#87 : temptation

    The eighty-seventh chapter: temptation

    Qingyun floor, fragrance.

    High-grade tea table, only two people sitting behind him, and each have a dozen burly men, all dressed in black, looks very impressive.

    "Well, I Qingyun floor of the tea is good." Further tapping the desktop, on the face with a smile, but also could not conceal his sinister look.

    He was tall, always wearing a blue robe, doesn't look like modern people dressed like monks out from deep mountains and forests.

    Hair up, only the face, deep down the cheekbones, let a person look at his body felt cold.

    "Oh, I don't like tea, for me, not what the difference with white boiling water." He sat on the opposite side of the burly man, like a thick chest wall, will hold up the clothes, as if to burst in general.

    He looked further eyes, squinting, sighed: "originally, there is a person sitting, is now buried in the soil."

    "Dragon, not the wolf, the sea, can only you and me, wouldn't it be better?" Yet looking at Pang Feilong, could not help but sneer, "the three of US fought for so long, now, the wolf is dead and I make no reply, are not happy ah, ha ha!"

    He made no secret of his dislike of the black wolf, for him, the black wolf is brute courage can kill will play, and how? It is not dead, even the wolf had been destroyed for headquarters!

    He looked down at the wolf, even before Pang Feilong looked down, this time, will use the head to live the longest, conquering the world fist era long gone.

    Pang Feilong did not care, such as cattle to drink a mouthful of the precious tea to drink.

    "The Red Square news?" Yet looked at him and whispered.

    "No, sent to two people were interrupted by hands, even when people do not know what."

    The Pang dragon shook his head, and a hideous scar of Chinese characters face, like centipedes lying there, his eyes have some doubts.

    The red shadow Fang Bo is not dead, how can there be so much of the master, did not know the wolf knew he Red Square before they want to occupy, heart dark scold black wolf cunning, now black wolf put himself in the dragon, Pang they feel lucky, if they are involved, maybe fate is the same with the black wolf now.

    "The Red Square should not have such strength, behind them is not someone?" Pang Feilong puzzling, but also feel impossible, Tianhai city is so big, a few large ones know each other very well. "After the death of the Red Square is no guardian, they now look red, black wolf can do, and let them worry, afraid.

    If the Red Square in dormant beast, that is tantamount to having his head sent in the past, the more they to the position, the more afraid of death, has become more and more cautious, with so many years, there has been a certain amount of capital and status, if dead, is futile.

    But they also have the opportunity to meet not easily, expansion, get more, who are willing to fight a.

    Two people meet, but also want to discuss together, the destruction of Black Wolf Gang, so that they are aware of, if still alone, too risky, so they choose to cooperate.

    "There are people? I found something, "yet cold to hum a, saw a joke, a stack of data into the table, a face of doubt," Ye Ning, ye Jia master, said Mo went to dancing leaves home to find him, so many years, just as you have seen this guy look what a man?"

    Our reputation in the days of Mo dancing underground, who do not know? Known as the queen of the underground sea, superior, never seen any one man, how will easily find a foppish master?

    After reading a few pages, Pang Feilong put the data lost, this is what information? He is the head again stupid doesn't believe.

    But go ye Ning Wu Mo, this is a signal, no matter what, ye Ning certainly can not get away.

    "The news," shadow with black wolf fight, both died, now in the red mill. Master who is? Is this ye Ning?" Yet the first glint in his eye, some doubt, but some believe, he glanced at Pang Feilong, lowered his voice and said, "try it?"

    Pang dragon cup stamp, also nodded: "check it."

    Two low voice, immediately talk, they have to wait, if there is a red square in the master, now they can't begin, and if not, just under the guise of the shadow of Beth's death, is the best opportunity for them.

    The Red Square and black wolf help fight, this is weakened when they can pay a small price, put this very valuable to the intelligence agencies in the bag!


    Ye Ning's, directly on the nineteen floor, along the way, those little white collar to say hello, some pretty girl is anxious to deliberately rushed into the arms of Ye Ning, even for him a little cheaper or.

    The office for Yingxue was rubbing his neck, just after three sessions, she tired, see ye Ning in, just glanced at him, it seems still angry.

    "I help you rub it." Ye Ning with a wry smile, walked past, ignoring what Muying Snow said, hands lightly on the shoulders of Yingxue mu, that moment, for Yingxue body shiver.

    Ye Ning is more skillful, a warm atmosphere continuously posted on the shoulders of Mu Yingxue, help her relieve tired, I do not know how, for Yingxue wanted to speak, but this kind of feeling, but she did not open.

    "Work is important, but your health is more important, not too hard." Ye Ning whispered, "what can I do for you, tell me directly that is good, if tired, my mother had to die I do not smoke."

    Mu Yingxue did not answer, comfortably closed his eyes, almost all fast asleep, where also hear ye Ning said what a long time to react, ye Ning has disappeared, she was embarrassed to open eyes, looked at the smiling is staring at their leaf Ning, flushed up.

    "What are you laughing at? I'm funny?" Mu Yingxue Road, "powerful ah leaves the master, even the queen is dancing Tianhai what time are known, but also find the house, I really despise you."

    Ye Ningsong shrugged: "this really with me, never mind, she go."

    "Well, don't you proud, charm is?" Mu Yingxue snorted, heart said, still others find their own, not for you everywhere, people can find you!

    She stood up, really want to jump a bit Ye Ning, but now her identity just leaves Ning's sister, how can have so much reaction.

    Mu Yingxue twisted neck, apparently more comfortable, she gave a faint Ye Ning, said: "the red Fang Li spa massage is very famous, I recently really sore neck, you sent me to try."

    Then, she saw Ye Ningyi's eye naturally or half unconsciously.

    "The amount of...... It is men who love to go places." Ye Ning laughed, embarrassing.
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