#875 : I came back

    The 875th chapter: I came back

    "Li -"

    The great Shimen was built, with an extreme sense of shock!

    Ye Ning will have to stay, I did not expect this hell to urban world doors, should look like this.

    "Rashomon!" Ye Ning looked at the Shimen on three characters, the feeling is still shake up.

    This Rashomon, connection is hell!

    Shimen, a vast expanse of whiteness, space warps, as if to space at all to pieces, ye Ning took a look, feel the atmosphere, with the outside world Kunlun channel, is a basic type.

    It seems that Kunlun is not built, perhaps it is the first building in Kunlun, as the experiment.

    "We go!"

    Not to think so much, ye Ning immediately pulled Jenna, rushed in.

    Two shadow just rushed into the Rashomon, the Shimen will disappear, the entire space is calm, as if what things never happened.

    In the dark forest.


    Space fluctuation also, a letter to Shimen where they stand, the same three characters: "rashomon!"

    The two figure flashed, the Rashomon also disappeared.

    On the ground, two pairs of feet on the ground, feeling the familiar ground, familiar with air.

    "I came back."

    Ye Ning gently open, one hand holding Jenna, watching everything around here, with him before leaving, there is little change, the distant tree, ye Ning has seen several cameras, a full range of three hundred and sixty degrees, monitoring the area.

    Obviously, you have been staring at the Mo here, ye Ning can even think of dancing, Mo not all want to see if there is someone there, there is no one of her familiar faces back to the land.

    Ye Ning looked at the camera, grinned and said: "you, I come back."

    Information such as light propagation speed, along the overwhelming network, almost instantly, to the server is located in the sea, and the blink of an eye is displayed on the electronic screen on the desktop is dancing on.

    She would let a man set up, once the man appearing on the surface of the picture, it reminded him immediately.



    At the moment, the loudspeaker came the voice prompts, it turned to pick up a cup of water is dancing, shuddered, suddenly look back, when you see the electronic screen, ye Ning said that he came back to his picture, her hands trembling, the cup snapped, falling on the ground, fall to split!

    Don't keep that dancing posture, eyes never blinked, motionless, staring at the screen, this is afraid of their hallucinations, even if it is an illusion, she did not dare to blink, for fear of a blink of an eye, ye Ning again disappeared!

    Until the electronic screen, ye Ning of the face, and said: "you, this is not an illusion, I'm back."

    "Ye Ning!"

    Wu Mo almost cry out, she nibbled lips, immediately rushed to the electronic screen, across the screen, and on Ye Ning: "you bastard, also know to come back ah!"

    She has no hesitation, immediately sent for ye Ning back, have left for so long, this bastard is back!

    Ye Ning is back in the news, quickly spread out, all about ye Ning people are anxious to immediately put down the things, rushed back to the sea, to see ye ning.

    Ye Ning didn't have to wait long in the dark forest, there are people entering the dark forest, far see ye Ning, the Red Square, the body was shaking up.

    "Little leaf!"

    The man of God, come back!

    They always stay near, waiting for the order, that is, ye Ning back.

    Can be so long past, don't see ye Ning back, even outside the rumors, the Man City Tianhai leaves home, had already died in the outside.

    Now see ye Ning, these people seemed to find their own beliefs!

    A few people ran over, eyes flashing, excited: "little leaf, welcome you to come back!"

    Like to see their admiration of the generals, the red Fang's brother, can't other movement, simply saluted, ye Ning amused laugh.

    "Well, we go back!"

    From the dark forest, leaf Ningcai know, Mo dance already arranged, from the founder of stop flying killer there, borrowed a private plane, a road to send back ye ning.

    The Red Square, has been around the world, with the further globalization, many countries and regions have cooperation, not to mention a friend once die.

    And from a group, has now become the world's top twenty super group company, even M in a series of big powers, also dare not ignore such a group!

    A small sea city and even become one, now the city's most unique in China, because there are leaves home, there is a red square, where ye ning!

    Ye Ning said, his side has so many outstanding woman, he is the shopkeeper stopped, what didn't do.

    Head looked around you is laughing Jenna, he asked: "otherwise, I get a casino, so you can do business? Deng Chuansheng, that guy is really not gambling, management."

    Jenna smiled, shook his head, she has better things to do now, casino management this kind of thing, or let the laodeng slowly toss.

    The way to fly back to the sea, the more close to the sea, ye Ning is more excited, wandering return, ye Ningdu do not know their own home will have this feeling.

    A world, he is in charge of the Shura, killing on the battlefield to arrogance!

    In this world, he is true to life, ye Ning, righteous, family and brothers, is shouldering the burden on the shoulder!

    In this life, ye Ning has become a legend, no matter where he is, as long as ye Ning this name, is enough to make people admire!

    The plane has not landed, Jenna was surprised to shout: "Ye Ning, you look!"

    Ye Ning bow, to see from the window of the plane, the top of the Airport City Tianhai red, a few words are rolling leaves: welcome home!

    Ye Ning meal, some dumbfounding, his back, but the whole world knows?

    It seems you really low-key.

    These years, whether it is from a group, or the Red Square, in trying to do charity, dancing with Yingxue, Li Mu Mo Wan and Jamulan et al., try to do these, are also in the name of Ye Ning, ye Ning let more people stay in the name of my heart.

    Now ye Ning, has long been the pride of the city tianhai!

    Look at the letters, ye Ning such a iron man, eyes are red.

    "Go home...... Yes, I come back." Ye Ning laughed.

    This one word, what is even more precious than.

    Under the plane, just out of the channel, see Mo Wu et al., standing there, although the face with a slight smile, but his eyes clearly is red eyes, happy and excited tears, where Taode Ye Ning eyes.

    "Ye Ning!" Several women shouted, still stand, all flying past.
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