#582  found whereabouts

    The 582nd chapter found whereabouts

    "Less dust, what happened?" The slaves face surprise, apparently on the Qin move do not understand some of the dust.

    "Don't talk."

    Qin dust groaned, came to the weeds, quickly threw down a road of ensign.

    The moment of Kung Fu, a hidden method had been formed.

    The dust is not assured, on this hidden Zhenfa, added a few hidden strategies, until the other close to here, feel fast approaching, Qin dust stop matrix layout, waved, the hills behind the puddles, immediately separated by a narrow space.


    Groaned, Qin dust lead into the water, and the slaves although doubts, but also followed the Qin dust jumped down, quickly restore calm water, like what never happened.


    In two people had just entered the swamps and hidden moments, two streamer suddenly from a distance swept over, rapidly approaching, the blink of an eye, came to the place before they fight the dust of qin.

    "Is the Liu Ze Valley chamber of commerce."

    By monitoring the perspective of hidden strategies, Qin dust moment saw people, turned out to be the valley chamber of Commerce Liu Ze, on his side, with carnivorous dove magic heart.

    No wonder before feel so familiar, this is my two.

    Qin dust eyes cold, he did not believe that two people came by here, look at this posture, it is directed by yourself.

    Hidden in the darkness of the slaves was shocked, his heart was dark: how are these two guys?

    Although very confident of their own strength, but the slaves clear, six order and five order Wu Wu Zun Zong is too large, even with long streamers, he is almost impossible to be Liu Ze's rival.

    What's more, Liu Ze was vice president of the chamber of Commerce in the valley of the wind, as one of the top of the chamber of Commerce bianzhou, Liu Zeshen would not treasure what?

    If not timely found less dust, perhaps he has exposed and less dust.

    Thought of here, look at the slaves shocked Qin dust.

    These days, he's Anji gradually healing, obviously feel a repair upgrade, after and get omen streamers, also have a great strength.

    He even thought that, for now, to fight and Qin dust, you may not like the black ridge mountains, dust trapped by qin.

    But the experienced ghost beast and now things, but slaves thoroughly understand, even their own strong strength, and Qin dust, there is no insurmountable gap.

    Anything else, Liu Ze is their arrival, he did not feel at all, but less dust is found in advance, this point alone, he is far less than.

    "Liu president, they are well?"

    After falling, Dove Magic heart look immediately around the eyes, can not help but doubt asked.

    "Strange, the two of them before the atmosphere, it is near here, how we just came over, the two men disappeared?"

    Liu Ze was holding a disc, moving around to observe, also puzzled.

    This disk can detect Qin dust and slave position, this is he can rely on, all the way up to.

    The dove magic heart continue to scan around what is not found, frown: "Liu president, will not be the instrument what fault occurred in your hand......"

    "Hum!" Liu Ze eyes a cold, cold look at the dove's heart, cold track: "you this is in doubt the president?"

    Molina magic heart startled, hurriedly said: "no, don't panic...... Not under the."

    "That's good." Liu Ze cold to hum a, he frowned, holding the disc, on this side of the search around.

    Before the Qin Dynasty, dust and slave position, has been shown in this disk, they followed two days, only to catch up, but just over, Qin dust and slaves breath disappeared, this let Liu Ze also very puzzled.

    "Will be the two of them are dead?" The thought to a possible molina.

    Liu Zeyao shook his head: "even if they fall two, according to this instrument, can also find their remains, strange......"

    Liu Ze said, while continue to move forward.

    Liu Ze looked at more and more near here, Qin dust and a heart of black slaves are suddenly lifted.

    Although their hidden Zhenfa very confident, but Liu Ze after all is six order martial, can hide from each other, Qin dust themselves are not sure.

    Once he found it......

    Qin dust heart under tension, hold the mysterious rusty sword, the slaves winked and is ready to fight.

    By this time, Liu Zezheng in the wild grass water walking slowly, blazing with anger search.

    He is very alert, step by step, is obviously a very careful person.

    See Liu Ze will be close to the swamps and enter the wild grass.

    "Liu president, there are traces of the battle."

    The sudden sound of Dove Magic heart exclaimed.


    Liu Ze stopped quickly toward the dove magic heart said local swept past.

    Under water, dust and slaves have been Qin back in a cold sweat, all relieved.

    If it is found by Liu Ze, it will be a bloody battle.

    Only a dozen breath, Liu Ze came to the dove magic heart said, careful perception, eyes suddenly: "here there was a coagulation power residue, there is a very cold and hot breath, the breath, do not go away, apparently not long before the last battle."

    Liu Ze's voice suddenly sharp, his eyes like electricity, quickly looked around, sink a track: "that is to say, this instrument yes, just two of them, the absolute here experienced a battle, but do not know what the reason, the president left them down, the atmosphere has disappeared perhaps, in the battle, the destruction of!"

    Molina magic heart: "so what do we do now?"

    Liu Ze laughed: "based on the show, two of them in two days, has been to the southeast direction, that is to say, their destination is in the southeast, and there before the discovery of buried remains very close to the position. That is to say, no matter what happened here before, as long as they don't die, will certainly to go that direction, as long as we track all the way over the line."

    Wenyan, Dove Magic heart suddenly eyes grin, compliment: "President Ying Ming liu."


    Two human body form in a flash, not here for a long time, immediately toward the underground ruins where they went to Qin dust, flying away.

    The two people left, Qin dust and that slaves came out from the water.

    "Less dust." The slaves came out, they look to the Qin dust.

    "You don't speak."

    Qin dust somber, his eyes closed, powerful soul force, suddenly filled with a probe back and forth in his body.


    After searching a number of times, Qin finally dust on their sleeves, found a very subtle imprint, face suddenly looked very ugly.
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