#716 : is he!

    The 716th chapter: is he!

    The bullet speed gallop, full impact, even if it is steel, will be hit!

    But these guys are the bullet out, the body without even a little traces of blood!

    Tube Biao face has some white, his mother or the person?

    He turned to see Ye Ningyi's eye, ye Ning seemed very calm.

    Taijiquan magic!

    Such a powerful body, especially the surface and strength in rolling, forming a set of gas and armor, how can the bullet broke through the defense.

    With a series of bullet lasing, that several Chi magic is immediately back out of their flesh again tough, it should not have been hard, huge impact, will let them go backwards.

    No matter the tube has terrified Biao, ye Ning directly jumped down from above: "you leave away, the bad guys, don't be affected!"

    Watch ye Ning directly from the plane jumped, tube Biao startled to see ye Ning smooth landing, he can only take a deep breath, let yourself calm down, really...... It's horrible。

    A plane pilots have been silly, half did not return to God, that is exactly what happened, what did he see?

    There are people who can carry the bullet body? Some people dare to jump from a plane without wearing any protective measures? Oh!

    The roar of gradually disappear, tube Biao venture, let the plane leave here at once, this battlefield, does not belong to them.

    Ye Ning jumped down, shook the dust flying, a loud roar.

    He came out from the sand, watching the Baron brothers: "you okay?"

    The Baron brothers a little surprised, did not think ye Ning will save them.

    "Well, you're in time, but we're fine......" Barron and watch the Taijiquan magic, pensively, "then you don't know."

    Across the four Chi magic, even leaves the well, they also only three people, not to mention, behind that horrible guy, has not appeared.

    They are very surprised, how will the Taijiquan appear magic.

    Look at the barre Ye Ning eye, sinister eyes flashed a light, carefully asked: "Yehiel really dead?"

    Ye Ning nodded, did not look at him again, but stared at the Chi magic, these people, he did not know, it seems like the Pope door inside, he might just have never seen.

    "The Shoop"

    "The Shoop"


    Four Chi magic, directly kill, without the slightest hesitation, ferocious unceasingly, Taijiquan broke out, a shares high strength, the sky!

    "Shua -!"

    Ye Ning was furious, such as!

    "You have not taijiquan!"

    Be made into Taijiquan magic, they will really become a tool, ye Ning experienced, you do not know, deprived of all consciousness, just become someone else's tool.

    He is worried about now, Yehiel is dead, but also refining Taijiquan magic man, who is it?

    One of the four!

    Ye Ning punched, sand moment rolled up into a sandstorm Kuanglong, ye Ning at fist, and Howling up, waves of dragons sounded throughout the world!


    A loud, Taijiquan also, impact together, ye Ning feet did not move, but opposite to that guy, has been flying out the arm twisted, clicked, shoulder bones were broken.

    In the flesh, ye Ning was more powerful, the realm, ye Ning is also more advanced!


    Ye Ning shook his fists, turned into a humanoid Tyrannosaurus, insane, he has a very kind of boxing, meaning completely broke open, a boxing mans roar, see the distant Barron brothers also some fear.

    "He has become strong, really abnormal!" Bali teeth, some jealous, but also some unwilling, also some helpless.

    Barron also stared at the leaf Ning, keep up with a fight, ye Ning did become stronger, it knows that this is not the strongest strength of Ye Ning, the young man can be so horrible.

    Ye Ning was more than 20 years old, has reached the peak level of the virtual environment, more than the Chi magic but also powerful body, this kind of strength...... Is frightful to the ear.

    Once he entered the realm of all, will definitely become a dominant level of existence!

    "We want to sell?" Barry head, see Baron eye.

    Barron shook his head: "that guy is not ready."

    Ye Ning is very strong, very few fist against the magic is not a problem, they can not help what a big shot, now is more important, another master against possible, a more horrible than Yehiel.

    The Baron brothers in the first time also formed a tacit understanding, the heart has a consensus, they know that we must protect the leaf Ning, can not let the dead leaves ning.

    If there is a terrible dark forest guy, it only leaves Ning, have space to grow, to deal with them!

    Live a lifetime, has reached the realm of all levels, Barron brothers look at these issues, but also more thorough than Ye Ning, awake.

    The mountains there, some people outside, all of the territory, can not end point.

    "Boom -"

    The ground there is a pit, ye Ning punched a kill, Chi magic, half a body, smashing into the dust, he looked up and hit a volley.

    "To die!"

    Ye Ning fist, fist awn a flicker, the high-speed rotation of the strength, into countless knife, and the guy suddenly struck together.


    A loud noise, like the most powerful steel hit together, let the human ear have some stand, endless pain.

    Ye Ning's fist, gas fresh through the body and into the moment, inside that guy's body will almost instantly, his insides twisted rotten, have strong body, no guts, no longer live.

    The Chi magic, and also instantly soft down.

    Ye Ning has solved two, looked at the other two, body combatively, more blood surging up.

    "Get out of here!" Ye Ning low growl, see two Chi magic hit again, also have moved.

    Taijiquan broke out, from air, like the bomb detonated in general, let tube Biao far away, also a frightened, and comfort myself, also comfort has scared silly pilots.

    This is really horrible, or where people ah!

    A smoke dissipated, four Chi magic, have been smashed into the dust Ye Ning, no response.

    Ye Ning took a deep breath, slowly the thick scent of blood from the body, he did not think that he is still to fight with their own school people.

    Just remove the murderous, and instantly jumped emerge, even worse.

    Ye Ning suddenly looked up, saw sandbags, stood a figure.

    "Is he!"

    Ye Ning flashing eyes, immediately shouted: "brother! Big brother!"

    Standing in the distance, is hades!

    Ye Ning immediately after the past, Barron brothers also frightened, busy rushed forward, stopped Ye Ning: "you don't in the past!"

    They face big change, how will not recognize that, in the dark forest, is almost two people die, to kill, that is a more powerful martial magic, much more powerful than Yehiel!
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