#60 : to improve

    The sixtieth chapter: to improve

    Wang Bingtian was the killer, like a release from hell demons, he looked at Wang Yang in a coma, the eyes are red.

    My brother Laurie is still not clear, which is the origin of money laundering, it's hard to come out, now even Wang Yang had an accident.

    Wang thought since then to hit, Wang Bingtian only felt Wang has become a sinner, if he knew it, he would have killed myself!

    "Ye ning! Leaves home!" Wang Bingtian clenched his fists, on the back of a skeleton, the complexion is gradually ferocious, "I want you to die!"


    Leaves home, awkward atmosphere.

    Love's eyes, as if staring at the criminal suspect, staring at the leaves on ning.

    "Shirleen drunk?"

    "No." Ye Ning answer honestly, he glanced at the sitting on the side of Yingxue mu, suddenly some discomposure.

    "How does she......"

    As a woman, Love is over, it is very keenly felt what changes, Xiao Lin on the body, even if only a little, she has been noticed, but Xiao Liner still asleep, don't know what happened.

    She thought Xiao Liner was drunk, but her body is obviously no taste.

    For Yingxue see ye Ning eye, eyes also have a strange look, see when ye Ning waist hold back Xiao Liner's Cross, she is also a little worried, but Xiao Liner is okay, will lay down their hearts.

    Let her have some surprise, ye Ning seem wrong, to see his face, there seems to be what happened.

    "Snow ah, you have to go to work tomorrow, to rest early." Love's eyes flashed light, smiled and said to the mu Yingxue, "this boy also had something to tell me, I have to give him a lesson."

    She hurriedly pushed for Yingxue upstairs, so she asked the rest earlier, don't stay up for it, such as mu Yingxue on the floor, Love's face instantly.

    She grabbed the ear pain Ye Ning, ye Ning suddenly could not help shouting.

    "Don't cry! The snow fight, I see how you do!" Love carefully looked upstairs one eye, busy let loose the hand, pulling Ye Ning go outside voice asked, "to be honest, is not......"

    "Mom, what do you want to ask?" Ye Ning face a red, Love unexpectedly so sensitive, it can be found? But he has put the car up before, where has left traces of what ah.

    "Oh, what can I ask!" Love suddenly snapped up, a look of pride, "my mother is a woman, you do not understand? The change of woman, is the most obvious, what is it, if you don't confess, I will ask myself Shirleen ah."

    Ye Ning can only surrender, do these things to say, but look at Love's appearance, is also estimated to have guessed what he would explain, Love must have thought they were.

    He had to talk to Love, also admitted his affair with Xiao Liner, in that case, he had no choice, if later, Xiao Shirleen might not.

    Ye Ning would not say, the time of their own, where have the ability to resist, holding himself.

    Love looked at him for a long time did not speak, staring at Ye Ning looked for a long time, see ye Ningdu creepy, slowly opening: "no?"

    "You trust, I Ye Ning not irresponsible people, since......"

    "Nonsense, you dare not responsible, first I cut you!" Love's eyes flashed a sly, but also have a love, "this happens there is no way, if you don't...... The liner will happen, this is not the way, of course, as do, then you have to take responsibility, tomorrow I will have a talk with Sara, if she is angry, you have to think of ways to ask her to forgive me."

    Love sighed: "what I think is not the same, really, you this boy, but also how you go, otherwise, huh, Shirleen can do?"

    Indeed, if ye Ning did not go, the consequences will only be more serious, think that Wang Yang will be Xiao Shirleen bad spot, Love heart can not help but floating on a wave of anger.

    "Mom, I think you have a little happy?" Ye Ning cocked his head, picked an eyebrow and glanced at Love.

    Love busy hum, back plate face: "your boy, I didn't scold you, you can burn incense, the scourge of people girl, dare you back?"

    Ye Ning rolled his eyes, not to argue with Love this time, he was thinking about tomorrow Shirleen Xiao woke up, how to explain to her, Love see him that way, suddenly let out a cry of surprise, his hands over his mouth, a worried look.

    "Mom, you can not Yijingyizha, my heart is not good!" Ye Ningzhen Love was scared.

    "You talk to sara...... What about the snow? Snow can be with you and marriage!" Love realized that this problem, "you this smelly boy, is to give your mom trouble, forget it, I think, a woman, or a woman to deal with, you don't just go with the flow, of course, you have to listen to me, or if you don't snow, huh I see you cry, which!"

    Ye Ning did not say a word, just listen to Love said, what can he say? What he said is looking for!

    Early in the morning, leaves behind the yard came koongpa sound, the cat is still in the training and others, in addition to sleep, almost all in the field through training.

    They every day and night training, crazy mountain leaves are looking at some of the boys do not feel bad, terrible, so what spell.


    A blow out, rumbling sound, the Second Artillery wielded fist, looked at the sandbags violently shaking up, could not help laughing.

    "Good, ha ha, good ah!" He can clearly feel the increase, regardless of strength or speed or agility and power, have been significantly improved.

    A total of eighteen off, he could have passed the six closed now, although the distance Ye Ning goal given there is a great distance, but it also lets him have confidence.

    Six, let yourself have such obvious improvement, if can reach the requirements of Ye Ning, in twenty minutes through all levels, then you will become more strong?

    He was looking forward to, even some wait, they will all day and night training, frantically challenge this training field!

    Xiao Qiang's face is resolute, in a short time, the whole people a lot of thin, all the meat has become strong, his face sweat spilled, he jumped to a circle, passed the fifth mark.

    "Hadrons, drink slobber to practice!" The cat lost a bottle of water in the past, smiling, "we have some foundation in the army, you guys should also increase so fast, they make a lot of pressure ah."

    Xiao Qiang smiled and grinned: "cat brother, brother you with the number of guns now through the most, but we require less distance leaves a lot worse ah, I want to improve, but also need to try harder."

    His heart is firm, see hope, they do not want to give up.
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