#890  shajijinghou

    In these secondary forces strong eyes, Qin dust these small ones, like ants, kill will kill, not worth one.

    All see general arms.

    "Less dust carefully!"

    Zhuo breeze face frightened, and quickly shot.

    Qin dust eyes coagulation, condensation in real power, in the mind of the spirit of crazy running, will surge out.

    Suddenly feel what is like to smell, dust Qin body, instant convergence, at the same time: "Zhuo Zhuo Qing duct to the wind, let him kill shot, the less he skill."

    "The less you dust......"

    Zhuo breeze looked stupidly Qin dust, the attack will soon fall on the face, how do not worry? Let the other hand?

    Just suspicious, I heard an angry voice suddenly rang Li, in the king garden.

    "In my garden of Medicine Wang wild, is not the master in the eye?"

    The cold hum contains amazing anger, like thunder, in the King Park in front of each strong mind exploding, they face big change, shock fell back to the body the blood surging, almost hematemesis.

    Then, bang, in front of the dust and Qin Zhuo breeze suddenly appeared a palm, gently pinch, the moment will be thrown out of the Xu Long fist to crush it, all kinds of artistic conception of life and death and terror really yuan around explosion venting, but the palm gently waved, then all explosions have bound in a space, a tiny bit rushed out.

    Then the hand flick, Xu long they suddenly spews out a blood, down to the ground, the ground will be King Park, hit a huge pit.

    The "s!"

    People have gasped, horrified at King Park Park master-slave flew out, a pale, horror.

    This is too strong, dare and fine Dynasty garden king?

    Xu long to say, is at least seven order initial peak of the king, in 100 dynasties, is the top of a number of strong.

    But in the king's garden drug lord, but fragile as ants.

    This gap, let everyone heart hair cold, is done for them, I was so King Garden owners waved, also injured.

    "In the park outside the Laoshen King now, you are ready to die?"

    Master Yao Wang with a face of anger, before the people watch, a void to kill everyone was raging, staring up, the feeling of being pegged to the beasts, fear from the heart.


    "I just admire this senior, senior, did not have any wild."

    "Please forgive me predecessors."

    Some Wang, hurriedly shock opening.

    But even the finest Dynasty ancestors are other dared, kill them, lest their Dynasty, did not dare to avenge.


    King Garden is cold to hum a, the right hand lift, bang, Xu Long where the moment shattered into a pit, Xu long, suddenly face frightened was caught in a void photo.

    His whole blood drenched, looked frightened King Garden owners, imprisoned in the body to move, unable to move, fear of offending way: "the younger generation master adult, please master Rao younger adults."

    Xu long body pain, blood flow, but he did not dare to lynch treatment, but hard for mercy, drenched in cold sweat again and again.

    "Forgive you?" King Garden is cold to hum a, Xu long ignored for mercy, but to see Qin dust, said: "master, how to deal with this guy, please also express."


    They completely stunned.

    See the eccentric, independent character, who is not face to the king of Qin master, even the dust so respectfully, also called the master, while the field all eye popping. One was petrified dumb as a wooden chicken.

    What really happened......

    Why is a seven order late King Garden of the king, a teenager so respectful, this is not consistent with common sense.

    Before the hall, they go after what happened?

    At this time Xu Long also was terrified, deep down, an irrepressible fear, suddenly rushed from the soles of his head, feeling cold all over.

    "Directly killed."

    Qin dust didn't see Xu long eye, indifferent said.

    Each other again and again provoke him, just because he has the identity of the first dynasty, the air forces in this city, complicated and difficult to deal with place, only show their own strength, in order to truly respect.

    And want to show strong, you must set an example, now just to have such a chance, Xu Long naturally became a chicken that he warn the monkey.


    Qin told dust, Yao Wang master did not consider directly, a hand pinch.


    Xu Long panic roar out loud, even the resistance did not have time to resist, instantly pinched burst and blood into the mist, dissipated in the air.

    A storage ring flew up and fall into the hand of the Lord King park.

    The master never confiscated king, but directly delivered to the front of the Qin dust: "this person offend his master, the storage ring, the master is to make amends."

    Kill a middle Dynasty seven order early peak Wang, Yao Wang master heart, even without a wave fluctuation.

    Qin did not put away the dust at the storage ring, the master said: "adult heart."

    "This is an old woman should do, Xiaoqing, you come and escort them back on the road master, remember, if you meet what do not have eyes, tell them that I was master of medicine King Park guests, dare to offend against my master, is the king of Medicine Park, their weigh the consequences."

    Is cold to hum a, the owner was out Yaowang a strong intention to kill, the presence of the rest of the king instantly enveloped the body.

    The king of the body is one Zhan, just feel cold, but even did not dare to say a word.

    Just looked shocked and Zhuo Qin dust breeze, heart can not help but speculate that the two men's true identity.

    After all, but listen to them before they said Zhuo breeze, and the master has the origin of the king.

    If it is Williams Dynasty, king master does this attitude.

    "It seems that a good survey."

    A thought flashed, Xu long dead, don't let them have what anger, but is on the dust and Qin Zhuo breeze, produced a strong curiosity.

    Back to the resident Liu Tai Williams Dynasty, they also did not come back, Qin dust said nothing, then once again began to retreat.

    Sitting in the room, Qin dust stared at the deep red flowers.

    Five hundred years spent awake!

    Fully comply with his request.

    Wake up the flowers, either taken directly or refining Dan medicine, will be on the refined pharmacist spiritual force, there is a huge improvement, but also has great harm.

    It is refreshing flower so contradictory place, just let it become a king in many in a very awkward.

    But the dust damage effect of Qin, wake up the flower, but not worth mentioning.

    "People only think, God will make up the flowers, mental disorder, cause mental stress collapse, but do not know, this is the spirit of their strength, and there is no standard, as long as the spirit will reach enough strength, wake up the flowers, only enhance, without damaging effect."

    "Opening, Qin dust directly resorted to violet fire demon, began refining Xingshen flowers.
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