#589  and the people

    The 589th chapter and the people

    In this method before they attack, the biggest problem is that after the attack to Zhenfa, not to cause the slightest damage matrix.

    In this case, they really consumed, but the method is safe and sound.

    Now, although the kill array still exists, the power has not changed, but they attacked, but solidly landed in the kill array, whether this kill array more, they attacked, the total time is broken.

    Thought of here, a few people even have shot Ge Peng.

    Only to hear the rumbling sound constantly under attack after continuous injection Satsujin amazing array of gas, to a few people, but also kill array itself, in continuous attacks, began to shake.

    After the attack, a dozen times visible, kill array light on a significantly weaker.

    "Ha ha ha, it seems that this really effective way." Excited Ge Peng smiled, and glanced at the Qin dust, eyes flashed a cold and stern, and then the thin Wu Zongfang Tian winked, intended to kill his.

    Although this move slightly, but Qin dust but clearly visible.

    Heart suddenly sneer, he knew that Ge Peng is going to xiemoshalv, but now even the method hasn't broken open, this guy is too anxious.

    Sneer at in the heart, Qin dust hands don't stop, when they attack Ge Peng pause, continue to throw the two Zhenfa ensign, while pretending to be demanding: "few, don't stop, I just order four ensign of ensign, want to influence this maze, must source to throw into the array's can, you can quickly kill the array break, or if I refining ensign material is not enough, unable to control the ricochet, it would come to naught."

    Already stopped the attack, retreat to the Qin Fang Tian dust hands one Leng, even looked at Ge Peng.

    "You mean we can't timely break kill array, this maze will re cover the deal?" Ge Peng brows.

    Qin dust nodded: "is this meaning, but I guess I can not keep long, most of the time a stick of incense, you must hurry."

    "Madeleine!" Ge Peng swore to each other, Tian Nu scold a way: "you are doing what, don't come through."

    Qin dust sneer at in the heart, he knew that Ge Peng had killed himself temporarily give up the idea, but once the kill array break, he will be the first time.

    But at that time, their arrangement has ended, who is dead, may not be.

    Now, Ge Peng's attack is more rapid up.

    Kill the array in the continuous attack of several people, constantly light above the surface of the matrix, and even began to appear cracks.

    "Almost, can."

    Qin also has dust, will complete his flag array layout.

    He had thrown out of the ensign, although only four order of ensign, but in the battle flag, also added a few extremely vague prohibition, once broke out, it will form a new matrix.

    This method combined with the previous maze and kill array, the moment will form a series of strategies, and three strategies combined with the power of one plus one equals two, is not so simple.

    When Qin ready to dust.


    In his perception, suddenly appeared a true power fluctuation.

    Someone is coming.

    Qin dust heart sank immediately, even stop the move, he did not expect, in such a critical moment, even someone will come.

    Ge Peng apparently is also sensitive to really force fluctuation, have stopped, looked at the entrance guard.

    I saw in the sky, a figure suddenly appeared, falls in this underground remains.

    Man is a white bearded old man, seems to have more than 60 years old, the body flavor is very strong, than Ge Peng and Yang did not weak fee.

    A man came in, just saw on the field of Qin dust several people, at the same time has been broken a Zhenfa, eyes instant coagulation.

    "What is this place?" He glanced at around the eyes, seems to be on the underground westige, shocked.

    "Who are you?"

    Ge Peng a few people did not attack the old Zhenfa, surrounded the moment.


    They stopped to Zhenfa attacks, attention transfer, Qin dust even waved, quietly in the strategies of ensign, changed a lot, then stood aside.

    But lost Ge Peng's attack, before already have shaken the array, immediately recovered.

    "I was a Zhenfa master inadvertently found here, did not expect to encounter a few, a few old man at ease, not malicious."

    The white haired old man hurriedly raised his hand and said gently.

    "No harm?" Ge Peng laughed, and the fee Yang looked at each other.

    The old man's breath, than they are not weak, if to do, two of them had to shot, only to leave each other may, even so, also not necessarily can.

    "A few don't be nervous, I just had to come here and here on the treasure, no idea what I see, just a few seem to attack a Zhenfa, old is a five order matrix master, if I may, I would like to help several a helping hand."

    "You are a five order Zhenfa master?" Ge Peng few people suddenly shocked.

    This year, how is everyone is a master, master what time so rampant array?

    "Yes, I am a five order of several previous Zhenfa master, offensive strategies, quite curious, if several like old can help you break the law, as if what is inside the treasure, I did not take, of course, if a few see work in the old man's sake, to I divided even a little bit, I naturally even more grateful to disrespect."

    "If the letter but several old, I can go now, will not bring any trouble to several."

    Ge Peng secretly exchanged a few people, let the old man left, it is obviously not possible, will let the cat out of the news.

    For now, only to leave each other, intended to do.

    "So, you can see will be in front of the matrix to break!" Ge Peng squinted said.

    "Oh, let the old look."

    Before the old man came to the two strategies, take a closer look, suddenly looked at the side of the Qin dust, smiled and said: "the brothers also Zhenfa master?"

    "In front of his seniors, juniors dare not to master, but the younger generation is indeed a four order array wizard." Qin said the dust.

    Interestingly, two strategies before this, and if not wrong, should be five order sword kill array and behind the array, you can order four of ensign, destruction of the connection between the two, Zhenfa attainments deep ah."

    "Not, just happened to be lucky." The old man was a boast, some feel shy like Qin dust.

    "Sir, you can not break the law,?" Ge Peng sink a track.

    "Oh, nature can break."

    The old man threw out more than 10 without demur, ensign, the ensign in a large array, the array light road rises, originally flashing two Zhenfa horror array optical, unexpectedly rapid collapse.
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