#662  title teacher

    The 662nd chapter title teacher

    "The slaves?"

    Qin dust quickly propped up the slaves of slaves, the perception of the body, which was relieved.

    It's just passed out.

    He began to see a nigger, really thought he died here.

    Just before their slaves and together into the palace, how they came to this strange place?

    "Nigger, wake up!"

    Qin want to wake up the dust of slaves, but found that although the slaves did not die, but the body is extremely weak, even the soul breath some of the weak, simply can't wake.

    "Slaves of what happened?"

    Qin to a grain of dust to feed the slaves to nourish the spirit of immortality, it looked around.

    At this moment, he suddenly surprised, frightened behind the sweat streaming down almost.

    I saw in front of him dozens of meters, sat a skinny old man, the ancient sense of desolation, is from the old man out of the upload.

    But this time the old man has died, not a life body, but is just sitting there, it exudes a daunting atmosphere of terror.

    His head hanging down, holding the hands of a black magic, although died many years, can escape out of breath, but almost tear Qin dust body.

    The "s!"

    Qin dust could not help but gasped.

    He is a knowledgeable person, have strong beyond count.

    But this is the first time to see a man who was dead for many years, there will be such a terrible coercion.

    Even nine days after the emperor died, thousands of years, it may not leave so horrible coercion.

    He was sure that, for ordinary Wuzong over, even in this light is coercion, is enough to make other Wuzong a bloody, broken spirit to die.

    "Don't be slaves of this old man's breath confused?"

    It is not impossible.

    The dust was sure that this certainly is the ancient power, at least is the peak level of the emperor.

    Could not help feeling a, Qin came to the old man's dust carefully into the near, along with his, Qin feel the oppression of dust, also more and more strong, even practicing indestructible Eucharistic bodies, some does not support.

    The old man died after a long time, the body of the garment can see, are built by expensive materials, can at this time but dilapidated, almost to fly ash.

    But the old man exposed to the outside of the skin, but still with a gloss, if not the man without a bit of vitality, Qin dust are even thought that this is one of them.

    Let Qin dust surprise the old man in the hands of black magic, which I do not know this handle black magic in ancient time, it killed many people, many years later, still exudes a murderous and resentment a monstrous.

    And let the Qin dust feel strange is that this old man seemed to have a prohibition, and his body, there are a normal color, a rich blood gas, and emanating from him.

    "Good rich Xuexing Qi, and the blood gas also seems to be more fresh, strange!"

    Qin dust frowned, the smell of the blood, as is experienced countless years look like is generated only in recent years, and the smell of the blood, but also with a daunting grievances.

    The old man in the end is what people?

    The spirit of Qin dust, swept to the old man, the old man around to find out some clues.

    But when his mind just fell in the other side, bang, a horrible smell out of the old man, Qin dust shuddered, soul Juzhen, he can't even stop their movements, Deng dengdeng back dozens of steps, it stopped.

    At the same time a blood directly from the mouth out.

    Stand in ten meters away, Qin dust staring appalled at the front of the old man, the old man has no sign of life, how would suddenly burst out such a horrible desolate atmosphere?

    "Elder is not dead?"

    Qin dust shock asked 1.

    There is no exact answer, that the old man has been dead for many years.

    Qin dust long breathed a sigh of relief, this guy had what it is for? The death of so many years, just out of a spiritual force, will be subjected to such terrorist murder bite.

    At least the Qin dust bet, even if it is nine days the emperor died hundreds of thousands of years, but not so horrible residual momentum.

    Just now, if not timely response, the soul of the powerful, perhaps already in earlier momentum, the panic.

    This old man is too strong, Qin eyes fell on the dust, the black Sabre swords, whole body black, with a strong chill and blood gas, clearly is a knife, and so many are intact, perhaps a hitherto unknown terrorist treasure soldiers.

    The beginning of this dust Qin old man is interested in things, but now, but he did not dare to close, let alone to take the black magic.

    Even a dead body can erupt so terrible momentum, so a knife handle if he dares to take up photography, I'm afraid the light is released from the kill, will be able to own cut into numerous fragments.


    At this time, Qin dust suddenly one leng.

    The old man before he has been amazing momentum to deter, so without careful observation, found that at this time, the old man right hand holding a knife, but can be left hanging knife before the ground, on the ground, there seems to be a few words.

    "Strange, the words, when I had swept the spirit did not see?"

    Qin dust suspicion unceasingly, while he had been with the spirit of power scanning, certainly this man on the ground before absolutely no word, not suddenly appeared a word.

    Look at what is?

    Qin looked and saw the dust concentration, a total of only twelve words.

    "As my teacher, have thrice kneeling and nine times bowing, good luck day!"

    Twelve little words inscribed on the front of the old ground, exudes a daunting atmosphere, as if it were the words, contains endless overbearing meaning.

    "Thrice kneeling and nine times bowing?"

    The vision is one Ning Qin dust.

    If it is something more, maybe he will agree, but he let him preexistence dust thrice kneeling and nine times bowing, Qin also never do.

    "If this guy is on top of the emperor and how? I have to Qin dust, anyone?!"

    Qin dust heart proudly, come to the fore.

    Especially the other mood, very overbearing, almost in a tone of command, let him inexplicable.

    "This old man is dead do not know how many years, no matter who he is, still need to find export."

    Look away from the old Qin dust, this is the first time to start looking around.

    Left empty, and before the palace, no exit, when Qin dust disappointed, see the old man on the right about 100 meters, even with a Shitai.

    The Shitai is full of grain, and before the valley almost as like as two peas, the only difference is that the Shitai has a very rich blood gas.

    "Here there was sent to Shitai?"

    This moment, Qin almost even jumped up dust have a heart.

    The whole people excited.

    I don't know exactly what this transfer Shitai sent to the place, can be as long as the transfer of Shitai, he will be able to leave here.
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