#39  you want to know?

    "Beibei, here I am."

    Wen Yaxin see Mu north, she smiled and waved.

    For the north to see the temperature Yaxin, smile more gorgeous, quickly stepped forward to.

    "Go now?"

    Wen Yaxin came to the front, ask her for beijing.

    "It is now, just call and say something to deal with, is busy in the evening to talk about."

    The temperature Yaxin mobile phone shook up, look helpless.

    Very not easy to wait until a good role, she did not want to let the chance slip away.

    "Well. Then we go to eat, I did not eat dinner out, I look to you good."

    North Mu smiled resting on her shoulders and began to discuss.

    "I know you are good to me, the small north, I love you."

    Wen Yaxin turned and cupped her face rubbed fiercely.

    "What time you can get rid of this small hobby? My face was not cosmetic face, otherwise you have to rub down this meal, rubbing my face to be."

    Mu North stared her one eye, mouth slightly up, but not from the meaning, did not show dissatisfaction.

    "Who let your face rubbing up so comfortable."

    Wen Yaxin responded with a smile, and poked her very rich woman charm wavy hair.

    "Let's go. Go to dinner."

    For the North took her arm and walked towards a nearby restaurant.

    After they came to the restaurant, two points of their love to eat dishes, began to chat.

    The food is not up, side to a pot of tea, for their first taste.

    For the north for the two of them are poured a cup of tea.

    "Yaxin, I was married to Li Zhengting."


    Her voice just fell, spray water by Wen Yaxin just to get to drink.

    For the North apparently out of paper towels to wipe, spray onto water stains.

    The temperature is Yaxin sprayed into the water, this is not a bad thing.

    When she was sweating spray is rice only.

    Wen Yaxin could not help but coughed, hastened to apologize.

    "Sorry, sorry, I am not intentional. You have to say so amazing news can inform me, so I have a mental preparation."

    Mu North calmly looked up at her tone, don't care.

    "Never mind, I have not been you spray one or two times."

    Wen Yaxin could not help laughing, she was sprayed to the north for many times.

    "You just said, is serious? The two of you to get a marriage license? Do the wedding?"

    North Mu smiled nonchalantly, crooked head.

    "Marriage certificate collar, we do not do weddings. We get married things, I hope you keep it secret for me, don't tell others."

    Wen Yaxin looked at her eyes that she is now very seriously, even if she looks very serious.

    "Well. You may rest assured, I will help you to keep a secret. Beibei, you want to know? Really going with Li Zhengting?"

    For the north to see her with a worried look, and said that Li Zhengting was a bit strange.

    "Yaxin, I told Li Zhengting what is the relationship? Why should I kill him?"

    Wen Yaxin heard her ask so, quickly picked up the cup on the table, hang Mou sip.

    What happened, if Mu told north, all she thinks of it, will not live in pain, and she is now married to Li Zhengting.

    No...... Absolutely can not let Mu Bei know when things.

    Those things to admire north, is suffering, she is not easy to forget, how can let her think of it again.

    Wen Yaxin thought in any case do not let Mu Bei know, just like what the reason with the past?
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