#182  I protect you

    The car stopped at the villa in the yard.

    In a hurry a servant, took over Li Zhengting in the hands of a small steamed stuffed bun, will hold back to the room to go to the small steamed stuffed bun.

    Li Zhengting looked at the car had become unconscious Mu north, brow unperceivably slightly Cu cu.

    He was holding for North came back into the room and saw a small steamed stuffed bun in his room, Li Zhengting frowning to.

    Although the heart is not too happy, Li Zhengting did not put the small bun on the back in his room.

    Li Zhengting after the bath, to Beifang mu of water, then her to the bathroom, give her a bath, and help her put on my pajamas.

    Sleep in the north where mu, know what Li Zhengting did, just feel so comfortable a lot.

    For the North clung to Li Zhengting's neck, eyes closed, silly laugh.

    Weeping eyes eye for the north of Li Zhengting, a slight frown, do not know what she was giggling.

    The small steamed stuffed bun sleep in Li Zhengting's side, and he is sleeping in the middle.

    Turned and stared at the north for sleeping face, Li Zhengting mouth slightly up with a radian, depressed mood.

    For the north of the finger in the face, gently over her delicate white skin, silky texture, bring the fingertip is a kind of enjoyment.

    Li Zhengting went up to look, feel her nose between breath, a thin lips touched her lips, no depth, soon left.

    The lower abdomen appears a little tight, Li Zhengting secretly took a deep breath, by that flame resist heart rises.

    Li Zhengting reached out to hold for the north, suddenly found her eyes open, staring staring at him.

    His outstretched hand froze in the air, the body with a stiff, ethereal feeling, let his heart is not natural, but the surface is still cold.


    For the North silly smile, all eyes curved like the sky bright moon, people can not move my eyes.

    "I caught you? I think of the plot? Hey...... You are a chicken."

    For the North giggling opening, also beat a wine ge.

    The alcohol has been thoroughly play a role for North now more than more confused in fixing dinner, drunk what all don't know.

    "Tell your sister, not ordinary people......"

    For the North said silly laugh.

    "My sister will catch a ghost, this ah, I just tell you secretly......"

    For the North once again beat a wine Ge, a wink.

    "You...... You can not tell others, this is our secret. I told you......"

    For the North said it exposed nervous look, looked across he glanced around.

    "A lot of ghost beside you, i...... I saw the ghost, all want to eat you."

    Mu north up his hands to make a scary faces.

    Have heard a lot of ghosts in his side, it was enough to make Li Zhengting feel she has made with hair standing on end, a face to.

    His face was cold and indifferent, difficult to conceal his beating heart.

    Li Zhengting's heart was afraid, could not help but secretly swallowed a spittle.

    He didn't know that she was drunk and talking nonsense, or around him really a ghost.

    "But you never mind, don't be afraid of me...... I protect you."

    Mu North patted his chest, a fairly confident and aggressive look, as if she really can easily support the comprehensive.

    Not to think of the north have been afraid to jump for him, Li Zhengting almost believe she uttered these heroic utterance.

    The two of them than it seems to be a little more afraid of her.
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