In the 583rd chapter

    In the 583rd chapter

    This mark is very subtle, and the technique is very strange, that his spirit was never found.

    In fact, before Qin dust pushed Qinglian fire demon body covering, was already aware of some strange, but at that time he focused on the dark red ghost beast, so he didn't care.

    In addition, the mark was on his sleeve, and not on the body.

    "Good sly guy."

    If the other party will mark on his body, with Qin dust carefully, perhaps already discovered, but in his sleeve, Qin dust will not use fire demon Qinglian It is without rhyme or reason. my body, but to protect the lives of clothes, so the first time could not be found.

    "Less dust, how?" The slaves also saw over, sink a track: "the other party left its mark on our?"

    He is not an idiot from their conversation before Liu Ze Qin, and dust, but also understand themselves should be under the track mark, or it is not possible to find so soon.

    Qin dust nodded.

    But at this time he also have to understand each other, mark the opportunity should be when in the square to the immortality of black marsh.

    No wonder that Liu Zehui offered to compensate them for immortality, and it not only on the Dan medicine bottle inside, also used a jade box up.

    Look, hands and feet should be on the jade box.

    "This despicable guy, the sooner or later and let you know what is regret." Black eyes piercing cold said.

    Then said: "Qin to dust dust less, if you found a mark, the mark of ruin, my body should have, as a result, I see these two guys how to track us."


    Who knows that the Qin dust shook his head.

    He looked solemn, cold track: "it can mark away, and now the most critical, or Liu Zehe Molina magic heart actually know we want to go."

    Qin dust heavy tone.

    This is what he is most worried about Liu Ze's place, to repair, once passing the underground ruins slaves said, may not find clues.

    If so, it would be dangerous.

    Thought of here, he quickly turned to the slaves, sink a track: "slaves, I got a job for you, but there will be some danger."

    You said "less dust, must complete the task of slaves." The slaves is very decisive.

    Experienced so much, he also understand, on their own, want to break through the six order Wu Zun, too difficult, but with the Qin dust, but it may be very simple.


    Qin dust did not say what, he carefully made a ban on their sleeves, will track down to mark off, and took out a jade box inside.

    Next, he will also track the mark upon the slaves to find out, the same prohibition stripped out, put in the jade box.

    "Here is the two track mark before the Liu Ze cloth, I need you to take the jade box, quickly leave here, to be the way to go, as far as possible." Qin dust the jade box to the slaves, sink a track.

    "Do you want me to lead them to Liu Ze?"

    Who will know immediately Qin dust, puzzled: "if I go, how do you find the underground ruins?"

    "Didn't you give me a map, and the specific location, you can sign on it, although there is a strong concealment method, but with this information, the less you want to find the place, or very easy, not to mention my body and find the spirit of seeking insects. The spirit of genius treasure worm is very sensitive, as long as the place to be found not forbidden position."

    After the surrender of the Qin slave dust, seeking spirit insects naturally to the hands of Qin dust.

    "I understand." After the slave thought for a moment, immediately understand this method is really feasible.

    The only problem is that he can not escape Liu Ze their tracking.

    "You don't need to take the jade box and ran away from them only need enough distance, the jade box to the Black Death swamp some blood beast, and then you can go." Qin road dust.

    Black eyes instantly lit up: "I understand."

    Just like before the mud dragon, he as long as the jade box thrown into the mud at the mouth of the dragon, Liu Ze they naturally can only track the whereabouts of mud dragon, and he can get out smoothly.

    With a plan, a dust Qin fire demon force into Qinglian slaves in vivo.

    "The Black Death swamp, the most dangerous is the ghost of the beast, you have long streamers, and I enter your body this violet fire demon force, even if the encounter ghost beast, also won't have what danger, once off ze them, you can find you a hiding place, then I the bitter rhyme Zhi, will be the first time to come looking for you."

    "Hey, less dust, you can rest assured that here I found the distance underground remains very close to the location, the old black I a few years ago here, from a long time, very familiar with the terrain here, that Liu Ze tried to catch me, it is not so easy, so that less dust. I'm just gonna go."

    Black finish, immediately out of the hidden law, in a different direction, quickly flew past, are soon disappear.

    At this point in the hundreds of miles away.


    Is a way of Southeast Liu Ze suddenly stopped.

    "President Liu, how?" The dove magic heart startled also stopped.

    Liu Ze frowned, looked at the hands of the disc, puzzled: "the two guy tracking mark, and induction."

    "This......" Molina magic heart shocked: "what do we do?"

    Liu Zesi paid for a moment, sink a track: "this track mark position, just before the nearby, they should be two in a strange place, or what reason, causes the instrument not detect the signal tracking mark, then left the place, signal appeared again."

    "But oddly, this time they did not come to the southeast, but heading northeast."

    Molina magic heart suspicion: "is it they found the track marks?"

    "Impossible." Liu Zeyao shook his head and said: "I am confident this track mark, even six order Wu Zun, may not be able to detect, two of them five order Wu Zong, how could that should be an accident."

    Here, Liu Ze smiled wryly: "we'll go past, before allowing them to escape, this time, they will be out of luck."

    Voice down, Liu Ze and Dove Magic heart change direction, quickly moving toward the track where the mark flew to.

    In the middle of Qin dust hiding method after moment, put away the hidden law, toward the east direction to grazing.

    After half an hour, Qin dust has come to a position near the slaves on the map marker.

    "In this vicinity."

    Qin Chenfei swept away the map, for a moment, suddenly appeared in front of a lake, is a large lake, is just a little water.

    "There it is."

    Qin dust eyes lit up, blinking landed in the lake on the edge.
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