Chapter 702nd of the Ministry of supervision

    "You are a cauldron."

    Gu Xun looked indifferent Qin dust, eyes flashed a color.

    His tone is still cold, but the people obviously feel, Gu Hoon's mood, have a change.

    The "three Dan Ge Lian pharmacists certification, disguising."

    Qin dust took out a token from the body, the token, engraved with a stove Ding, Ding furnace around, with three silver lines, representing three up the pharmacist's identity.

    A token, is the original Xiao Ya in Daqing Guodan court, to apply to the three dust Qin Lian pharmacists badge.

    The "three Lian pharmacists badge!"

    To Dan Ge in customers are discerning people, could not help but low breath sound.

    Qin dust so young, was actually a three refined pharmacist, so everyone was shocked all surprised.

    You know, three refined pharmacist, though not high, but Qin dust was too young, a lot of elixir apprentice in such a large Qin dust, even a product has entered the cauldron.

    It is Yi Chen, looked at the hands of the Qin dust token, sneer at a way: "but is a three up the pharmacist badge only, that is what the baby?"

    Qin Xiao Ya had recommended to dust in the 100 Zhaodan Williams Wang Ge in the contest, is a three refined pharmacist, normal.

    "Certainly not what baby, but according to Dan Ge headquarters regulations around Dan Ge, is to provide a lot of mutual exchange and verification, Lian pharmacists trading places, the same as the refined pharmacist, the less you insult, and drive the less, this give you a lesson, is normal."

    Qin said the dust sneer, then looked at Gu Xun: "Gu Xun steward, you are the king Zhaodan Williams cabinet cabinet work, have the right to maintain order now the Ge Dan, so the presence of all insults less, can see clearly, you should not give me an explanation."

    "What I should explain, explain, four is to build up the pharmacist, you are just a three refined pharmacist, I teach you, you drive, it is as unalterable principles." Yi Chen angrily.

    In his opinion, even if the same as the refined pharmacist, he taught Qin dust, that is a normal thing.

    Qin dust eyes narrowed, sneer at in the heart.

    These people thought he was born better, can be so bossy, just kill, want to catch the catch, allow all doubt.

    In front of them, no matter how strong your strength, how talented you are, as long as it is from a lower power waste, untouchables, waste. To this kind of person, Qin dust even talk to have no desire, just sneer at looking at Gu Xun: "Gu Xun steward, this is your Zhaodan Williams Wang Ge? According to the provisions of Dan Ge Lian pharmacists between headquarters, although the rank level, but there is no distinction or distinction, everyone is refined pharmacist, where as unalterable principles

    ? If Gu Xun steward also think so, that this little book set north Tianyu Dan Ge branch, Wu Dan Ge even field headquarters, Williams Zhaodan Ge Wang ban!"

    Qin dust sharp voice.

    This makes people on the field as one of the good, coagulation, mad, frequently banned Williams Zhaodan Wang Ge division, big tone.

    Not that five people from remote villages.

    "Oh, you are eligible, on ho Ge headquarters and North Region Division?" Chen Qin Yi sneer, but a five dust disciple, remote villages out of the residents, even the north segment in which the open horizon do not know. Qin Yi morning dust cold swept one eye, simply ignore him, just to Gu Xun sneered: "as far as I know, Dan Ge senior hall in addition to law enforcement, there is a special inspection of the Ministry of supervision, the world has no violations of Dan ge. The Ministry of supervision, the acceptable real name and anonymous complaints, directly under the Dan Ge headquarters

    The jurisdiction of anyone, can make a complaint, where Dan Ge, has no right to intercept jurisdiction. This, the people do not know, and as cabinet cabinet work, not clear."

    Upon hearing this, Xiao Ya and the other on the field of Lian pharmacists are stunned, looking at Qin dust.

    The Ministry of supervision, Dan GE has this department?

    A face of doubt.

    You know they are Dan Ge for so long, have never heard of this department.

    Qin dust blankly, indifferent at Gu xun. The Ministry of supervision, the past is before he fall, Dan Ge recently established department, mainly because the local Dan Ge, too much power, often there will be irregularities involved in major local forces in the fight provoked when Dan Ge reputation is very poor, it established under the supervision of the Great Dane Pavilion

    Illegal behavior.

    Over the past three hundred years now, Qin dust also don't know whether there is the Ministry of supervision, the Ministry of supervision has not been established but guess how long should not so soon be banned.

    They don't know Xiao Ya, but this Zhang Gu Xun Ge steward, should not do not know. "The Ministry of supervision, it is really funny, you don't know what is a noun from where to hear, in our Dan Dan Ge Ge, regulatory discipline and refined pharmacist has always been the law enforcement hall, what time out of a Ministry of supervision, it is a pariah, even we Dan Ge internal departments have a smattering of knowledge

    Also, when the cauldron?"

    Yi Chen laughed, his face full of sardonic color.

    "Shut up."

    At this moment, Gu Xun Yi suddenly toward the morning cold to drink a, the facial expression becomes extremely ugly.

    "Gu Xun steward......" Chen Yi Leng, the Gu Xun work going on? Just getting ready to speak, see Gu Xun cold dignified eyes, with a sudden heart.

    Not really, the Ministry of supervision of the Department?

    The dignified looking at Qin Gu Xun dust, seemed to him through the general.

    The Ministry of supervision, as Dan Ge Ge palm steward, he heard, is a department of Ge Dan the last hundred years has just established, special supervision violations Dan Ge world. And the Ministry of supervision, jieruqiu, although the establishment is not long, but this for hundreds of years, there have been a lot of Dan Ge, be punished, even they know Gu Xun, in this hundred dynasties, is a dynasty in the kingdom of Dan Ge, because between the interests of the struggle, don't support forces for

    Anti royal family, who were reported to the Ministry of supervision.

    Finally, the Dan court gezhu was removed by depriving gezhu positions, the other elders Dan tower, have also been severely exiled.

    When the news of the 100 toward the Great Dane court, have caused a great shock, so insecure, warning.

    After all, Dan Ge and aloof, it will inevitably and the forces to deal with, let 100 at each pavilion are Dan, more carefully.

    The Ministry of supervision has just Dan Ge news in 100 dynasties, only some senior elders can be learned, this is how?

    Gu Xun began to think that Xiao Ya told Qin dust, but saw the confusion on Xiao Ya's face, he wondered, after all, to the identity of Xiao Ya, also did not know that the Ministry of supervision qualification. "Gu Xun steward, you are now ready to know how to deal with the matter?" Look at the dust cold Gu Qin Xun said, sneer.
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