#619  of evil religion

    The 619th chapter of evil religion

    "Look, the ruins of the land, should be the center of the remnant, go, we look at the past."

    Qin dust two art talent is bold, directly toward the front walk to the ruins.

    A lot of Wu, and every Wu added, according to the truth, the arrival of Qin dust. They should not lead to many people's attention.

    But Qin dust and black slavesjoined, even directly to the ruins, immediately attracted everyone's attention.

    "These two guys what? How dare you directly to the heritage center in the past, was dead?"

    "Don't see is the center of the remnant, thinking for treasure, become dizzy with success."

    "Well, let's wait for the fun."

    Many foreign warriors standing on the ruins to see this scene, all sneer.

    Especially to see Qin dust so young, suddenly thought of Qin dust which family is the disciple, do not know the immensity of heaven and earth, see Heritage Center want to go grab a cup of soup.

    "I know this two person, before the man in black cloak bog square when defeated the bloodthirsty evil, if not the valley chamber of Commerce vice president Liu Ze to stop it, I'm afraid bloodthirsty demons have been to kill him."

    "What? Are you saying this cloak man can kill bloodthirsty demons?"

    Someone said surprised.

    People in the city of bloodthirsty demons black marsh considerable fame, also is the leader of five order later the peak of Wu Zongzhong, so that the slaves who beat the bloodthirsty demons, immediately attracted some Wu's surprise.

    "He is to beat the bloodthirsty demons, I also know these two guys, two of them in the transmission in the Black Death swamp, kill a dead animal."

    There is also some two and together they are transmitted in the dust of Qin Wu, immediately Ning voice said.

    "What, they can kill the dead beast."

    "You're not a brain fever?"

    "What a joke, the dead beast even six order immaterial, Wu Zun adults may not be found easily, they can kill the dead beast?"

    If the slaves beat the bloodthirsty demons, just in the crowd with some waves if they kill a dead animal, is directly in the crowd threw a bomb.

    The dead beast, the black death has been one of the most horrible blood beast in the swamp, Wu Zong encountered almost die, even Takeru strong will be a headache, but was able to kill the soul slave beast, let them not to shock.

    While around the Qin and There were many discussions., dust has come to the edge of the ruins of the slaves.

    At this time he also saw, in the ruins, like the formation of a natural isolation invisible belt, Wu almost more than ninety percent thousands of warriors, standing on the ruins of the isolation belt, only a small part of Wuhan, before entering into the ruins.

    Qin dust eyebrows move, just ready to enter the ruins.

    "What people get out."

    Suddenly a thunder sounded, followed by the boom, a malevolent knife light flew from the ruins, straight cut to Qin dust and slaves, the sharp knife light, with a stifling murder, apparently to dust and slaves from qin.

    "Is the master of evil religion."

    I would say that these two guys do it, in the Zhou Dynasty to evil religion, cruel act, unscrupulous, see anyone, do not blame."

    "To be reckless."

    People always pay attention to here, to see someone shot, suddenly came the sigh, in addition to some people, the mouth is the outline of mocking sneer.


    After the slave breakthrough martial, what was so despised, Ice Lance suddenly appears in the hands, gently pick, with a gun, ice shadow sweep, instantly the knife light shock into pieces, and the gun shadow sweep, a gun plunged out of slavery.


    A cold chill with Sen gun mount, through the void, a sudden attack out of the light into the knife.


    The ruins of a sudden burst open, armed with a sabre fighter instantly inverted out, mouth spray blood, the left shoulder was ripped out a bright wound, the wound on the spread of a fine layer of ice, the whole people like to fall on the ground, face panic.

    "Unfortunately, the deviation of a bit, can not see through the heart."

    The slaves shook his head, his gun, straight knife light swept to the place that people just shot, hiding in the ruins, so just past his right arm, otherwise, the other will die.


    "I dare to Zhou Dynasty to the evil religion people."


    The sound of thunder, a few moments of Sou sou sou, figures from the ruins of grazing, these people, all are the five order peak Wu Zong, two of them, even to the half step Takeru realm, amazing momentum as the waves swept in general.

    "Your people on our first shot, I see you die? You guys, this seat will kill instantly!"

    The slaves Mouguang narrowed, contain anger, these people fix for the tallest only half step Takeru, unexpectedly so arrogant, really arrogant.

    However, he is not a reckless people gather here so much Wu, certainly there is a master, so it did not act rashly, not to mention these people or what evil religion Zhou Dynasty warriors.

    Change in sparsely populated areas, the 2.5 step Takeru dare to own clamor, would just kill.

    "Your big tone, think oneself invincible?"

    Suddenly, a shrill voice sounded cold Dawson, Shua, a shadow from the ruins of a sudden fall in front of grazing, and that several people, all blooming Sen cold cold long grass.

    The man is just the immense momentum, standing there, is like a mountain of oppression and to give people a strong sense of suffocation.

    Wu Zun master?

    The slaves Mouguang narrowed, the other body such as deep breath, like a prison, is also six order level Master Wu Zun, not even the ordinary Takeru, very like him, have reached a peak of six order early, compared to Liu Zelai, not only weak.

    But the slaves without the slightest fear, sneered: "thought invincible is you, here is the Black Death swamp, you, what we stopped? Want to fight, the seat will accompany you and!"

    After the break, the slaves have not a good fight, at the moment, all the war erupted, to hit the enemy.

    "Nigger, don't impulse."

    At this time, Qin dust suddenly open.

    Sou sou sou!

    I saw the ruins, suddenly a figure, the figure was weak, but each person's breath, very horrible, the Wu Zun level high, even no less than ten.

    These people, the body of the momentum gathered into a monstrous breath, give people a strong shock.

    "So many martial master?"

    Black eyes, suddenly a shrink, with horror.
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