#215  is the only you ask

    Stuart was crying a fine small steamed stuffed bun heart melted, eyes reddening, like tears in his eyes, very distressed.

    "Oh, my little darling, don't cry, you cry, this ah, Grandma had a broken heart. Do not cry."

    Stuart sunny distressed small steamed stuffed bun help wipe the tears of a heart ache.

    Small Yin, you will be a man of indomitable spirit, do not cry ah."

    Li Long also followed to comfort a small steamed stuffed bun, but he doesn't understand how to appease the child's emotions.

    "Grandpa and grandma, you have to let me stay."

    Li Xiyin cried out loud cry, poor appearance, tight.

    "Well. Grandpa and grandma doesn't take you away."

    Stuart. In desperation, had to compromise, afraid of such a cry forever, what will happen to the small steamed stuffed bun.


    Li Xiyin sobbed to see Li long, Grandpa promised to look at.

    "Really. Grandpa decided to respect small yin."

    Li long tone is full of frustration, his grandson's character was not with Li Zhengting, but like Li Zhengting difficult to cope with.

    "Daddy, can I stay?"

    Finally, Li Xiyin looked at Li Zhengting, in the eyes of fear look frightened but eyeful looking staring at him.

    See small buns that eyeful looking eyes, straight stare, really hard to resist.

    But now, for he can't open the north, but also asked not her, otherwise, she will immediately promised to come down.

    Li Zhengting was cold, do not want to leave the small steamed stuffed bun, but to see him begging eyes, it is difficult to immediately decline.

    "Daddy, don't have small Yin?"

    Li Xiyin had stopped crying, and now is flat from the mouth, like crying to howl.

    Seeing this, Mu Bei inexplicable worry, very want to make a small steamed stuffed bun to say a few words, but cannot speak, only anxious.

    Stuart is fine to see small buns cry again, hurriedly comfort a small steamed stuffed bun.

    "We want to leave a small Yin, whether it can, but you have to take care of him."

    Li long to come up with a father's dignity, sharp eyes staring at him.

    "I only guarantee that he can live. As for the bumps, I cannot guarantee."

    Li Zhengting put the ugly words in front of, in his opinion, the children always bumps, even look good, it is difficult to avoid.

    He believes that children can not protect too good, not as long as the event, Kekebanban what.


    Stuart fine gas was trembling, angry eyes upon him.

    See his cold face unmoved, Stuart had to clear the anger to Mu Bei body, cold eyes staring at her.

    You worry, I will take good care of the small yin."

    For North Stuart wanted her to speak clear know that she had a plan to help the small steamed stuffed bun, now stood up and said.

    She heard the words of Li Zhengting, who almost went to the crease.

    He said the words, is completely to her future buns out what things, she will not be difficult to do.

    Now go, she said very full today, such things happen again, but also to his parents for his crimes.

    Li Xiyin if you know his own father's idea, they definitely want to look at the relationship between father and son, what is not natural.

    "Do you remember now say, small Yin if what you are asking, only."

    Stuart Qing immediately warned her not to let Li Zhengting have a chance to speak.

    A son would do fine, Stuart knew that Li Zhengting must be maintained for the north, is not willing to see her.
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