The first Playboy: dark emperor, war!


    Ning Xi, Ning Wang dandyism ye, to save the beloved person is dead heart hate misunderstanding elimination!
    Ning Xi, the future of the world's youngest federal mecha Empire master, first army major general, an accident made her his "".
    When she became a "he", then beat from the slag men begin.
    Powerful fault, beat! Uncle led beat! Beat the enemy provocation!
    Certain countries and developed a new puppet war beast, boast unique heaven and earth.
    Small Wang Ning one eye, "slag this mean or out loud!"
    "......" The top despise, you a playboy know what war beast.
    The result has been severely swollen face, a queue to buy Ning Wang lost to all sense of shame for war beast.
    As everyone knows, the little prince Ning love beauty, handsome or uniform.
    "Beauty, I come!"
    The emperor a black face, "what to put those rotten peach all cut!"

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