#659  underground palace

    The 659th chapter underground palace

    Look at the summer war with great Xia Dynasty people left the scene, although many people do not understand, but no one asked them to stay.

    They also know the summer without shame is that the blackmail at least one, if it is another force warrior, they know each other as well as 50% a, is not from the mind.

    Can summer without shame is the prince in the Xia Dynasty, so many people, openly on his hands, but no one dares to do.

    What's more, the summer after they left, Qin dust blackmail them 50% elixir, no one ever to be divided, the rest of them just cheap.

    The summer without shame et al. After leaving, the rest of the people better allocation of mutual interest.

    After that will be out before the Qin dust, into the valley of the strong hands, their capture, a dust Qin body, they can get 50% of the remaining 50%, was snatched back before the forces.

    This is an all no objection to the results.

    Of course, after their good, what will not happen again conflict between each other, between the various forces that.

    Just make them anxious, with the passage of time, signs of Qin did not dust out.

    But at this time, all the ruins with a jolt, then, at the entrance of a few fleeting cracks in space.

    "What's the matter?"

    "What happened?"

    They felt a cold wind blowing in the body, and there is a very uncomfortable feeling.

    Is surprised, suddenly a shrill screams sounded, I saw a crowd, a strong pain clutching his neck, body skin quickly dried up, the number of breathing time, it turned into a mummy, fell to the ground.

    "The dead beast beast is dead!"

    "There are ghosts of the beast."

    The crowd panicked moment.

    "Don't worry, we have so many people here, don't afraid of a ghost beast?"

    The ruins, a six order high Wu Zun drink, but his voice had died, and a few screams sounded, I saw a lot of around here Wu, there are a few people at a scream, for mummy.

    These people, the location was not in a place, obviously not only a ghost beast head.

    When all the people were frightened, have strained out weapons, a dead animal, the presence of so many people may not put in the mind, but if not a dead animal.

    The elders immediately took out the mirror laying around, toward the void with a photo.

    The next moment, all people face has changed, the scope of ancient mirror to within a black shadow flash, which even has a few dark red shadow, number, where only one or two, is clearly more than hundreds of dozens of head, head.

    The dead beast mad rush beneath the crowd.

    Suddenly, screaming and even some ghosts as one falls, another rises, the beast, is directly into the ruins of many strong takeru.

    "No good!"

    All of us face change, have Qing weapons, crazy looking around to attack.

    The dead beast is not invincible, just cannot fathom traces. The moment a few head ghost beast were blown out, but there are a few head ghost beast, flutter in several martial strong body.


    The Wu Zun howl of anguish, crazy dancing hands, he immediately became chaotic, like mad.

    Their flesh, speed up the visible to the naked eye.

    At around jingnu Luoying et al, I saw all around came screaming their heart suddenly rose a frightening thought.

    How suddenly so many dead beast is the valley of the dead beast, all rushed out?

    Think about the number they had seen in the valley of the dead beast, everyone was cold.

    If it is the ghost of the beast rushed out, they say that dozens of Takeru strong, even twice, ten times, will die here.

    But they probably also Qin dust, had died in the valley.


    At this moment, all with fear, then there is no stay here to snatch the idea as a dust Qin, a crazy left here.

    The ruins, is like a big run, all the people are crazy for flying.

    Is just a moment of Kung Fu, had gathered the ruins of the one thousand or two thousand warriors went away, on the ground, leaving dozens of mummified body.

    The 100 head rushed out of the ghost of the beast, but to continue chasing fleeing thousands of warriors, killing time.

    In this disaster, when the outbreak of the black death in the swamp!

    Qin dust and slaves, into the cave, the thought will encounter what terrible things, but didn't expect the show in front of two people, is a very mysterious underground palace.

    "Less dust, where are we now?" Asked the frightened slaves.

    The entire hall, there is an ominous feeling, let two people very uncomfortable.

    "I don't know, or to heal."

    Qin took some dust from the body to immortality, after some time the first slaves, cross legged treatment.

    The Qin dust, no matter what this place is as soon as possible to make the state restored to the peak, is undoubtedly the most important.

    A moment later, Qin dust was the injury cured completely, at the same time in the consumption of power has been restored, the assorted.

    The Qin dust was re started looking at the palace.

    The palace is an empty, nothing is surrounded by black thick walls, while the palace also has a thick root, I do not know what made the pillars.

    In addition, the palace has no entrance and exit.

    Even looked up, only to see a dark wall, they did not previously in the hole.

    Qin dust heart sank.

    He is worried, but not there is no danger, but the problem of how to go out.

    The whole palace, like the previous Shitai, no export, if can't get out of the way, even if he is again high, will be trapped in here.

    "We look for the slaves, where is the exit!"

    But when the Qin dust back, suddenly froze, because he found that the slaves had disappeared.

    The whole palace, very empty, just slaves standing at his side, but at the moment, the slaves was completely disappeared.

    What's going on?

    Qin dust heart suddenly a surprised.

    His perception of what it sharp, if there are people near here, and take away the slaves, he did not feel.

    But even if there is a perception that he is the top master, took the slaves, the palace is surrounded by an empty, no way out, but also be able to take slaves to where?

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