#753 : this place is too small.

    The 753rd chapter: this place is too small.

    Ye Ning's voice in several human ear exploding, is like a thunder, suddenly let on that guy who feel dizzy!

    Ye Ning has to deal with them all the territory, but these congenital exit guy, he was as easy as blowing off dust, light openings, look at that guy lying on the ground.

    "What are you!"

    The man put the sword cold drink, sword leaves at Ning, the hearts of some fear, what this guy appeared, they are not found.

    Ye Ning did not heed the swordsman, just looked still lying on the ground, a distressed guy: "if you don't want to mess were killed, just follow me."

    His voice was calm, not sad not happy, is like a stone cold, without any emotional color.

    Several men fell on the ground, one eye with each other, and half did not react, see ye Ning, and looked at their opponents, one of them suddenly bite: "if we tell you, how is that?"

    "I will help you kill these people."

    Ye Ning pointed to the swordsman, calm unceasingly.

    It seems that in his eyes, this is just a few ants, simply not worth mentioning.

    Ye Ning had thought, hell, Montenegro, Jinhu and purple forest, the three regions, there are many powerful groups, these are the hell in the crowd, many master, distribution of a wide range.

    He wanted to find the book back to rescue Hades, is not so easy, at least if he and Jenna two person, even if it is found, it is difficult to retain, those guys would be crazy to kill yourself.

    It was Wu Buyun, not just because the turtle shell and classics, being hunted, but good luck, found the gap, I'm afraid long dead.

    Also, the position of channel in Montenegro, ye Ning heart also have an idea, if he can control the area of Montenegro, that is equal to the control channel!

    He stared at them, still calm tone: "you have no time to hesitate."

    "Big brother!"

    The man a direct opening shouted: "kill them, I recognize you this big brother!"

    Those guys feel the same, ye Ning they see through strength, certainly better than they were just the swordsman shame, they don't want to die like a brother, that is what, if ye Ning strong, that they are more willing to!

    A master cover, at least not to die so fast!

    Hear ye Ning said, the swordsman's face changed, a complexion ferocious up, staring at Ye Ning shouted: "big tone! You?"

    Ye Ning turned, his attitude was very slow and looks very elegant, slightly raised his hand: "with me."


    Almost instantly, ye Ning has disappeared in the place, on the ground there are two footprints, ye Ning enough to see how fast the fall guy on the ground, almost did not jump.

    They had seen a ghost, staring eyes, which in the end is...... How horrible?


    Ye Ning has been shot, fist thundering fire!

    The swordsman face change, scared, scared by this momentum has forgotten the revolt, watching Ye Ning fist hit, several people have not had time to react, has been playing the fly out.


    Several swordsman, at the same time. A blood, the face was full of fear.

    "Kill him!"

    One body trembling, but do not know if the revolt, die today!

    He put the sword to the sword, Ye Ning did not hide.


    Long straight, ye Ning does not fall into a fist, and the roar of swords collide together, click a few crisp sound, sword inch fracture!


    Ye Ning's fist, a direct hit in his heart, gas and crazy, and through the body, even a guy screams before a whole person is soft and fell down from his mouth, spill blood, even with the slightest visceral powder!

    The air is solidified, in addition to the faint scent of blood, made no sound.

    Not only is the swordsman, even the guy who fell on the ground, also forgot to stand up, staring at the leaf Ning, see...... God!

    Strong like Ye Ning, in their eyes, that is super master ah!


    Several swordsman reaction to come over, where dare to fight with leaf Ning, the first time is to choose to escape, in the leaf rather in front, they do not have a way out, but, ye Ning did not catch.

    Fell on the ground that a few guys don't dare to say what, look at a few swordsman escape, although unwilling, but also can only look at:





    But, from what they say, and a figure hit, turned into a ghost, flashing, one after another in front of the Three Musketeers blood flying into the sky, and then fell down!

    Fell to the ground, these guys have felt my legs were trembling, these two guys...... What background ah!

    They see, just kill three musketeers, just a woman!

    A...... Very beautiful woman!

    Means sharp, make people tremble with fear, this woman, who dare to provoke?

    Especially in a moment, they see the red eyes!

    Jenna slowly walked over and stood beside the Three Musketeers Ye Ning, killed, with her strong physique, even a fist, is enough to kill them.

    She is very clear, ye Ning chose these people, just because these guys will just save companion in Ye Ning's eyes, is a righteous person.

    "Are you going to sit on the floor?"

    Ye Ning glanced at them.

    "Big brother!"

    "Big brother!"

    Four or five people stood up at once, he cried.

    The strength of the people, is absolutely qualified when their eldest brother, just fierce boxing, enough so that they can wave shock, this simple killer, really very humbling.

    This woman and jenna...... They are simply afraid of Jenna, in front of her, simply cannot withstand a single blow.

    "Not so embarrassed to death in the hands of others, will strive to become a strong point, otherwise, the next time, or you die." Ye Ning saw a few people eyes still calm mood.

    He did not say what, Jenna turned to leave.

    But these guys look at each other a few at a loss about what to do, eyes, teeth, pick up the beast, immediately followed.

    Can follow the master, how not to? Why not? Don't be silly to!

    The fire tufted, these guys...... Or a temporary place to live, not what the site, a few simple huts, even for mountain Kou did not.

    Ye Ning looked at four people laughed: "ah, ah two, three, four, I'll call you later."

    "Yes, big brother said, brother to arrange!" A large cut a piece of meat, busy to leaf Ning, now he had some fear, like ourselves, on tenterhooks, is a terrible monster.

    Several other people are doing, not a hint of disrespect.

    "This place is too small." Ye Ning glanced around, looked at a few people behind the huts, frowned slightly.
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