Doomsday Rebirth: space baby


    The past, he did not know that he was on the mother and her child was aware of their existence after death.
    The end of the previous Luoli Shen, fought hard with the children at the end of three years of mixed. Finally from the biggest hope base near, just ten miles, they can safely, but halfway unfortunate encounter with the zombie tide.
    Unexpected rebirth, Shen Luoli found that children obscure gold buttons, is actually the endless space. With this finger, Shen Luoli with children did well in the last days.
    But, met with handsome iceberg on Shen Luoli shook him: Yama Mio, do not eat ah!
    A baby: Mum, this is my brother like!
    A male cold face: not my brother, dad!
    OOo...... a woman and a bunch of treasure, Oh God, so cold... For quilts, for warm male..!
    (this is the main female life story, a baby, a good ending!)

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