#34  is your destiny

    The boss husband and wife two people watched them leave, not only the eyes of gratitude, and vision for the future and hope.

    They seem to be able to see in the dawn, let them no longer living in the dark and low.

    The roast duck shop door, the old woman's eyes immediately toward the street look, full of vicissitudes of the eyes of the blind, sharp eyes cold.

    Sitting in the car Li Zhengting, to see the old lady seems to look, suddenly a slight frown.

    From this distance can accurately find him, it would have found him?

    See for the north and also with the All is well, the old lady had dinner, Li Zhengting down the emotional stability.

    The old lady just glanced quickly away, Mu North did not find her looked in the street, did not find Li Zhengting there.

    "We now have a meal, don't know you......"

    For the north to look to the old woman about to speak, but saying nothing, looking out loud.

    "After dinner, you don't want to give me the chance to walk this woman?"

    The old woman turned around and looked at her, eyes fierce cold, like eager to blame her.

    "I...... I didn't mean that......"

    For the north to feel shy openings, she now knows that the old woman is strange, in fact heart is good, and she could not complain about what.

    But the old lady's temper is really funny, very easy to let life out of hate emotions, and think the old lady is a savage and absurd man.

    The old woman did not say what, to go before.

    On the other side of the road Li Zhengting, has turned in the front, keeping a distance with their back.

    The old woman with Mu north, came to a nearby park, looking for a place to sit down.

    For the North followed to sit down, the old lady did not wait to take the initiative to speak, she doesn't speak.

    She wanted a wife chenbuzhuqi, like she said, will speak.

    Waited a long time for Beicai to hear the old lady's words, but not to teach her how to overcome fear.

    "Little girl, worship me as a teacher?"

    The old woman asked out to hold for a long time, is such a word?

    For the north of the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, worship the old lady with her teacher has overcome fear?

    "I want to know the way to overcome the fear, you can let me no longer see those dirty things?"

    For the North just want to not see ghosts, then her fear will disappear.

    "Do you think a person, can guarantee not to see a ghost? The ghost wants to let you see, even if you have no psychic ability, also can see. You will still feel fear......"

    The old woman stared straight at her own idea, naive, not to see the ghost is not necessarily not hell.

    Fortune is low, want to let her see the ghost, she must have seen.

    "I want to be an ordinary person, see the probability will be much lower."

    For the north is think so, maybe she lucky, this life can not see.

    "You will have psychic powers, this is a kind of fate, is your destiny. Do you want to force a change, your fate will be greatly affected, and you will be more than ordinary easy hell, than their big probability."

    The old woman say, like the ruthless will a pot of cold water poured on her head.

    For the North thought not psychic ability, can restore the lives of ordinary people, no longer subject to these problems, they do not face at any time of the terrible scene, let her have to fear keenly aware of every hour and moment.
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