#934 : high-tech weapons

    The 934th chapter: high-tech weapons

    Ye Ning's face was full of murder, he now do not want to, just want to immediately find the chapter day, let him open the channel, back to the city, to protect their family and friends.

    Wolf fled into the city, this is his unexpected, he did not expect the greedy wolf actually so vile and cunning.

    He did not see a shadow in the darkness followed him, eyes, looked at the blood Ye Ning body, full of excitement!

    Ye Ning hurried back to the valley, chapter days has been in a coma, a large number of persons were guarding him, suffered a wolf attack, can survive, it's.


    See the leaf well, a few people relieved, they know well the leaf, it certainly fine chapter.

    Chapter days now, is their master, chapter day life is more important than their own.

    O ye Ning suddenly shouted, face big change, saw a shadow from the darkness swooped up extremely fierce: "the boss carefully!"

    A gas and violent tumbling up to hard back to ye ning!

    Daming Wang have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, the two detachment strong on the war, he did not dare close, so the fluctuation can kill him, this also let Daming king is the book on the opportunity of Ye ning.

    Get the book, he had the opportunity to step out, become stronger, become detached from there!

    "Hand over the book!"

    Daming Wang roared, his face full of crazy, he is waiting for the opportunity, wait Ye Ning injured, waiting in the Qisha not just kill, ye Ning, ye Ning classics on the body are his.

    But he does not know, the book Ye Ning body, have been greedy wolf away, he wants only to go to the greedy wolf.

    The high strength, with a fatal murder, Daming King shot, just wanted to kill leaf Ning, but he was wrong.

    Ye Ning did not even look back, feel the Daming King Shazhao, is his raid, the Wolf fled to the city because of greed and anger kill, bursts!

    "Boom -"

    In the valley, once again sounded a violent explosion, as if an earthquake, so far the Qisha et al was surprised, thought the greedy wolf back.

    On the ground, Daming Wang Zhang big mouth, full of blood, wow to spray out!

    His back was abruptly, ye Ning fist, hit deep into the stone, even the spine are instantly broken, the fury of his body, almost catch up into two halves!

    Daming Wang stared, with incredible, how can ye ning...... Become so strong?

    This strong, enough to let him know if he despair, ye Ning becomes so terrible, where dare to snatch the book here Ye Ning, but everything is too late, this is your life.

    Ye Ning was cold, punched out, such as deicide general stood there, looking down on the verge of death of the Ming Wang, certainly not less: "don't mess with me!"

    The horror of the murderous, such as the large mountain, hard pressure in Daming King's body, he abruptly overwhelmed, red face, suffocated!

    A few people are completely leaves the deep concentration, Nanjing strength to shock to the same environment, with the strong, Ye Ning was a blow to the bombers will Daming King kill? This kind of strength...... Too terrible.

    The horror of the murderous, suffocating!

    Ye Ning just looked at the Daming King's body could not be ignored, this kind of person, kill kill, at the moment Ye Ning was furious, where there is so much patience what.

    He only wanted to immediately return to the city now, to protect our family.

    "Put Zhang Shudai back."

    The day is still in a coma, let Jenna will wake chapter day is the most important, to return to the city, you need to chapter day method.

    In the valley, the storm roared, seemed to know ye Ning mood, became more and more violent, the rocks tumbling, the corpse on the ground to Wang Daming buried, stay under the eyes, unwilling, regret......

    "What's the matter?"

    Just hear the fluctuation of Hades et al is frightened, thought the greedy wolf back.

    Wolf is terrible, but in hell, they can rest assured, know the Wolf fled back to the city, their heart is more worried.

    "OK, Daming Wang want to attack the boss, boss punched kill."

    Two O Adam's Apple moved, although just a simple word, can see that the shock will definitely let him this lifetime all unforgettable.

    Hear this at Daming King environment should be strong, ye Ning punched the kill, Maya's eyes, there was a shock, only to your environment, to know more, Daming king strength she is very clear, can be turned out to be ye ning...... Punched kill?

    "Jenna, saved chapter uncle, we must return to the city as soon as possible." Ye Ning regardless of that, he did not think of a mood, this is wolf back to the city, he is unsettled.

    "Good!" Jenna nodded, hands saved chapter days.

    The cat they came back, did not catch Tong Lifeng, this guy is too cunning, was seriously wounded, he could escape.

    That greedy Wolf fled into the city, the heart also followed hanging up, scratching, was not excited: "that bastard back to the city? Is mother, this dangerous!"

    "Don't worry, greedy wolf was seriously injured, what's more, outside their predecessors and Yang Xiaolao." Xiao Qiang patted the shoulder, he was more worried than the second artillery, his sister Xiao Shirleen was outside, outside his niece still, he is also in the comfort of their own, "and the old general they will not sit idly by."

    They can only pray, Yang Xiao they do the layout, can temporarily stopped a wolf.



    The ground trembled violently, shine, a Rashomon moment from the ground up, a figure, Shua, straight out.


    The greedy big vomit blood, looked up, the dark forest, already do not know how many years did not return here, it seems...... Some are not the same.

    "Zizi -!"

    Around, many trees, high precision camera in turn, three hundred and sixty degree corner, this passage is located completely in the ground, irradiation, is depicting some runes!

    Wolf a face, looked up, several drones are buzzing flying back and forth, this kind of thing, he has never seen.

    Now, in the city square in the Red Sea, spacious room, putting a few super server, that picture sent to the electronic screen, a male barefoot, fingers flying on the keyboard, quickly scan a variable, are puzzled at the greedy wolf, calm. "Yang Xiao predecessors, this has never been seen, the response matrix method......"

    Now Yang Xiao, a man stood behind, shortness of breath up, he saw that his early layout strategies, a little magic gas surging, this man, who is dead!


    Xiao Yang immediately shouted up, a moment, a male finger bomb, all high-tech weapons, instant start!
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