#752 : you need the boss?

    The 752nd chapter: you need the boss?

    The man with a bouffant hair, messy unceasingly, also has a long gown look not changed, dirty, where there is a master.

    He took the wine in hand paused, raised his eyes to see three people one eye, seem to have no interest in what was a stuffy down.

    "In this place, is to die, also won't have what interesting things, but also the baby? Hum." Meng Qi's eyes narrowed slightly, seemed to have tired of this life.

    From the beginning he was imprisoned in the hell, he was thinking about, what time to go out, even back to the place before, beat, to molest woman, for him is the best life.

    He now wished pulling his hand a few, why do bad things are caught in this place, there can be a woman, than his own tough, these men are my brothers, also called service.

    Hell in this environment, you do not hit others, others will be playing.

    It is just like a prison.

    Just here, no custody prison, no one can not see, let Meng Qi or a confused, but boring after he didn't bother to think so much, what time can go out, he is most looking forward to.

    Some people see their boss did not respond, but at a loss about what to do: "eldest brother, really have a baby, three children are dead, is estimated to find those guys."

    "Yes, if you can get the book, our strength must be rose, then this piece of Montenegro, who dare to grab our site?" Another person is also busy with tao.

    "What baby?" Meng Qi raised his eyes, gathers his own messy hair, a face of life without love, the hands of the wine poured into his mouth, as if the baby is lost there in front of him, he must consider the mood to pick up.

    The three guys with one eye, all know his brother, now is not on what interest, a few people look each other exchange, understand each other's thoughts.

    A guy grind way: "is the book might be to open the channel of the scriptures!"

    Meng Qi's eyes, suddenly burst shot a naked!

    You can open the channel of the Scriptures?

    He does not like other people, are also interested in other scriptures, that will only kill things, he did not want to rob, can open the channel of the scriptures...... Means that you can leave this place?

    See Meng Qi's eyes out, suddenly the hearts of several people.

    "Brother, the two guy is definitely from the outside in, they can come in, there is naturally a way out......" That guy, a finger hook, make walking posture, said gently, "if we got the book......"


    He would not finish, Meng Qi has slap in the past: "didn't you say! Anyone here? No back!"

    The guy who tears, just said no interest...... It was in such a hurry? He covered his face, shook his head and said: "but their breath disappeared, I could not find it, don't immediately come back to tell you brother."

    See Meng Qihoo focus, three people face a helpless, I almost forgot them, simply by the Meng Qi to play clothes, his brother, is violent!

    Meng Qi bass stood up, and was just a glance very oppressive feeling, he stared at the three people, tiger eyes naked twinkle, exudes a strong smell.

    They found two, if still in Montenegro this area, they immediately find!"


    Several people hurriedly ran out, with a bunch of people went out looking for the whereabouts of Jenna and ye ning.

    For them, take ye Ning is obtained, the book, get classics, get the treasure!

    Ye Ningruo knew, hell, really just outside the prison, everywhere is the nest of bandits, would be happy to die, for him, this is his most familiar with the environment, the only difference is that here for no weak.

    Just pull out one, is a master, not to mention those super master, even as strong as Ye Ning, may not be able to easily deal with.

    But, as Chen Jiandong said, this is hell, there are a lot of strange treasures, some herbs, a very inconspicuous herb may be able to help, some stone, open inside, perhaps hidden fine precious stone.

    Hell in this kind of environment, can get fine stone, enough for a person to maintain a period of time, it is completely out of the concentrated essence of good stuff ah!

    This is a fine stone, hell, even the most basic living material, has become hell transaction currency.

    Montenegro, in hell, is also very confusing place, here forces small buildings, arranged in a crisscross pattern, every day in order to compete for some of the living space and treasures, and even fight fierce strike violently!

    Within the forest, ye Ning and Jenna control my breath, no exposed breath, two people staring at the distance is fierce.

    Ye Ning surprised the two gang violence murder unceasingly, awe inspiring, can see their skill, but the congenital environment only, this strength, in hell, only the bottom.

    "Boom -"

    Gas and tumbling, shook the ground tremble, blood filled, two people have been killed and that they are too busy, in order to compete for a wild animal as food.

    Ye Ning even suddenly some pity.

    Smell the faint scent of blood, Jenna nose slightly moved, her blue eyes slightly red, then recovered.

    See ye Ning a glance, Jenna gently say: "don't go?"

    She doesn't know what ye Ning been looking at the two gang, the strength of the people, ye Ning should also see.

    "We come to hell is to seek for the book, the two of us, too hard, and we know little of hell." Ye Ning's eyes were light, they just came to hell, not familiar with the environment, are not familiar with, want to find even the hell people are desperately looking for something, where there is so easy.

    Jenna suddenly understand Ye Ning, nodded.

    On the two of them, but to some people, it will be much better, not to mention these people to understand the hell.


    In the distance, the battle has entered the most intense time, one person is suppressed, tragic casualties!

    "Have you killed me! Otherwise I will kill you!" A man was trampled underfoot, screaming up, his eyes red, like a madman, staring at his opponent.

    Several people around have been down, even their strongest, also have already been killed!

    They also die sooner or later!

    "Kill you? You want to kill this garbage, you can easily." Another man, looking at his feet, laughed, "what do you come for? Take life mody!"

    Suddenly, his eyes flashing, suddenly turned toward a direction of the past.


    Among the mountains, out of a figure, looks somewhat vague, but it seems to shrink into inch, one step towards ten meters.

    Ye Ning slowly went out and looked at the guy to be stepped on, at the foot of the light way: "you need a boss?"
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