#79  is dead anyway.

    In front of the ancestral tablets, for the north for a simple apprentice ceremony is become, Meng LAN apprentice.

    "Master, tea."

    For the north on his knees, raised the cup, a cup of tea to master.

    Sitting in the armchair are Meng LAN, face with a smile, took a sip of tea.

    "From now on, you are my apprentice Meng lan."

    Fu Anyi stood, staring at the eyes with mu bei.

    Lengbuding will have one more than his sister, or late entry, how could he be convinced.

    "Master, please be my worship."

    For the north then gave master knock heads.

    "Well. Come on."

    Meng Lan looked at Yi Fu, let Fu Anyi help her up.

    "Hum! She is no feet, not stand up for yourself?"

    Fu Anyi is cold to hum a, not too far, is not willing to help her.

    If she believes it is sister, then he certainly will go to help her up.

    For the station up to see Fu Anyi, smiling mouth.

    "Brother, from now on, I'm your sister. You can rest assured that you will take care of you."

    'care' two words, Mu Bei deliberately bit heavy fraction.

    Who will take care of you."

    Fu Anyi disdain to see her, if she dare to play what the mind, he will let her know why the flowers are so red.

    How could he not hear Mu Bei words, her a silly little girl dare to threaten him?

    Cut! He can not scare Fu Anyi......

    Meng Lan looked at the two of them interact, just smile, but don't say what.

    In her eyes, this is the two child minor, believe they can get along very well.

    Meng Lan will call for the north to single room, eighty percent repair, all pass to her.

    Eighty percent for the repair to Mu Lan Meng north, is a bit weak.

    Mu Bei hurried to hold the master to sit down on a chair, look at her care.

    "Master, as long as you teach me the ghosts spell on the line, why do you want to fix to me."

    Meng LAN smiled and shook his head, patted her on the shoulder.

    "The master body repair do not have to use, not to you."

    Can you go through the customs, Meng Lan was very clear.

    And with this body repair with death to dissipate, as far north as.

    For the north is her apprentice, pass to the North did not for what.

    "Master, you do no solution? I heard what borrow life spell? As I take my time to lend you."

    Mu North remember seeing such things, human life can lead to others.

    "It is a dead, can you lend me how many years?"

    Meng LAN suddenly smiled, eyes see admire north, the more satisfied, she not wrong people.

    "Life is a few years, as long as the master want to live, I can lend her twenty years of life."

    For the North immediately out loud, she did not know that they can live long.

    Twenty years of life, the master should be enough to walk this life.

    "After twenty years? The master was going to die. If students live greedy idea, maybe it will produce a series of tragedy."

    Meng Lan looked north to admire sincere words and earnest wishes, looking straight at her.

    "No matter at what time, I hope you can remember. How important people in your life are dead, can not move slanting, in an attempt to people's life for life, which is to be punished."

    Whose life is life, in the face of death, there is no distinction or distinction, but will not have any various grades and ranks are equal.
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