#581  powerful ghost beast

    The 581st chapter powerful ghost beast

    Under the excitement, the slaves did not hesitate to cast out the demons streamers, sky black magic gas is poured out of the water, instantly clouded the dead beast head.

    Only to hear the shrill screams sounded, the dead beast head enveloped in demons streamers, struggle, howl, continuous melting up.

    In order to enhance the strength of the slaves, when dealing with the dead beast was too positive, something we haven't seen him so.

    When the dust has some Speechless Qin, suddenly a burst of heart palpitation, what seems invisible things are staring at him, to attack him.

    At the same time a strange bursts of breeze, suddenly blowing on his neck, and a cool moment.

    Qin dust a scalp numb, he too believed that his feeling, this feeling comes out, we know absolutely what was on, it is likely that a hidden ghost beast, but the ghost beast attack has towards him.

    Qin know yourself this time again when the dust is definitely too late, the dead beast shot he is not seen, the moment will be able to get two to five order Wu Zonghua mummy, if he now turned back, maybe the dead beast has dropped him.

    So he did not want to think, the moment will be in the minds of the violet demon fire was released.

    The blue demon fire, a very mysterious flame, although power has not reached the point of metamorphosis, but Qin dust has a hunch that this time only can save him violet fire demon.

    The blue flame, like a gorgeous lotus, the moment will be wrapped inside Qin dust.

    Qin dust instantly became like a green fire.

    Under this blue flame, Qin dust saw a dark red shadow was close behind him to bite his neck.

    Cold sweat instantly from behind the Qin dust flow, he just before the soul sweep, except a few head ghost beast, there was no other dead beast, did not think that there is a hidden behind him, even a quick bite in his neck.

    If he is not the soul force perception and tough, uniting the nine God Emperor tactic, naturally sensitive, feel a little dangerous, fortunately he Qinglian demon fire, otherwise once the dead beast attached to his body, what would happen?

    This moment Qin Chen wanted to die before the two order five Wu, although he did not know that he would not like them, instantly absorb blood, as the mummy, but this is a try, he didn't want to have.

    Surprised anger, Qin dust without hesitation in the violet fire demon pushed to the extreme.


    Crazy blue flame burning, the release of the amazing high temperature, with the dark red ghost beast already near Qin dust, but now show fear was crazy back.

    Qin dust feel very strange, this ghost beast obviously just a shadow, without any facial features and facial expressions, but in Qin dust perception, but can feel the ghost of the beast is in a state of panic.

    "What? Here there is a ghost?"

    This is the ghost of beast head crazy refining slaves also saw the shadow of Qin dust behind, could not help but be startled at, hurried to the demons streamers to release the most, a more terrible black magic gas swept, the moment will be the dead beast wrapped in them.

    But the slaves did not expect that, after this a dark ghost beast was still wrapped long streamers, violent struggle, seeing out streamers surrounded by demons.

    What the hell is this?

    Who is the first time that he be frightened and change color, wrapped by demons streamers, still struggling to escape the ghost of the beast, the head of the dark red ghost beast, is clearly before the pure black ghost beast too strong.

    Fortunately, this time, before the dead beast head happened to be long streamers refining, countless cold power moment into demons streamers, black Nudun feel the power in a moment after streamers to enhance a big cut.


    Around that dark red ghost beast crazy more terrifying black magic gas.

    Dark red ghost beast issued shrill roar, the howling is not the conventional sense of sound, more is a spirit of volatility, constantly into slaves and Qin dust mind.


    Qin dust eyes cold, blue demon fire light even more, the burning fire is like a sharp knife, pierce that have dark red ghost beast inside.

    "Ah......" After a shrill scream, the dark red dust in the shadow of Qin fire demon and evil under the banner of Qinglian, like the sun in the snow, it is a free, reduced to ashes.

    Qin was a kind of loose dust, horrified feeling disappeared.

    "On the!"

    At the same time a thumb sized black spar red, from the black magic gas falls, fall in the swamp.

    And after the absorption of demons hatabu head ghost beast's strength, suddenly a clicking sound, above the burst of light more terrible, black fan surface, a black air circulation, the air flow, even with a trace of dark red color, giving a sense of ferocious evil purpose.

    A strong feeling!

    The slaves felt demons streamers in absorbing the head of dark red ghost beast's strength, than before the absorption of the six or seven heads of the ordinary ghost beast strength promotion more exaggerated, slaves bet, if he now met the bloodthirsty demons, absolutely can let him become a fan's mummy.

    Only slaves also had a kind of worry, because he found the omen streamers after promotion himself had a kind of feeling out of control.

    "This is the holy magic streamers Xuemo teach imitation, although only, but should be thousands of years ago, imitation can teach Xuemo refining, with the absorption of a large number of ghost and evil, power will be more and more strong

    "But if you can not get a promotion strength, until the day the powerful magic streamers to a certain extent, would you mind invasion slowly, even under his control, become a will only kill a dead-alive person."

    "If you try to not have to, or less."

    Qin dust looked dignified slave said, warning tone.

    The disadvantage of this is the magic treasures of the powerful, to a certain extent, will bite the owner.

    "Less dust, I understand." The slaves also apparently know this, excited at the same time, also solemn tone.

    Qin dust nodded, did not say, but the black and red blood crystal to intake of hands, heart doubts, what is this ghost beast? The body can also generate blood crystal the same thing, it really is some kind of animal blood?

    To figure out what Qin dust don't want to think, and slaves again to leave immediately.

    Suddenly, a face again Qin dust, in his soul in the perception of two figure is close to madness, and one is very terrible, is clearly the strong level of takeru.

    And these two forces, give him a very familiar feeling.

    And the two track direction, is clearly the two of them.

    "Go, come with me."

    The dust on the slaves said anxiously, and then quickly toward not far from a dense clump of grass water swept past.
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