#637  crazy refining

    The 637th chapter crazy refining

    "How are you? I know you are a Zhenfa master, if join destroys the team, can break this strategies for old man ban, willing to give 20% benefits to the three, I do not know three how about?"

    Let these three forces help to their elders to see immediately destroys the demons, Qin dust, Shitai is to carefully Qin three people drink high dust.

    "Oh, thank you for the kindness of the predecessors, but the less now just want to find out the export ban this Zhenfa, but few are of particular interest, sorry."

    Even the demons of Qin dust elder arch arch hand.

    The heart is sneer: "this guy, deliberately invited me again and again, even in order to make me believe, but also deliberately to these three forces make such a big benefit, also took great pains."

    If the demons elders don't find him, Qin dust still think this is perhaps a surprise what, but after repeatedly to his elders, immediately let Qin dust wake up, the other is likely to be at him.

    "Look, I kill Gorefiend teach the elder things, has been Xuemo teach people know, this guy should be for yourself!" Qin dust eyes injection and cold cold long grass.

    Send out a six order mid peak Wu Zun, teach really think highly of their own blood.

    However, they do not find themselves in trouble fortunately, if really dare to find themselves in trouble, he doesn't mind gave him an unforgettable lesson.

    So the elders see Qin dust demons do not agree, the hearts of a cold again, in order to prevent the Qin dust and others suspect, he did not continue to invite Qin dust, just turned three, the joint forces people to start to break.

    He did not know was that when he first appeared on the Qin dust had penetrated his identity.

    With all the people began to attack the law prohibited in the whole valley, only the roar of sound.

    Qin dust after looking at Shitai for a long time, his face is becoming more and more dignified, after a moment, he turned to the left pseudo said: "from now on, give me a moment based array's refining stop order six."

    "Do we really give up these strategies banned? There but there are a lot of treasures?"

    Left pseudo startled at Qin dust, he did not understand, why give up the dust of Qin Zhenfa banned, but let him refining ensign.

    He is not interested in the treasure?

    "I let you refining ensign is refining ensign, did not understand? To give you an hour of time, if not ten refining six order array based flag, the less you have to look good." Look at the left cold drink cold dust pseudo qin.

    "Nigger, you supervise him."

    "Yes, less dust, what to see, not quick to start refining!"

    The slaves stared at the left pseudo, grumpy'.


    Left pseudo curse have a heart.

    An hour ten six order basic refining ensign, this guy did not go to die?

    If you can not beat the left pseudo hate Qin dust into minced meat, but under the previous Qin dust and slaves to a few strokes to kill the evil religion cases unintentionally vice sovereign.

    Although he is also the six order early Takeru, but also on the strength and so on were about the same in centerless, Qin dust and slaves he did not dare to look at fiercely as a tiger does under any resistance, only the beginning of the six order of anger not yet appeased refining ensign.

    Qin and dust in the side, there is no rest, also started to play crazy refining ensign.

    Suddenly, the whole valley is very harmonious, everyone is doing their own thing, do not interfere with each other.

    Have to say, this method is quite powerful suppressed for a long time, after the attack, the law prohibition did not seem much loose.

    And start all have some worry about ghosts of the beast will enter the valley, so when an attack, also occasionally check around, but half a day later, found that those who stayed in the fog inside the dead beast, even a head didn't come in after all, the heart is completely put down.

    Into the heart of the crack in restraining method.

    In fact, if the presence of all the people, all together, at the same time to attack a Zhenfa prohibition, perhaps the first law prohibition had broken.

    But this time, everyone is like a good agreement in general, everyone seriously attack their own strategies banned, no one raised the idea.

    After the attack for a long time, really force for each human body have no small consumption, many practitioners are beginning to rest, while the rest, while restraining force to prevent crack, really body will consume too much.

    Many people think this was a prohibition, attack one day is broken.

    The people did not expect that, after three days, there is not a law prohibition is compromised, if not this Zhenfa prohibition on the basis of the original and broken a lot, become more and more weak, many people even think that these fundamental break off prohibition strategies.

    These three days, Qin dust or in refining ensign does not stop, even the light is left pseudo six order refining ensign, are not under more than 100 roots.

    "We have less dust, refining what time ah? What do you want to decorate what method?"

    Refining for three consecutive days, the spirit of pseudo almost left out, to the later time, he almost take the recovery of spirit immortality, while refining.

    "I need to decorate what strategies, you need to know?" Look at the dust cold Qin left pseudo: "let you continue to continue refining refining, then this nonsense, less waste you."

    "I just ask."

    Left pseudo muttered sentences, bowed his head, eyes deep showing a trace of strong hatred and killing.

    "This smelly boy, which regard themselves as slaves? Or whether he should decorate what strategies, as long as the use of the old refining of ensign, the old man is sure to kill him."

    The left heart pseudo bitterly roar, while refining, while on their own refining each six order based ensign, do a little hands and feet.

    "This boy, only for five order, just before the high vision, it opened the entrance. The old tricks in the six rank on the flag, he can see what, when, when he set the method completely controlled by the old man, do not know what kind of feeling, huh!"

    The left side of false teeth, bitterness, while constantly refining a.

    If not for this reason, he would really refining ensign so hard?

    And when refining until the fourth day, Qin dust stopped before refining, began to use the array of refining flag in Shitai around the layout of up to zhenfa.

    A flag was thrown into his array around Shitai, gradually formed the basic structure of strategies.

    "The starting lineup? Is this guy want to use the matrix to open an export?"

    Left - seeing, heart cold laugh or two.
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