#612  meet Yin siblings

    The 612nd chapter meet Yin siblings

    Two people in the underground ruins, quickly flew.

    Thought in the underground ruins, there will be a lot of medicine, Qin has been flying dust can be a long time, have not seen a panacea.

    But it is not a no harvest.

    In the underground ruins, also released many miasma, these miasma through the Qin dust analysis, should be the cause of the change of external miasma.

    "That is to say, the Black Death swamp miasma suddenly become terrible, is that someone should be found in the underground entrance of the ruins, resulting in underground ruins in the miasma, escape into the outside black death swamp, the blend between the miasma, produced a new miasma of gas, so that the original the effect of detoxification Dan lost."

    "Just before the elixir aroma is what?"

    Qin dust to figure out, is that in the light entrance outside the ruins under a fragrance, the aroma of the elixir, indeed exist, and from the breath, absolutely are some high order elixir.

    But after entering the underground passage through the ruins of the aroma but not see a.

    If the other is Wu, maybe you will think he is heard wrong, but Qin dust is very clear, you never heard wrong, is indeed the elixir of fragrance, suddenly disappeared.

    "Less dust, there should be a lot of people come here."

    Passing the time in some places, slaves and Qin saw many traces of dust fighting, and some are visible in the Black Death swamp footprint, before this, there have been a lot of people passing by.

    "We are late for some, even if there is a panacea, should also be an empty search."

    The slaves said depressed.


    Suddenly, Qin dust in a cluttered marsh edge stopped.

    "Less dust, how?" The slaves looked puzzled over, just before the meeting is a swamp, the ground is quite messy, and even a lot of footprints, but here was a person all have no, no panacea.

    Who do not know the reason of Qin dust stopped, but the spirit of Qin dust is here to sweep a compromised concealed ban, the bar should be aged broken, but even so, ordinary people can not see it.

    But Qin dust is a Zhenfa master, after the spirit sweeps, immediately see here is a hidden ban, and according to the trace of the periphery of the messy, Qin dust bet, this prohibition would have been found to many people.

    "Come with me."

    Groaned, Qin dust with hidden among the slaves into the forbidden.

    Two people immediately into a new place, see an inside the scene, two people were all shocked, here and outside the black death scene from barren swamp.

    In two eyes, is not a small valley, the valley is full of green one, give people a pleasant feeling, just at the moment this green place has been trampled messy, hundreds of warriors in this messy valley look around what.

    At the entrance to the valley, there are a few people in the guard, in which several people around the place, there were seven or eight bodies, blood flow over the ground.

    But you can see it, these people were killed is not a long time, and very likely is it at the door of the several ferocious warriors to kill.

    In the air, lingering a faint fragrance of A.

    The heart is like a dust Qin immediately, he what eyes, instantly see, here is a medicine field, and is a product of order low medicine field, otherwise there may not be so strong a breath.

    But, looking ahead, the valley has almost been swept away, Ming eyes could not see what a panacea, but there are still hundreds of people here look around.

    Let Qin dust is puzzled, in the valley, see Qin dust before black bog square and they have Yin intersection of two siblings, the two were not in search of a panacea, but stood in the valley not far away, very gloomy face.

    And two people, were wounded, including Yin Feng's injury is very serious.

    After Qin dust and slaves came to the valley, immediately attracted everyone's attention.

    One who smells most tough half in respect to see two people, immediately wrinkle up eyebrows.

    "Less dust, how do you come here?" After the Qin Yin siblings saw dust and black face immediately reveal a surprise, then is thought of what, and quickly shut up.

    "The two of you here?" It's up to look at and his brow was hurt, Yin Feng slowly went up, puzzled: "here is what place?"

    The guards in the mouth of the valley of Wu was ready to scold, see Qin dust seemed to know and Yin siblings, suddenly a sneer, but stopped, did not stop the Qin dust, ridiculed: "there were two guys, two guys, or your friends, you said we didn't get anything? Today if you don't put things out, get out of here."

    Yin Feng some ugly face, sink a track: "I said, we are here to get something, have all given to you, the two we just happen to know, and what is the relationship between them!"

    "Oh, that's good, you have Never mind, can not say." The name of Wu again with a sneer.


    Yin and shortness of breath, but couldn't say a word.

    Qin dust swept the field, the strongest on the scene, only 1.5 step Wu Zun, suddenly looked away, he is now concerned about, what is this medicine field, these a went to what place.

    Thought of here, Qin dust came to two people, two people gave a healing Dan, then frowned and said, "two, what are you doing here, and the medicine field, what is going on?"

    "Ha ha ha, and they also never mind, even they are aware of the medicine field." A guardian in the mouth of the valley of Wu suddenly with a sneer.

    Qin dust eyes cold, if not clear, he spent a long time ago this guy, just at this time, he first listen to Yin and talk about the specific situation.

    "Less dust, you are just in time, but this time we want to hurt you......" Yin Feng smiled a smile.

    "How to say?" Qin dust a face of doubt.

    "We come here." Yin Feng saw a few people with the eyes of the mouth of the valley, Qin dust came to a remote corner of the valley.

    The name of Wu, just watch them go to the corner of Qin dust, the mouth with a sneer, but did not say what the eyes, seems to have the dust they eat qin.
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