#751 : Montenegro, Jinhu, purple forest

    The 751st chapter: Montenegro, Jinhu, purple forest

    The three breath is completely at Ye Ning with Zhan Nalai, needless to say, someone must have found just the guy dead, toward Ye Ning they come.

    Ye Ning saw Jenna one eye, is really good with James' special ability of Nami, kindred, is indeed able to help yourself a lot.

    His perception is very powerful, did not expect Jenna worse.

    "We must erase the smell." Ye Ning also know, certainly they just come in, and the breath of foreign body, easy to be identified as Chen Jiandong, they escape from hell, ye Ning they are easy to distinguish.

    The two place is not the same.

    Jenna nodded, feel the breath of three are in their chase, also don't want to waste time, the two men immediately speeded up, leave the area.

    Just behind the three breath seemed to accelerate, they obviously know ye Ning at large, is suddenly accelerated.

    "They are catching up fast, this is not the way to go away." Jenna perceived for a moment, calm, "they were locked in trouble, or find ways to hide our breath."

    Once people find that they are outsiders, will be around to kill!

    Chen Jiandong had to remind them that the people inside are more violent, killing the heart is very strong, especially after the discovery of the book Ye Ningshen, will certainly be grabbed.

    Ye Ning also dare not let down, this is hell, is a real place overgrown with strong, even Chen Jiandong such a master, have to carefully place to live, he did not want to just be lost in life.

    Ye Ning looked up, around a dark, at a glance, stretches out is black mountain.

    He frowned as he, before Chen Jiandong is told ye Ning, hell, master gathered, but they are mainly small groups in the form of life, after all, is strong enough to a person no one dare to offend, but not many people.

    Three of the biggest groups in three places, but also the hell, the three most terrible place.

    Montenegro, Jinhu, purple forest.

    This not only represents a hell of a maximum of three groups, the number of master inside most, most, also said hell three place, ye Ning at their feet, is now in the range of montenegro.

    The surrounding stretches thousands of miles, as are the black mountain, strange scenery.

    Ye Ning are in no mood these, he is not interested in this strange scenery, like the scenery of Kunlun, may be just to hide the method only, he thinking now is how to covert the breath of two people.

    Turn a glance, Jenna was smiling at ye ning.

    "Do you have?"

    Ye Ning surprised.

    Jenna nodded, ranging from ye Ning asked again, she picked up Ye Ning hands, mouth and bite in Ye Ning's wrist, a crisp tingling feeling came, ye Ning heart quiver.

    What seems to be liquid, instantly injected inside your body, let the body not ye Ning tremble.

    Jenna back mouth, fingers cut a small scar on his finger, wipe some blood, rub in Ye Ning's wrist, the wound blink disappeared.

    "It?" Ye Ning was surprised, not how to understand.

    Jenna nodded: "."

    She just took that guy's blood, naturally can not feel the same breath, this is as the ability of the blood angels, the one and only, she also put the breath into Ye Ning body, at least let other people, is also very difficult to distinguish from the outside ye ning.

    Ye Ning laughed, watching Jenna one eye, the ability of the blood angels, really surprised him, he did not say much, Jenna said, it can.

    At the moment he felt, with Jenna, really is a right decision.

    Two people did not dare to delay, leave the area immediately surrounding the strength of Montenegro Gang very much, and one are atrocious, does not provoke.

    They just leave soon, the three men track here, just go, they are not out of breath to judge.

    "What's the matter, suddenly disappeared?"

    A person with a frown, a little surprised, just very obvious, can even feel the distance is not far, but now, in front of the vast, do not feel a trace.

    "It seems that they know someone tracking them," another person said, "outside people come in, it can go out, then was taken out of the scriptures...... Perhaps the whereabouts."

    Three people look at each other, flashing a glimmer of greed!

    In this hell, for each person, the book is necessary to compete, get the classics, is a treasure, can let a person strength rose even rumors, if I can get a eight page book all the more attractive to get a treasure!

    Hidden in the eight book, who can collect eight books, who have the opportunity to get the treasure!

    The eight page book is amazing, but also caused many people crazy, there are more things than the eight page book, who is not?

    Three people have to follow, no direction, only in vain, but they already know someone from the outside in, naturally will not miss this opportunity, not leaked this message.

    The prophet is the initiative!

    Ye Ning did not know at the moment, they have entered the sight of other people, is being watched, Montenegro in this area, there are too many power distribution, even just wandering person, want to know some news, it is very easy.

    Ye Ning and Jenna had hidden his breath, naturally safe.

    Climb a mountain, don't see what the city village like place, ye Ning only reluctantly, this hell is like the wild, sparsely populated, wild in the wilderness, they don't have what people.

    "The elder said, hell, not ordinary people, even at the ordinary person, are likely to be a super master, can not be careless," Jenna glanced said, "we should make clear the situation here, think of countermeasures."

    Ye Ning nodded, the purpose is to find them in the book, no matter what purpose will not change.

    He saw Jenna one eye, smiled and said: "fortunately, brought to you."

    Jenna is only a smile, her eyes full of tenderness, the blonde is a kind of exotic, is to let Ye Ning look at some heart.

    "Don't say so much, go!" Ye Ning convergence of mind, no longer with Jenna make blind and disorderly conjectures, immediately leave, find a safe place to clear understanding of the situation.

    At the same time, in Montenegro region, on top of a hill, there seems to be a number of doors, but looks more like a nest of bandits.

    You can see some face a cruel guy sitting cross legged rest, exudes a strong smell of blood, let a person fear unceasingly.

    The three guy walked in, his face to conceal the surprise in the heart, go to the inside, sit and look at it, it took the wine wanton drink burly man said: "brother, baby door!"
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