#701  cabinet work

    This is a slap in the face, than last time, far more than doubled.

    Yi Chen heavy fall on the ground, again to vomit a blood, half are not climb up.

    This is the so-called "noble status you immensely proud? But even this little about garbage, could not beat down, if this is less rubbish, what are you?"

    Qin dust lightly say a, this sentence, but also face than before the ruthless, hard in Yichen heart, so he Xiufen it.

    Moreover, not only is Yi Chen, Chen Yi came together and all those who followed youth, one also always seem to be smoking like a slap in the face, his face is very ugly.

    "Less dust, you're too reckless."

    See Yichen so embarrassed lying on the ground, Xiao Ya shook his head and bitter.

    Qin dust this time around, this is Dan Ge for work, and now he do so, it will also help him Dan Ge?

    "Well, I still don't master Qin dust, see, you are now in Dan Ge Li had to turn out this way, to master the identity of Chen Yi, certainly will not let you go, we still to go." Xiao Ya said anxiously.

    "Want to go, which is so easy, to people, this boy to catch up to me, I make trouble in Dan Ge, the lawless!"

    Only to hear the roar sounded, Yi Chen and the young, angry at Qin dust, roared loudly, just did not come forward, just staring at the Qin dust poison.

    In the hall of the movement, already spread out, only to hear a series of footsteps, immediately there is a middle-aged man, with a group of guards, hurried to the hall.

    At the same time, also wearing a robe of the refined old steward, from the upstairs hall goes off.

    The escort, leader of the middle-aged man, wearing armor, dignified, exudes a sharp like terrible breath, is clearly a six order early takeru.

    The steward's robe wearing elegant man, although not from how Ling lie with the breath, but the Guard Captain stood together, actually did not fall in the wind, was also a six martial order.

    See the scene in the hall, the two people at the same time be startled at, quickly stepped forward to lift up the guard captain Yichen, surprised angrily: "what is this?"

    Yi Chen, Dan Ge Jin Yuan elder two disciples, at the same time, is also one of the imperial court Dan most of the top talent, noble.

    Now, some people in the house of their Dan, Dan Ge Lian pharmacists hands, that is supposed to guard Dan Ge to him, not angry!

    Even before he is not in the hall, let Yichen hurt his dereliction of duty.

    But the gentle steward, face with a surprise color.

    "Gu Xun steward, Captain Li Feng, is that boy move." Several of his men Yichen even to Qin dust, ferocious said.

    A few people along the fingers look in the past, two people see Qin dust, were all surprised.

    Young, too young.

    They thought of Yi morning they started, will be a long eye imperial warrior, but unexpectedly, was actually a boy so young.

    But after seeing the Qin dust around Xiao Ya, two people once again look startled, immediately understand, things certainly imagine is so simple.

    "Xiao Ya, how is this going?" Gu Xun said frown.

    He is the member of the cabinet of Ge Dan steward, the cabinet is in charge of the daily work, Dan Ge trading and the order of the steward, although the level, not the elders, but also the weak position, but not much.

    After all, many elders Dan Ge, are high Jielian pharmacists, single-minded investment in refining, rarely the real management of daily affairs Dan ge.

    "Gu Xun steward, and what they had in the nonsense, Dan Ge to I hands, is clearly not I will put in the eyes of Ge Dan, don't take it." Yichen said bite.

    "Gu Xun steward, that's not the case, you listen to me." Xiao Ya face a change, and said.

    If the work was on the Qin Gu Xun dust hands, it is in trouble, with Qin dust temper, it would inevitably capture the conflict in time, even if she is master, there is no way to solve.

    "Xiao Ya, no matter what this thing, this to make trouble in my Dan Ge, and wounded Yichen them guilty, Li Feng first took the child, and law enforcement into the hall, then do the interrogation."

    The old man looked at the Qin dust, cold drink opening, let Qin eyes slightly condensed dust.

    He Qin dust, trouble? It seems from beginning to end, he is involuntarily, only the hand?

    "In my Dan Ge, insulted me Dan Ge disciple, you are insulting me Dan Ge no?"

    The old man saw Qin dust does not speak, open again, cold voice.

    The field all customers are stunned, then shook his head, this child, so young, they have this behavior, it is rare, but unfortunately, he had the temerity to make trouble in Dan Ge, I'm afraid fate would be miserable.

    Xiao Ya anxious heart, if Qin Chenzhen escorted into the law enforcement hall, there will be good results? Jin Yuan to the identity of the elders, even Qin dust will probably not guilty, was found guilty.

    "Ha ha ha."

    The guards rushed to catch the dust when Qin, Qin dust suddenly sneer at. The so-called "Dan Ge, so regardless of black and white, it is this morning you can leisurely play the gangster, one up, then the less the less to torture, just want to ask you, and for the palm Pavilion Pavilion steward, how in charge of Dan Ge, if not today to the less an account of this less will letter to the North Region

    Dan Ge headquarters, Williams Zhaodan Ge Wang complaints you, lawless, banned the play the gangster, segment."

    Qin dust if a man, his face was suddenly a change.


    He is cold to drink a, they stop Li Feng and Qin dust, and then cold stare at Qin dust, cold track: "I ban Dan Ge branch, you big sigh, you hurt me in my Dan Dan Ge disciple Ge, guilty, no matter where your complaints are of no use."

    "Is it?" Qin dust sneer: "you still ask the boy beside you, just now, he is not the first insult, little, saying that I was going to get rid of garbage, and the less, the less before moving hand?" "Is what?" Yichen cold hum: "Gu Xun steward, a person who is the disciple of five Xiao Ya, and last time, and let me Dan Ge asylum, I always do not meddle in the Dan Ge forces, the sinister, disciple should not drive him away, what is wrong, but he

    However, direct hands-on, is clearly not I will put in the eyes of Dan ge."

    I see。 Gu Xun instantly understand the things of the sequence of events, coldly looking at Qin dust: "if Yichen said is true, then he is normal, I get rid of you, Dan Ge can not welcome anyone to this, you can leave it, but your hands, but in violation of the rules I Dan Ge today, it seems

    You must go on, is a law enforcement hall." Qin dust sneer: "if this is less common Wu, who is Dan Ge Lian pharmacists, the less the natural driving qualifications, but this is also a less refined pharmacist, according to Wu Dan Ge headquarters domain rules, paragraph fifth of article twenty-first, the same as the cauldron dare to insult me, I do not know this was

    What kind of punishment?"

    Qin dust sneer at repeatedly, look happy without fear.

    "What, you also refined pharmacist." Wenyan, Gu Xun instantly shocked, frowning, ugly face.
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