#620  dahae Prince

    The 620th chapter dahae Prince

    Six order Wu Zun, in Williams Dynasty, belong to the top strong, it can be said that any one, in Williams Dynasty states are sufficient to form a powerful force.

    Now, all of a sudden out of ten martial master, how not to let the slaves shocked.

    He became even more shocking is that some breath on the Master Wu Zun, even far above him.

    "At least six order interim martial master!"

    A slave Mouguang setting.

    So many master, enough to bianzhou rolling, called metamorphosis.

    Suddenly his heart lifted, immediately felt the shot before his too reckless, he can make his right, if less dust in danger, then trouble.

    Compared to black slaves shocked, Qin dust on the face, but it is quite calm, even in the whole time watching how many strong in the ruins.

    These strong people, each person's breath is very different, and each side are Master Wu Zun, followed by a group of Wu master level.

    The most compelling, is one of the strongest martial soul force, Qin dust swept away slightly, immediately see that these people are obviously six order mid peak takeru.

    It is worth mentioning, the key is, in which several top martial side, with as few young people.

    In three of the most amazing, one of the young people, a man and a woman, twenty men dressed in purple robes, python, refined temperament, like the abyss, young, even is the five order of the late emperor.

    And his side of the woman, only fifteen at the age of six, but also is the five order early Wu zong.

    A man of immense momentum, belong to the top more than 10 in the presence of Wu Zun, now respectfully standing in the two people around, like slaves in general.

    In the place not far from men and women, and a young face with a sinister color, wearing the same outfit at the age of more than 20, Ipomoea, is also five order later Wu Zong, who smells very cold here, staring into the sneer.

    In addition, a middle-aged woman, face the cold, beside her, stood a high cold woman, about nineteen years old, but is the five order for the late cold stare in front of the ruins, where the movement seems to be blind.

    "Amazing talent, these people, this is not the prince Williams Dynasty?"

    Qin dust dark surprised, he informed the most outstanding young, or in large time Xuan three great man, but even the emperor, Hua Tiandu, one day they had cold warriors, but the half step of Wu state, compared to the difference between a pair of men and women, more than one hundred and eight thousand.

    "What's the matter? I need to break, quiet, don't you understand?"

    A cold voice, many strong, a white bearded old man, cold drink opening, with a face of displeasure.

    "Gentlemen, this two people don't know what the origin, direct collision heritage center."

    "This should be your Williams Dynasty strong, innocent direct collision center of the remnant, didn't comment?"

    The collision "is not only the center of the remnant, is to kill my evil religion disciples, don't you Williams Dynasty Warriors, so rude?"

    Some of the strong cold drink, mouth with a sneer, look to the side of the ruins.

    The slaves to watch, suddenly one Leng, I saw the same, a lot of standing strong, one of the young people, it is the first in the black marsh city gate was the Royal Villa they taught Mo Xiang beast.

    In addition, there are some people, who exudes strong momentum, obviously, is the major forces in the city of black marsh strong.

    See Qin dust and black slaves, Mo Xiang face suddenly emerged in anger, thundered: "father, before is this guy, Haier in black marsh insulted the gate......"

    Mo Xiang Qin saw dust, and excited, and anger, rushed to the side of the town of Mo jingnu said.

    "Oh, are they?"

    Mo Newcastle with mouth smile, frown look.

    "Who was learned about their subordinates to hand, revenge for junior?" Mo Qing Shen channel.

    Mo Xincheng nodded, just ready to open, suddenly see the hands of the Black Ice Lance, face suddenly changed.

    "Wait a minute."

    He looked attentively, eyes suddenly reveal dignified Italy, muttered: "this is not the pike, Liu Ze Valley chamber of Commerce weapons?"

    ". what do you say?" Mo Qing leng.

    The sudden death of heart Mo Metro electric conversion pensively, valley chamber of Liu Ze, he is also very familiar with, on the surface as a kind, but extremely cruel and merciless, and commit all sorts.

    This ice pike, is the most important treasure of Liu Ze Bing, such weapons, any a warrior would close protection, but now, Liu Ze's Ice Lance fell the two hands, which means, let the town have to ponder.

    In his contemplation, on the field, the refined temperament of youth, "here I already frown opening, etc. since consulted, only six order Wu Zun, can join the two people since the six order Wu Zun, the natural need not stop."

    "Well, it is said, but the two people, hurt my evil religion disciples, and how to count?" To honour the strong cold drink of evil religion Wu said, eyes bright bloom.

    "Before, is your disciple of evil religion first hand, the other is to fight back, not to mention, you also did not fall, evil religion disciples, what to say." The youth lightly refined temperament.

    At the same time the Qin dust come to understand, obviously these people have to negotiate, the ruins, allowing only six order level Master Wu Zun enter, search, and so their slaves came in, will be blocked.

    "So, is my disciple of White Evil Religion hurt?" Wu Zun growled strong to evil religion.

    "How can you talk with me presumptuous, summer nine prince." Elegant young side of the old man, gloomy face.

    "Ha ha ha." The strong evil religion laughed, laughed: "you and great, I was Zhouwu, don't need to listen to your summer Prince's orders?"

    "Well said." The same wearing embroidered robes of young grin: "cold summer without shame, you great Xia Dynasty are too wide to pipe it, even I Wu Zhou Dynasty who want to tube, then, is not the prince will be your summer martial jurisdiction?"

    "Week tour, do you know the meaning of the prince, Takeru since it is strong, have joined the search for the qualification, on this point, but you are wrong Wu Zhou Dynasty, the prince is automatically." Elegant young indifferent said.

    "By the book? Indeed." The cold youth nodded, "this person since it is six order martial, have joined the search for the qualification, but before he shot, hit the left pseudo master, destroyed the left pseudo master destroys, and how?"

    The targeting of Qin dust, apparently did not want to let them live in Qin dust.
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