, don't play what pattern, today this Qingyun floor, we will not let you go, your life will only stay in here!"

    The officer Ping is the most loving woman yet, it is the United States in a complete mess, not yet hidden deep, could not find, he would try to Shangguan Ping to enjoy.

    Ye Ning did not care, just like at home, tea tea, clear, let the dancing heart couldn't help beating.

    She knew Ye Ning but did not expect so arrogant overbearing, arrogant and overbearing, is more calm mountain, dare to put on someone else's site, directly to the other chiefs to nail on the table!

    You looked at Mo Ye Ning, eye circulation, heart more and more admired.

    Yet cold to hum a, the hearts of some tension, bite to his woman to play on the phone to hear the voices, relieved: "Ping, you see what's on the windowsill."

    "The window? This is our nineteen floor window ah, what can...... Oh, there is a knife, ah...... With a bloody knife!"
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