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    Staring at her on the North Mu Li Zhengting, big eyes shining.

    Hang Mou, eyes and on holding the toy bear, look carefully to answer Li Zhengting's questions.

    "I chose the!"

    The answer that Li Zhengting's face is dark, allowing no explanation closed her lips, overbearing insolence to plunder the fragrance of her mouth.

    "Oh...... Wu wu......"

    For the north only a soft moan, from the beginning of the resistance, to finally have completely surrendered, cater to his kiss.

    In the sense of tension, let Li Zhengting wrinkled brow, he understood that can't continue sleeping beside the small steamed stuffed bun.

    He intends to leave when they found the body of the North Mu no movement.

    Look down, Li Zhengting turned pale, say a taste.

    So for a time, but also with him kissing for the north, actually fell asleep!

    Not only is she asleep, also slept very well!

    Li Zhengting tried to pat down her cheeks, her return was a murmur, eyelid did not carry, but also take away his hand.

    "Come on......"

    Mu Bei muttered to say two words, holding a teddy bear, turned over to sleep.

    A face of helpless Li Zhengting, staring at her with the teddy bear, carefully removed from her hand.

    Wait until the smoke came out, directly thrown to the ground, when her empty hands to hold things, his whole person coushang.

    For the North seems to him like a teddy bear, hugged him, his face with a happy smile on his cheek, who rubbed, comfortable feeling.

    Take advantage of holding Mu north of Li Zhengting, mouth evoke a very shallow radian, eyes gently falls on her body.

    Physical tension gradually disappeared, but it took Li Zhengting some time to fall asleep.


    Early morning。

    For the North turned to feel the body and head heavy, slightly wrinkled brow.

    Opened his eyes and found her a person left the room, she stood up.

    Last night, drank a little more, just remember to find Li Zhengting, she seems to be sleeping in the car, behind what happened, she couldn't remember.

    She pressed the temple, also do not know to have crazy.

    If you smile in front of Li Zhengting, she can't believe the picture, but also in the small steamed stuffed bun.

    Her complexion is tangled, do not know whether or not to explore the tone.

    Feel the same finger, mu Beifang in her eyes, saw her fingers close to the band aid.

    Her finger was anxious to destroy the ghost, and with no sign paper, had to bite fingers, with the blood of exorcism.

    For the North remember her not to put a band aid, the aid should be posted to the Zhengting li.

    Think that he would find her little wound, will help her stick a band aid, Mu Bei heart Meilai a warm, mouth slightly brought a radian.

    Just as for North looked, but found her clothes had been replaced, wearing pajamas.

    For the north face suddenly flushed, the angle of the hook, nibbling on the lower lip.

    Soon, she thought between the two people, immediately shook his head, not to expect the idea.

    Between her and Li Zhengting, it is impossible to reach fruition, the two of them is an evil, is to end sooner or later.

    With such unrealistic delusions, finally can only hurt injured all over the body.

    For the north out of bed, will cover the window curtains to open, ready to go to the balcony to breathe the fresh air in the morning.

    This is not to feel the fresh air, let her a fright.
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