#200  wait

    For the North Zhang mouth, originally wanted to say there is no need to consider.

    She thought, to be called the people, really opened the hotel door, outsiders see some unfavorable picture of Wen Yaxin absolutely great influence.

    She is afraid of the consequences of an impulse, is the temperature Yaxin can not afford.

    The song Weinian is very satisfied with her hesitation, mouth evoke radian is more and more obvious, the whole people are a winner of the momentum.

    She will hesitate at the moment, she is dare to make a decision to open the door, he wouldn't need someone to open the door so much trouble.

    Only in this room waiting outside the Huo Yuhong good.

    Song Weinian smiling mouth staring at the closed door, Philip Philip inwardly stomach Fei: ah, my brother but enough time for you to.

    "There is no empty?"

    The struggle for the north still hesitant, I heard the song Weinian a faint smile on one's face.

    When asked if she had empty? She wanted to take a big hammer to open his head to see what is inside.

    Not empty!"

    For the North word answer, as particularly serious, stressed that she did not have time to accompany him.

    "I think they will not come out so fast, we are also in the outside, it is better to find a place to sit down and etc.. I ask you to drink coffee."

    Song Weinian invitation, she followed him to find a place to sit down.

    Who knows how long it will take to Huo Yuhong out on the inside, if some one or two, two of them in the outside two or three hours?

    When the leg is not them, or find a place to sit down.

    "Don't drink."

    For the north at the immediate step refused to go back to Song Weinian, deeply wrinkled brow.

    Also, can you go back? We are in the hotel here, people will think we're playing my wall? I think they will secretly say we can't wait and shameless."

    For the North several squats down and go drill from below, but this song Weinian happens is to stop her.

    She squatted down, he followed the squat, the slightest don't let her escape.


    Song Weinian's brow pick, shining eyes staring at her, and a mouth evoke evil smile.

    "Here is the hotel, basically between men and women looking for happy palace, where the shameless said? Moreover, they will think we're flirting, rather than wait."

    Song Weinian mouth evoke a smile to expand, with some provocative flavor.

    "Moreover, wait, already into the room, where would like us."

    He smiled and looked down at his eyes, in the eyes of the implication means, let Mu north of the cheeks and ears are red.

    "No matter what, please stay away from me."

    For the north deep breath, eyes full of helpless color.

    Look at her, leaving the song Weinian friendly, stepped back a few paces.

    He knows a lot of things will make people hate him, so unwilling to compromise, perhaps will make mu Beixin resentment.

    Song Weinian to get her heart, how can let this happen.

    In his back for a moment, for the North obviously relieved.

    To tell the truth, he was too near, let her feel a lot of pressure.

    With Li Zhengting on this near the feeling is different, if in front of the song Weinian is replaced by Li Zhengting's words, her heart will not consciously accelerated, and the body will show slight difference, is not consciously want to be close to.

    Song Weinian is such a comparison, mu Beicai suddenly understand, she seems a little different to Li Zhengting.
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