#74 : the death of the black wolf

    The seventy-fourth chapter: the death of the black wolf

    The black wolf over his eyes, mouth and spews out a blood, crying bellowed, pale complexion immediately down, he has been seriously injured!

    "Big brother!"

    Wang Bingtian came in, and the mottled blood on him, they fooled, red fang had arranged everything, set a trap for them, their loss is not small!

    "Eldest brother you okay!" Wang Bingtian waving machetes, but see the shadow suddenly mad Bo, also fear, Adam's apple jump up and down, did not dare to rush.

    "He stopped!" The black wolf shouted Sen cold, just feel my body seems to instantly drained of blood, limbs limp down.

    "Shadow Shazhao powerful, jarred his insides, let him have tired.

    "Wow......!" The black wolf violent cough, mouth and spews out a blood, paler, his head is dizzy, "quick, quick retreat!"

    Stay, today is the death of their own!

    The black wolf has felt strange to his body, the arm was broken, and suffered internal injuries, one eye is already being called "shadow shadow" blind, mad, today is the last life to help solve their black wolf threat.

    He regretted, but now it is too late, even if he will kill "desperate shadow, the price they pay nor he can bear, wolf heart initiation tuiyi, see the shadow" move and kill a man, it is panic: "retreat! Fast retreat! You stopped him!"

    Wang Bingtian flurried matchless, where also spare on the other hand down a few commands, and he stopped. Bo, holding the wolf away quickly.

    "He stopped, stopped him!" He shouted, confused mind, in front of the shadow "as a", has killed several fierce warriors, unceasingly, toward the black wolf and Wang Bingtian rush.

    The Red Square had rushed out, and the black wolf helped people to fight, they all kill red eye, insane.

    The Red Square, people are to probe into intelligence, fighting is no advantage, but they are loyal to the Red Square, because they are orphans, have light and shadow of the grace of Mo Bo, willing to sacrifice themselves for the red square!


    "Kill this bastard!"

    "Our protection, protection."!"

    These people to a red eye, murderous look stern.

    "Boom!" Ying Bo overtook the wolf to fling caution to the winds, once again issued a Shazhao, and black wolf fierce to strike together, two people are flying out, black wolf injured heavier, and the primary face shadow has already been full of blood.

    "Big brother!" Wang Bingtian's body trembled, in the face of such a "shadow master, he did not use force, if just that one is the other side of him, and now he has hung up, he raised the wolf ran away," stopped the old man stopped him!"

    He is so much, pull the black wolf ran to the crazy old man, that is!

    "We want to catch the foot of the shadow, but unstable, mouth cough spit blood could not stand, fell sideways.



    Mo Wu rushed out, his face is the tears, men are more piercing roar, she rushed to the shadow of primary side, heartache can hardly breathe, holding the shadow Bo cried.

    "Shadow", "shadow, you don't scare me, don't frighten me!"

    Mo small dancing when they are "shadow adoption, exactly as his own daughter to love, for her, the shadow" is her father, gave him all the love, see the shadow with the blood of Mo Bo, Wu regret.

    The plan she should never promised shadow Beth why she agreed to, ah, why want to die ah. "......

    "Just as fast, with a shadow in here are our primary!"

    Those under the Red Square, a red eyes, like the angry Beast, more crazy, black wolf help people cannot resist, and go back.

    You have no tears, the fire red dress is still red, but she knew that there are a lot of blood shadow ".

    "Shadow"......" Wu Mo crying, eyes blurred, holding the shadow Bo, how to let go.

    "Dancing...... Don't cry......" Shadow "barely a smile, gray hair was full of blood, his life, most worried about is not even a girl dancing, she is his adopted.

    He wanted to take this opportunity to kill the wolf, remove this threat, but now, he did not do it, even if he had done his best, he should be early hands-on, your body simply can not wait until now.

    "Hum...... Why do you...... Why ah......" Wu Mo pain, tears blurred eyes, "doctor of! Find a doctor, quick to find a doctor!"

    She shouted, "shadow is slightly shook his head:" I long to live...... Old wounds...... Too serious, can live today...... I have...... Lived enough......"

    His eyes have a regret: "just...... Just haven't seen you marry......"

    "Don't say," shadows do not speak, do not speak......" Wu Mo crying, heart would break.


    "Fast! Soon, Lee shouted the doctor, quick!" Wang Bingtian shouted, looking grim, the wolf has been in a coma for bed, he looked at the black wolf the wretched appearance, the heart is aghast.

    If the shadow of Beth towards him play trick, now himself had died, he didn't have a black wolf skill, simply could not carry a kind.

    "Still doing what to do and call a doctor!" See around hunzai also froze, Wang Bingtian shouted, "save brother ah!"

    "Yes!" Dronish immediately ran out in panic.

    "Big brother! Brother you wake up." Wang Bingtian saw a black wolf eyes, the hearts of a sudden idea floating.

    "I...... Fast...... Save me, save me......" Our consciousness is somewhat vague, he was seriously wounded, a broken arm, was also a blind eye, even die, also difficult to restore strength.

    How he did not expect his Eyeliner had been played with a shadow ", set a trap to kill his own pit, or careless ah!

    Second, you soon...... Quick to call a doctor......" On his deathbed, black wolf also fear, he don't want to die, he has great ambition is not complete, how can I die?

    Wang Bingtian nodded: "brother, you worry, I'll call the doctor, call the doctor......"

    He got up and ready to go, the eyes of a violent and cruel light flashed, instantly turned toward the wolf, his hands tightly grabbed the wolf's neck, his face seemed to be the devil!

    "Do you want to live? Die! You are dead, the black wolf is my help!" Wang Bingtian hysterical, lowering his voice in the ear, black wolf snorted, "this is our money Wang developed, we belong to the Wangs, belong to me!"

    The black wolf struggled, but he had lost a lot of blood, body weak weakness, where there is strength to resist, legs constantly struggling for a while pedaling, no movement.

    Wang Bingtian, gasping for breath, his face sweat, he looked at the wolf's body, face very evil, slowly knelt down, put on a look of grief.

    "Ah...... Eldest brother! Brother you wake up! Eldest brother died, eldest brother died!"
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