#584  Yunyang prohibition

    The 584th chapter Yunyang prohibition

    In the slave story, what he said is forbidden, in this lake, as long as entering the lake, you can find the location of underground relics.

    But in the Black Death swamp, such as water lake, is one of the most dangerous, because nobody knew that what's inside.

    Is likely to be hidden some terrible blood beast.

    And in the Black Death swamp, Wu perceived penetration is extremely weak, simply out of the lake on what.

    So even if it is six order martial, rarely dare to drill into this class in the lakes, unless he is not terrible.

    The slaves also several years ago after an accident, before entering the lake, see the underground ruins.

    "First find a."

    Qin dust without hesitation, direct release the soul, in the Black Death swamp this place, the soul is more reliable, and the soul force penetrating force much stronger than spirit.

    Just let the Qin dust doubt that this lake is very common, how to let him find out, is just an ordinary lake, did not see the slightest trace to trace.

    "Slaves should not deceive me, if what he said is false, here will be found."

    Thought of here, Qin dust without hesitation, body form in a flash, toward the lake, directly rushed down.


    Making a splash, dust Qin felt a cool, but the next moment, never feel water resistance, like entering a void in general.

    Qin dust immediately come to understand, this is a high hiding method, high grade and even, but also in his imaginary, otherwise he will not see a clue.

    Looking ahead, in front of where is what the bottom, appeared in front of him, really is an underground world.

    Hot environment, rich worldzhen Qi, surrounded by a hard black rock, rugged and steep growth, and the Black Death swamp feel different.

    But Qin dust here should understand, or in the Black Death swamp, but in the Black Death swamp underground.

    After the fall, Qin dust heart sigh, the layout of this hidden Zhenfa guy metamorphosis, can arrange so a high hidden Zhenfa, definitely not a general law master, not even the modern master Zhenfa arrangement, the look of the place, already don't know how long the head.

    But Qin dust is puzzled, since this guy arranged a hidden law, why not set up a defense strategies?

    The array master repair, even if only a common defense strategies, not to mention the slaves, even a seven order king into the lakes, it will only really into the lake, and will not come to such a place.

    In front of the Qin dust underground world is not like a huge square, only about ten miles radius, but inside, but everywhere some craggy rocks, a huge stone standing on the inside is very messy.

    In this underground world of the most central location, there is a dry pond, a small pond in central, actually have a piece of brown stone stands in the central, the boulder, and with a small groove.

    Qin dust immediately come to understand, here should be the slaves find Qinglian fire demon and black gourd.

    It was said that he and his slaves, violet demon fire, is to find a groove in this black in Shitai, but also in the vicinity of black gourd violet fire demon, black gourd even fire control insects and insect spirit.

    Qin dust came to the pond nearby, ready to look at the environment, suddenly eyes a coagulation, because he found that in Shitai, there is a very subtle prohibition.

    These prohibitions, very unique, and hidden in the brown stone above, not strong restraining master is absolutely impossible to find.

    Even if not in the grand dust Qin, learned a new ban refining method, he will not find such a prohibition.

    How can a ban here? Qin dust mind immediately a surprised.

    There is banned, described here is not a natural formation, that is to say, the violet fire demon and black gourd, are placed here, but what is he here?

    Qin dust want find some clues from these prohibitions, but he looked for a long time, also did not find any clues, to his surprise, these prohibitions, is actually a nurtured prohibition.

    The source is the bottom of the pond.

    That is, someone put a violet fire demon and black gourd here, and then laid a restraining, use this in the pond water, to keep in the fire demon and black gourd qinglian.

    Unfortunately, the water in the pond is almost dry, not once in the pond, what is the spiritual.

    Let Qin dust is confused, the brown Shitai banned, except in a function, no defense function.

    According to this lake and an awful Zhenfa here, leaving the violet of the fire demon, as long as with a defense or attack layout strategies banned, don't even slaves, a seven order Wu came here, only HanHen.

    The other is the strength of the.

    But the other is not only not a defense law, even the violet fire demon and black gourd directly placed here, seems to be to find them, leaving a method of Lian Ji inside spirit insects still black gourd, which makes Qin dust could not understand why.

    This is clearly to others in a violet fire demon, or that arrogant to think that anyone, are not found here?

    Think for a moment, do not want to understand why the Qin dust don't want to think, to continue to go forward.

    Now he is the most important, is to find the bitter Yun zhi.

    "It should be here."

    After just a few kilometers ahead, Qin dust found that local slaves.

    This is a very flat sandstone, but in the gravel periphery, actually there is a maze and a kill array.

    And this maze and kill array is actually just five order matrix method, and only the five order medium method.

    A faint smell of a transfer from the matrix and dust, Qin immediately know bitter rhyme cheese absolutely still in this Zhenfa, were not taken.

    But the taste is bitter, clear rhyme cheese ripe smell, and just not long maturity.

    Qin dust suddenly surprises up.

    He is most afraid of, have been bitter rhyme Zhi The early bird catches, give away, it seems, is clearly not yet.

    The dust of Qin, he even the five order peak can be arranged to break the law, to a five order medium formation, that is no problem at all.

    Only the two Zhenfa let Qin dust heart sink.

    Because in the slave told, here is not what strategies, otherwise the slaves did not in the maze, found inside the bitter rhyme cheese.

    Obviously, the slaves left, there are other people here.

    A man here in the layout of a maze and trapped array, apparently because of bitter rhyme cheese not mature, or some other reasons, only temporarily leave here, and deploy strategies, to prevent other people found bitter Yun zhi.
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