#210  also want?

    Li Zhengting angered him, he will come up with the signs of action.

    "Do you want to end a contract for a man?"

    Li Zhengting's eyebrows ruffled, cold eyes staring at her.

    "What time I say?"

    For the North asked, she dare not say just mind.

    If Li Zhengting more angry, her chin will be shattered, she was not so silly.

    "Not the best, you are my woman, to be thought!"

    Li Zhengting's tone was full of warning means, overbearing so that she can not even thought there.

    For the North would revolt, but in this car, the space is very small, what is the resistance of the result, she knew.

    But dad is her weakness, is her only family, let Li Zhengting too angry, he can make things, will let her crazy to imagine.

    "I don't want to."

    For the north from the mouth out of three difficult words, she wanted to do? Can he know?

    The brain belongs to her, don't care what you think, he can restrict her brain what's going on?

    As for North thought a lot of things, thinking to himself when he is out of tune with lips, suddenly covered with warm and soft, let her eyes suddenly shocked, slightly widened.


    For the north with both hands, want to push him away, but the strength is not enough, only bear his prey.

    The secretary is still ahead of driving, he too was in a flagrant way.

    For the north to look for him, but he turned a blind eye, as if she did not see the wink.

    Driving seat secretary, aware of some of the atmosphere is not quite right, and hear the voice of the heart for the north, you know what happened to be behind.

    He dare not turned to more afraid to peek at the rearview mirror, do not know what can only pretend to drive carefully.

    Just know what is behind the heart, but also a little curious, forced not to see, but a bit uncomfortable.

    For the north of the whole face is red, very feel shy, very want to crawl into a hole and hide.

    He is too bold, someone here, and so close to her, he would dare to do that.

    When the North mu in the street, saw the lovers kiss.

    Her personal opinion, in public places, make a move to the '* *' effect is not very good, especially the kiss also started a couple of indifferent, just hot eyes.

    But look at each other that Chongni, with a smile, the boys help girls tease hair, or scratch the surface under the forehead, the behavior people looked more love.

    Of course, there is no clear provisions of others can't do that, how love is the freedom of others, even in various transport movements, as well as others face thickness problem.

    For the North originally did not want to respond to Li Zhengting kiss, do not know is not aware of her resistance, his lips became slightly punitive, lips were gnawing pain.

    The pain was frowning slightly, for the North began to cater to his action, just afraid it will become more and more far, a get out of hand on the tragedy.

    Until the North Mu found himself not breathe, Li Zhengting suddenly let go of her lips.

    For Beiwei squint eyes, eyes blurred eyes staring at the eyes of men.

    "You want?"

    Li Zhengting's voice is very magnetic, speaks like a magical, irresistible.

    Hearing this, the blank for North, subconsciously want to nod.

    But came back and found what the questions he asked, immediately north of Mu teeth, do not want to say a word.
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