#621 , how do you say

    The 621st chapter, how do you say

    That was the Zhou Dynasty Qin dust in the distance, many warriors all sigh.

    They thought, they rushed up Qin dust, will be in the ruins of the strong beheaded, but did not expect, the cloak who turned out to be a six order martial, still will be to kill the disciple of evil religion.

    Unfortunately, although the person is six order Wu Zun, but also too reckless, if not before work, perhaps nothing, can almost be master of evil religion to kill, now have to say, is a mistake.

    To the people of evil religion is always extremely arrogant, slaves, dare to move their disciples, did not have a good end.

    "Yes, I just was devoted to the study of the law, just this guy shot but old ideas to interrupt, although according to the rules of order six, Wu Zun is can come in, but if a man come in, I can disturb the victory that old what time to put the ruins broken?"

    That old man's face with a pseudo left unhappy, cold hum opening.

    "Now left the puppet masters say so, what you say, this two people, but your Williams Dynasty, Dynasty Williams you how to say?"

    To look at the evil religion Takeru Lingheng Mo Xincheng et al.

    Williams Dynasty side, people have to see the master Xincheng mu, the experience, Williams Dynasty Royal family also did not get the message came, so the highest position on the field, but bianzhou Mu Mu Fu Chow Xincheng heart forces.

    Black repair, Royal Villa, the door to the beast forces such as though strong, but in this official on the scene, is to give Mu Xinfu a little face.

    The LED is a heart Mu Fu brown hair man, coldly: "this is my Williams although Wang closure, but since our three dynasty has set the rules, naturally follow the rules, as long as several within the rules, we naturally will not intervene."

    He said this, apparently did not want to place.

    "Ha ha ha, since the growth of the old Mu said so, my royal animals naturally out of the villa."

    Mo metro also laughed.

    Who had heard of the black slaves and vice president Qin dust, this is also present, also lightly: "man and I will not take what black, I will repair the black but about the rules of people, will not intervene."

    But the hearts of sneer: no wonder the two guys did not accept our invitation will repair the black, he turned out to be a six order martial, when black congregations, still pretending to be just the five order late peak Wu Zong, killed an Bei double magic, huh, since I refused to accept black fix the invitation, and now I do anyway?

    Other black marsh forces are also city Wu said.

    "Nine brother, the two men since they are Williams Dynasty Warriors, why Williams Dynasty but all the people whether they live or die?"

    At this time, a tender voice, is the nine Prince summer without shame around the girl, a face of doubt.

    A remark, immediately attracted many ruins of Wu's comments.

    Williams Dynasty major forces, has been very unhappy, even in the face of foreign this time, the major forces for their own interests, without even opening help, it is summer Dynasty people to speak, it is chilling and shame.

    "You have heard, since Williams Dynasty people didn't say what, so I also in accordance with the rules."

    The land of evil religion Takeru laughed, complexion is cold to slaves and Qin dust, and behind him, the other is master of evil religion sneer way, and murderous.

    "Summer without shame, you don't want to sell it?" Cold Youth Week patrol sneer, before the two step, apparently block summer war.

    No shame sighed, but did not say what, since even Williams Dynasty own people say so, his great Xia Dynasty prince, and what can I say?

    To slowly come to the front of a case of evil religion, Qin dust and slaves disdain said: "you two guys, I do not know the rules of the case, loitering in the center of the remnant, but also kill my old religious mood, evil religion disciples, is about the rules of people, you say, what should you do?"

    He said how to do, the body of the momentum is crazy surge, a strong force like a mountain, severely cracks in the dust, the slaves on qin.

    "Ha ha ha." Behind him a few to strength evil religion are laughing, especially the slave one gun into the shoulder of Wu, is to exude cold and windy, awn, obviously as long as the cases to centerless order, or shot, Qin dust and kill slaves.

    The slaves livid, if it is somewhere else, he had a bayonet past, but is now so much Takeru stared at, in order to Qin dust safety slaves only looked down to the Qin dust, whispered: "less dust......"

    Qin dust hand, stop talking and look to the slaves, were careless, light way: "Sir, we just can not kill you, disciple of evil religion."

    "Ha ha ha, boy, you are at the mercy of?" Zong inadvertently laughed: "now and then beg for mercy, is not a little late?"

    The rest of evil religion Wu Zong are laughing, laughing wanton rampant, very proud.

    See this scene, all the Wu Dynasty outside Williams could not help but sigh, and Zhou et al is holding the corners of the mouth smile tour seems bleak.

    I saw Qin Chenyao shook his head, said: "wrong, I mean, I didn't kill you, evil religion disciples...... But now......"

    Half of it, Qin dust Mouguang suddenly cold, the hands of mysterious rusty sword suddenly appeared, POW piercing also rampant laughing that Wu Zongwu of the throat.

    The expression of instantaneous solidification on the face of Wu Zongwu, spewing foam to mouth bleeding, continuous blood gushing out of despair and fear, showing eyes, apparently did not think Qin dust at this time to work on him.

    He want to resist, but the strength of body with the blood flow, the constant loss, with more and more cold, eyes completely dust down.

    "Now it is kill your disciple of evil religion." Qin dust back mysterious rusty sword, said with a sneer.


    At this moment, on the field all stunned, a terrified, heart suffered a hitherto unknown impact.


    Is too arrogant!

    The pope said no Qin dust to kill them to evil religion disciples, looking for trouble, everyone thought Qin dust will explain the event, but did not think how, Qin dust directly to his evil religion without demur, disciples to beheaded on the spot.

    But the mouth also said before, don't call his disciples to kill evil religion now is, kill his disciple of evil religion.

    Such a tone, almost arrogant to everyone how heinous, what also not expected, Qin dust should make such things.

    It wasn't the person in the eye of evil religion.
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