#66  of this!

    He admires the Kitami staring directly at her, and look complicated, also don't know what to think, she suddenly can't laugh anymore.

    Li Zhengting such as the vagaries of the man, she was still in his anger before retracting at as early as possible.

    He is afraid of ghosts such things, it's a shame for him, she was so unbridled laugh at him, just not strangle him is really very lucky.

    For the north is how did not expect that the vertical and horizontal business, everyone afraid of men, even afraid of ghosts.

    Although she is afraid of ghosts, but she always thought, as he was filled with murderous man, not afraid of the devil is, should be a ghost.


    For the North awkwardly hemmed, eyes disorderly Piao, then feel shy smile.

    "Oh...... I did not intentionally laugh you, but I think some of the things that I can't help laughing, if I offended you, I apologize to you, sorry."

    Li Zhengting but her testimony, her reins in his hands, naturally not decorum with him, trying to make him happy.


    Looking to the extreme cold Li Zhengting, lengao eyes stared at her gently from the mouth to spit out a word.


    He suddenly let Mu Bei don't understand what she said, suddenly stare big eyes, stared in surprise.

    What do you see."

    Li Zhengting's cold tone, still repeatedly asked not to mind taking the trouble out of this sentence.

    "Oh, you ask this."

    For the north of the mood suddenly tense, nervous look around the eye, close to him, the sound is very light.

    "I can see a ghost. You don't believe, I will prove it to you."

    Li Zhengting frowned, cold eyes staring at her.

    If others say, would let him out, but it was for the north, even did not believe that he, my heart still has a bit of trust.

    "Do you know? I saw a kid pestering Mrs. Li, she would ride on the shoulders of Mrs. li. Did you hear about Mrs. Li, she is not occasionally feel very heavy, like who stepped on her shoulder?"

    For the North sound light asked him to feel the cold air around, she knew that he should be afraid, and not want to anger.

    Before this is the case, mentioned the ghost, his face to the extreme cold, do not know yet that he rejected this argument, it is not the time.

    Who can think of business overlord, even in the others mentioned when they are afraid of ghosts?

    The thought of Li Zhengting afraid of ghosts, and she is about to master the ghosts.

    When she learned the ghosts, and then deliberately let Li Zhengting see a ghost, he will not be afraid of?

    Mu North think there are some small.

    But this little happy can't let Li Zhengting know, otherwise, she alone is to learn to master the ghosts, now may be a gun to kill Li Zhengting.

    She did not say, Li Zhengting did not feel very strange, just think of his mother's body discomfort, neck and shoulder what.

    "Well. She occasionally feel carrying heavy things, zhibuqiyao."

    Li Zhengting's eyebrows is imperceptible tiny Cu cu.

    "It's on!"

    Mu North excitedly clapped, the body suddenly jumped up slightly, and fall back to the seat.

    See Li Zhengting's face to the extreme cold, she excited smile froze in the face, clap hands do not know where to put the atmosphere, more embarrassing is embarrassing.

    "I...... I mean I'm just not schadenfreude......"

    For the North exposed distressed look, how she is feeling more himself explained, is a bit more not explain.
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