#808 : the blood gas

    The 808th chapter: the blood gas

    Even the tongba came, this super strong came, afraid is to take her to the hell kill good Li Wei?

    Have to say these guys are unresponsive, ye Ning tempted to sneer, but now tongba has come, it is a trouble.

    With his strength now, can not catch opponents, not to mention the tongba and armor book body, once to kill the dragon, must first!

    Ye Ning frowns, turned to Jenna: "No. six and No. eight, back after the news?"

    "No, just back to the troll, even the magic day also did not see any news, I will immediately know." Zhan Nayao shook his head, worried that, "the red star were heavily hit, how to deal with?"

    She is very clear Ye Ning strength, if only children set a few of them, it can also be a war, but now even tongba also personally, it can be more trouble.

    Not to mention Ye Ning, Meng Qi et al is to have the dragon mountain people together to fight, also is not a rival that of Red Star sect, which finally established a base, will be so ruined?

    Especially in the red star in the last war, suffered heavy losses, they need to Li wei!

    Ye Ning look dignified, but not panic, he sat there, gently tapping fingers moving, his face gradually becomes a subtle smile, people familiar with him know that this is a trick of the ye ning.

    He looked at Jenna, raised his eyes and said: "after the stock gas can also perceive the mountain to?"

    Jenna suddenly changed face: "you want to use......"


    Dragon Mountain, a sullen atmosphere, Akahoshi Somada cited that killed, many people are worried about it, and when, even the tongba half step to exit the strong breath, their hearts, only despair.

    Such a super strong, who can handle?

    Don't say ye Ning strong, even together, also is not a rival!

    "How to do? To die out here?" Someone canxiao.

    The dragon in the first gave them shelter, even ye Ning, they can enhance the strength, they also want to stay in the Longshoushan, can now be confronted with a formidable enemy ah, or that is impossible to defeat the enemy!

    "I am a member of Longshou mountain, this is the place I want to protect!" Big words is very simple, he said a long time ago, even if it is dead, he will die with dignity.

    Red star in what?

    He can do, is to use a cavity blood, own to fight, to protect the Longshou mountain, ye Ning protection! This gave him the dignity of man!

    Some people have even timid, want to escape the impulse, they all know, the Dragon Mountain, it is absolutely impossible to win, and may even be the red star, killing a clean!

    Think of the kind of results, let the people fear.

    They also do not want to betray Ye Ning, do not want to betray the Longshoushan brothers, which are often more struggling.

    A group of people who had experienced despair heave great sighs.


    A rod with nails on the ground, with a stream of blood.

    Black Kanbuxiaqu, standing on the stone above, roaring up: "when ye Ning save you time, why don't you say that? If not he can save your life, you would be dead! Now say this? What are you?"

    "The dragon in the first, shelter you for so long, and now you want to escape? The roll ah!" The roaring, face red, black "I will leave, even death, even if my spear is broken, my body is destroyed, I will stay with the Dragon Mountain, the last!"

    Roar of thunder, shook the hearts in shame.

    "We are the same, even if it is to die, I will die in Longshou mountain!"

    Two few people roared up.

    Black sneer at repeatedly, looked at the group of people disdain: heave great sighs, "want to roll to roll, roll, oh, really, some people are simply watching the Lao Tzu pussy, I feel sick,!"

    Most can see what An important juncture of life and death, who do their own brothers!

    "Well, I also left the old meng!"

    Meng Meng Qi and third et al came, Meng Qi eyes glowing, Meng old three is the fist pounding his chest, laughed: "black, did not think we have time together, ha ha ha ha!"

    Meng Qi nodded, his dark crow mountain collapse, because of the red star, this time, they also want to have a black field of chaos, ask if they agree, the vendetta, they can not count.

    "Montenegro is never a domain, they say, even if you have to retreat, we can only say that Montenegro domain of a person, no blood, is a coward!"

    Meng Qi said, the third are echoing Meng et al.

    Fight, coward, they can hardly be avoided, but also the waste of life!

    Dong Dong -

    If the drum beats move in general, Longshoushan within the atmosphere has become increasingly heavy, some people could not resist the pressure, chose to leave, ye Ning did not say what, this kind of person, he did not bother to leave.

    What's more, this person is left, maybe both sider, ye Ning do not need this person.

    With the experience of wind and rain, to screening and leaving the real value of people.

    Even in the face of the red star in what? Not necessarily have no chance!

    Longshou mountain began to decorate, and matrix type, Longshoushan Ye Ning and prepared to meet the challenge, and Jenna, has once again entered the mountain.

    "The blood can be perceived in the past is very weak, which contains energy...... Too amazing!" Jenna pale, afraid to go inside, she will be the identification of the position clearly, immediately to leave ye ning.

    Go inside, she worried that the guy will be attracted, at that time, I'm afraid they can't escape!

    Ye Ning took a deep breath, naturally also perceived that weak blood, that weak...... Just the other to release the slightest, but even so, also let Jenna great pressure, not too much to perception, so that they do not annoy the things inside.

    "We go!" To determine the location, ye Ning had countermeasures.

    What is he does not know this after the mountains, but is enough to drink tongba!

    Tongba want to kill the dragon in the first and to yourself, to others he protests, the wrong man!

    A look at the border region of Montenegro, the black land, tongba eyes slightly magic, there is a strange feeling, the heart seems inexplicable more uneasy, but this is Montenegro, can have what can threaten him?

    Is it that ye Ning? Well, it really is a joke!

    "Master, how?" Tong Li cried softly, "the Dragon Mountain is located in the depths of some distance."

    "Anyway, this time, let the leaves die."

    Tongba slightly shook his head, immediately ordered toward the Longshou mountain and go, since they will begin, let the Dragon Mountain, complete destruction!

    The red star of a pedestrian, directly toward the Longshou mountain to the murderous!

    Who do not know, in front of what is it waiting for them.
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