#189  is to sleep (2)

    For North sleep all because of her words and gone.

    "What's the matter?"

    Think before Li Zhengting thing last night to find her, remember to let Li Zhengting called to pick up the temperature Yaxin.

    Logically speaking, Li Zhengting sent to people, never dare to sleep Wen Yaxin, unless you want to die.

    "I don't know how it happened, no one will wake up. Let me know who it is, I can not castrate him!"

    The noise temperature Yaxin angrily, while pretending to be don't care, the tone was sobbing.

    Keep so long body, can even let her get the interests of the unspoken rule did not bow, but do not want to plant in a do not know what strange man, think about the angry and sad.

    The man slept with her not to say, has already gone, as if she was around.

    Encounter this kind of irresponsible man, as she poured the blood babeizi mildew.

    "You have to calm down, think about who you met last night? I told Li Zhengting, sent a driver to pick you up, you did not receive?"

    Mu North morning forgot to ask, Li Zhengting didn't say.

    She also thought that received, Wen Yaxin was sleeping in my family.

    Who would have thought the driver didn't receive, for north of the heart is very remorse.

    "I don't see what the driver, but I have a drink, could not remember what I have to know who it is."

    Wen Yaxin said, the tone was very angry, hate not pumping his ribs, drank his blood.

    "The better...... We call the police? The police can monitor the transfer of the hotel."

    For North calmly sound advice, she didn't know the temperature Yaxin will choose the alarm, but the alarm is the best way.

    "You come to me first, want to say after the alarm."

    Wen Yaxin holding a pen, a pinch.

    She was not mistaken, this is a global limited edition of the pen, the pen can use this non rich that is expensive, but it won't be the ordinary people.

    Wen Yaxin is going to the north with Mu confirmed after decided not to alarm.

    If you are unable to shake his words, Wen Yaxin is not going to waste effort, and choose another way of revenge.

    In a word, she absolutely can not swallow, let it go!

    Mu Bei hesitated, she promised.

    In the eyes of Mu Bei, alarm is the best way to lock the target, fast, and bring him to justice.

    "Well. The hotel is in the office of the fixing dinner?"

    For the North sound again to confirm, if she left after elsewhere.

    "Here, I was in room 6088."

    Wen Yaxin said the real number, she also intends to borrow the name of Li Zhengting, so also can quickly find out who is the man last night.

    This hateful man, don't let her catch, otherwise......

    Bite Wen Yaxin, secretly resolved to pay him.

    "I know, I will go out now."

    For the North having hung up the phone, quickly turn out of bed, ready to go to her hotel.

    Just for a set of clothes for Beijing, but do not want to leave the room, saw standing outside the small steamed stuffed bun.

    Small Yin, Mommy have something to go out, you at home, you know?"

    For the North squatting in front of him, smiled and touched his fleshy face.

    "I want to go where?"

    The small steamed stuffed bun eagerly looked up, staring at her, watery eyes blinked, long curly eyelashes with the move, like the wings of a butterfly.

    "Mommy to deal with something, come back soon."

    Not to let the children know that Wen Yaxin is not suitable for the north, is going to take the small steamed bun.

    Just think of her with a small steamed stuffed bun, was photographed with a bad explanation, it is not suitable for children to know, she also brought together to completely dispel the idea of small steamed stuffed bun.
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