#911  you can't

    The strong pressure like a mountain, hard pressed in Qin dust they are a group of people who, in a few days Dili this breath suddenly pale, Qi blood surge, a scalp tingling feeling.

    Liu Tai face a change, he broke the seven interim order after all the time is not long, the other side of the atmosphere, than he will have a terrible, really want to work, he's OK, can you snow they could be dangerous.

    Wu strong battle, the shock wave broke out horribly quiet snow though they are strong, but only a young genius, once spread to fall, said it may fall, when so many people around, even if he wants to save not to be able to. To suppress the wrath: "you too much? But when you say Daikin Dynasty disciples, to contests, naturally there will be missed, then yes, translation, topcpu deacon also heard, see now over, but we must give an account? Is it too

    Too much?"

    He dare not too angry with each other, because in Taiwan before the next time, vaguely heard each other's origin, the gate and the big Gan Dynasty the sword door, scared behind the paroxysm is cool, and the other can only speak the truth.

    Liu Taihe Williams was born since the Qin Dynasty dust, he knew of the top 100 in the seven Dynasty how terrible, even he break through to the seven order term, in front of the seven giant, is the existence of ants.

    Once, there is a genuine value of medium strength Bidawei Dynasty dynasty, at least several times stronger, just because they have offended the big Gan Dynasty, the Royal Akachi million, bloodbath, only half a month, a middle Dynasty to collapse.

    This thing only happened seventy or eighty years ago. "Well, of course is the arena contests, yes, but you can clearly Williams Dynasty people in won, but returned to kill me Daikin Dynasty disciple, is clearly not my Daikin Dynasty people in the eyes, I want to discuss today, not only I die of the three dynasty Daikin day

    It is I, Daikin Dynasty face."

    Yuan turned cold to hum, heart full of anger, was intended to kill boiling.

    He this time, instead of the big Gan Dynasty implicitly support Daikin Dynasty, promotion medium Dynasty, the thought is a handy, easy thing, but did not expect the final not only did not succeed, but the five big Gan Dynasty genius even secretly elected, were directly killed three.

    This is how he can endure?

    Even if he can live, when the big Gan Dynasty also not easily forgive him, so he did not dare to bear responsibility.

    This will not arch-criminal hold back, he did not even dare to go back there.

    "Do you want?"

    Liu Tai angry, shine chill.

    But they can feel helpless in his heart, he turned the face of yuan, only to swallow.

    He is no blood, but this time and dry Yuan Dynasty turned hard, can not fundamentally solve the way, it will bring danger to their dynasty.

    So, again regret past doings?

    All the heart sigh, all shook his head.

    "It is very simple, you give up the promotion of medium Williams Dynasty dynasty opportunity, and will arch-criminal, give me the disposal I will let you go." Yuan turned sneer.

    "You can't!"

    Liu Tai did not hesitate to say, let him give up the promotion medium Dynasty opportunity that they have paid so much for what is? As for the surrender of arch-criminal, moreunlikely, Liu Taining is willing to die, never will pay out Qin dust.

    "If you don't want to seize the chance to live, don't blame I did not give you the opportunity."

    A moment turned yuan hands bloody swords, all of a sudden, a strong atmosphere in the central region of the bloody killing ring filled from the rich blood knife Italy straight into the sky, as the essence of smoke.

    "The knife good horror, this element in the realm of the knife turned so terrible?"

    "Such a breath, unlike an ordinary seven order mid Wang, Williams Dynasty people reckless, this time, even dare to disobey yuan turned meaning."

    "No disobedience can do? I finally get the number who would obediently let out, but what before that kid is so young, so they fix for the terrible, talent in my 100 dynasties, probably numbered, produce such characters, who are willing to change?"

    "Don't hand over again how? I adhere to the so-called dignity, meaningful?" Listen to the comments, Liu Tai face more and more ugly, the anger of Teng once rushed up, growled: "to fight on the war, so much waste do what? A gold Dynasty, lost not willing, so also in what occupy a place in direct competition is not on the line,

    Anyway, for you, this is a very simple thing, to participate in a hypocritically, downright ridiculous."

    "Fuck you!"

    A bloody knife in the light, Liu Tai angry open at the same time, he cut down.


    Bloody knife light and Liu Tai's fists suddenly collide together, a strong enough to smash all the power into the body of Liu Tai, Liu Tai is stuffy to hum a, mouth immediately spilled a blood, body step back, face shockingly of color.

    A fight, he immediately felt, Yuan repair also when he turned on, although it may not be able to kill him, but the absolute pressure to him.

    "Less dust, you go ahead, I don't believe in the sky city, without a reason!"

    Liu Tai look dignified, angry mouth, behind him, Zhuo Qingfeng, Liu Xuanrui, Fu Xingcheng, et al. Bang, also broke out Wu flavor, all fighting boiling.

    Not a war only, Daikin Dynasty is strong, but only three Wang, but they are more than three people present.

    "Good, good, almost to the day."

    The eagle eyes turned Yuan Zhi, he is at least the gate and the big Gan Dynasty Xuedao door, although because of the territory in the big Gan Dynasty, has not been certified as a middle power, but in the 100 dynasties, the general middle dynasty did not dare to his arrogance.

    Now, this dynasty didn't even qualify for Williams medium small Dynasty dynasty, dare to disrespect to him, this let the yuan turned heart how not to anger.

    "Do it the hard way, I'd like to see a little inferior to the dynasty, where the old man and the courage to dare to sell?"

    Yuan turned body flavor is more intense, strong breath is turned into a world of waters like bloody Liu Tai et al., moment of all the packages, but also will dust wrapped in the middle of Qin et al.

    "Take this thing to the old man in front of a few small? Since you do not want to hand over the person, that I would kill him on the spot, I see you who dare to stop me."

    Voice down, Yuan Heng empty hand swords moved swiftly. Between heaven and earth, countless bloody knife, the bloody knife, crazy together, all of a sudden a mass of dense gas knife toward the ocean, Qin et al flagrantly chop down the dust.
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