Destroy all 797th chapters

    "Cold master, what happened?"

    "Yes, not to say that you have no problem cold home medicine?"

    "My blood in the end is what?"

    People are going crazy, all crowded in front of the moment of extraordinary cold.

    All the home before being cold, this is the ugly face, don't know how to answer.

    "Gentlemen, shaoanwuzao, there is definitely a misunderstanding of what, rest assured, if you really take us home because of cold and immortality, there is a problem, we will be responsible for a cold."

    Cold quickly extraordinary shouted, on the other side to appease.

    "Comfort, do not know how to appease the cold? According to this little known, but this destructive immortality cannot be reversed, you don't believe me, can go to ask the holy blood, look at this little is not fooling everybody."

    At this moment, a sardonic sound came from Dan Ge, Qin is dust.

    "Your boy, what nonsense."

    Cold extraordinary ugly face, shine strong murderous.

    "Talk nonsense? I think nonsense is cold the master of the house, the master of the house since the cold, you have found a defect in this cold medicine, so please tell me this cold house, the defect is how to produce, what kind of impact on the blood?"

    Qin to dust sneer.

    Cold particularly ugly face, look angry, but also how to speak.

    He is from Dan Dan, the pavilion stolen, there is no in-depth study, how to know the defects of where and what is the blood of the injury?

    The master of the house "cold to say?" Qin dust sneer, "even the defects where all don't know, even do not know what the damage of cold blood, how to determine the master of the house, you must be able to solve the problem of cold, cold home since the LORD said responsible, and how to be responsible?"

    He was immediately attracted countless people agree.

    "Cold master, what happened?"

    "Yes, you will be responsible for, what exactly are you going to charge?"

    "Why are you cold home and Dan Dan Dan Ge, there is damage to the blood."

    People like the blasted pot, the scene was almost out of control.

    "Damn, is this kid."

    Cold heart anger was extraordinary, the outbreak of murder, hate not killed Qin dust.

    However, the crowd surrounded him crazy, but are not linked flick.

    "You, don't panic, let me tell you."

    At this time, Qin dust again shout a voice, the people's attention was attracted by the.

    After the matter before the court of original Dan is also quite angry people, at this moment, but full of confidence, have to see Qin dust, listen carefully.

    "Gentlemen, this is our new Dan, Dan Ge developed out, in fact, did not find flaws, but Dan Ge offering any kind of immortality, have repeatedly demonstrated, then, found the problem, it was an emergency stop."

    "We found that the three novel in an elixir of immortality, factor, will affect the blood between the induction, taking a long time, will cause the blood to Wu feel more and more low."

    "In the beginning, may only lead to blood instability, unable to control, in this case, only need to stop taking this medicine can model."

    "But once with the body that a defect factor more and more slowly, Wu of blood induction, will be worse, to the end, and even feel the blood, blood debacle happened."

    "We also studied and Dan Ge detailed investigation, shortly before, finally found the reason for this problem is entirely because of a material - refining the three Dan Feng bluegrass resulting in."

    "That is to say, there is a factor on the damage of blood, is actually produced in the Phoenix bluegrass."

    "All this is caused by our Dan Ge, we will never retreat, never shirk responsibility, in order to prevent the panacea to poison any factor of Wu Dynasty, we Dan Ge therefore made an important decision."

    "To people!"

    Here, Qin dust with a shout.

    Immediately behind the slaves hurried up.

    I saw the slaves waved his hand, Dan Ge shop before the moment by the amount of chicken to occupy bluegrass.

    The Phoenix bluegrass, piles, all piled up the hill, giving people the enormous shock field.

    You know, now the Phoenix bluegrass although the price fell down, but for ordinary people, is still a high price.

    A lot of Wu Feng Jin bluegrass, strong will not afford.

    All of a sudden there so many bluegrass chicken, how not to let people shocked, do not shake.

    "Bluegrass so much chicken."

    "At least hundreds of thousands of pounds."

    "Hundreds of thousands of pounds of chicken bluegrass, it was worth? According to the previous price calculation, at least two million of the real stone?"

    "While these chicken bluegrass should all be Dan Ge before spend big price bought, what they want to do?"

    Everyone was shocked to see him a lot of dust and Qin Feng bluegrass, Qin dust don't fully understand what you want to do.

    Qin saw dust face sad, angry and said: "in order to prevent the damage of Wu's bad immortality, then we decided to appear on the market, we will spend a lot of savings to buy chicken bluegrass, all destroyed, lest I Dynasty Warriors poison williams."

    "People, the destruction of!"

    Thundered, Qin dust first approached, bang, his hands appear instantly a real fire, strong flame, a pile of chicken wrapped in the face of bluegrass.

    Only under intense heat, the pile of Phoenix bluegrass rapidly being burnt to dust, dissipated in between heaven and earth.

    Beside him, Qingfeng Pavilion and Xu Bo Dan Zhuo Ge elders also have approached, a real fire lit in front of the display, Feng LAN.

    Suddenly, the flame, the entire imperial trading market, heat pressing, everywhere filled with a chicken taste of bluegrass.


    The field all Wu, at this time are completely shocked.

    The value of millions of real stone Phoenix bluegrass, just burned down? Even the eyebrows are blinking?

    Shock, the shock of hitherto unknown.

    There are a lot of heartache, even anxious to jump up at a chicken to bluegrass.

    Here, every pound, are almost the price.

    The fire burned up, how much money?

    This is really the product of millions of stone? It is one of the top family, all worth, almost only so much.

    At this moment, before some resentment of Dan Ge Wu, when all was silent.

    Dan Ge are willing to value millions of goods of real stone Phoenix bluegrass were all burned, they also accuse each other of what?

    A arise spontaneously admiration, from every warrior heart was born. Empathy, do they change, have the courage? They will spend big price to buy chicken bluegrass, all burned?
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