#174  with me one night (2)

    At the moment the thinking of Li Mu Bei Zhengting, or others to help her.

    She just looked at, had no one to pass from here.

    For the North sound in Wang's ears, but it is not a thing.

    He thought for the north to a big opening, want more benefits.

    "As long as you are with me, what you want, I can give you."

    The king always seemed to sound heroic, for women to splurge, even the stars are willing to pick.

    Only Wang mind clear, he's just having Mu north.

    A woman, as long as put on the bed, the rest of the things, he is not the final say.

    "I what all don't, Mr. Wang, please let go, otherwise, the consequences."

    Mu North teeth said the last four words, no one to save her, she was ready to move out of Li Zhengting.

    She knew she could easily tell the relationship with Li Zhengting, just do not move out of the Zhengting Li, Wang and how can easily let go of her?

    But she just stumbled this way, now I see, not to Restroom direction, but the hotel to the corridor.

    "Is it? Oh...... I want to know what the consequences, I need conceited."

    Wang sneer, not going to just let mu bei.

    "Today is you have to from from, do not have to from from, I made you sleep!"

    Wang fierce eyes staring at her face appeared a little ferocious, watching more wretched ugly.

    Hear Wang firmly words, Mu Bei unconscious want to frighten him out of Li Zhengting.

    Words are not to say, just heard a familiar voice was brief.

    "Haven't you heard a word? ."

    The man's voice was sweet, with a little provocation.

    For the sound source to find before the bar to see the man.

    "Are you."

    Her voice gently out loud, words shared between imperceptible.

    For the North did not expect to meet him in this place, and in front of this embarrassing situation, but he did not expect to be met.

    "It is not a very pleasant surprise?"

    Song Weinian gave her the glad eye, mouth evoke a radian.


    For the North speechless, to tell the truth, not much surprise, but to meet him, will be able to help her, she was very happy.

    "Let go."

    Song Weinian's eyes suddenly fall Wang, mouth still with a smile, just look a bit more warning.

    When he smiled, his cold face more than make people feel terrible.

    Wang did not want to let go, but to see him smile like a huge pressure directly weighed on him, we loose the hand.

    He just let go, song Weinian will step forward, will naturally pull down North mu.

    For the North did not think he would suddenly jerked her, she is not a police fall into his arms, he hugged.

    She immediately struggled, want from his arms.

    Unexpectedly, the song Weinian together in her ear, with only two of them can hear the voice of warning her.

    "If you touch it, no matter I can. Do you want to be a pig?"

    For the North's mouth twitched a few awkward, no move.

    "To think clearly?"

    Unequal Mu Bei nodded, he heard a sound.

    "Hold me to think clearly."

    For the north side, the mouth twitched again, be not afraid of being Wang away, she'd kick him to death now.
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